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  1. shipping a moth from UK to France

    Not sure about that one. If heeling too far to windward I bear away and move weight in. It uses the main strut to lift the bow, increases wind pressure on the sail and reduces righting moment. I can't see how luffing helps if already heeled too far to windward. For the OP, make sure when you bear away for the downwind you're healed to windward through the turn. Don't bear away too fast or you'll stick the bow in. Don't ease the main sheet too much (the boom should be over or just outside the leeward wing corner). If you have an adjustable wand, shorten it just before bearing away, that will automatically increase your gearing and give you more height to play with. And if you're going too fast for comfort, bear away a little more and sail more upright. You can go low enough that the boat will stop foiling in 15kn of breeze. It's much easier to get foiling to windward and bear away to downwind than to start foiling downwind. The ideal breeze for learning is 8 to 10 kn, enough to get foiling but not enough for troublesome waves. Rob, OP was talking about sailing downwinds. Upwinds you're right of course, luffing won't help at all. Downwinds luffing helps if it is done early enough. If too late, the rudder just presses the bow into the water. +1 to the rest
  2. shipping a moth from UK to France

    Yes, many tips! The most important one is: team up asap with local Moth sailors. Go to a regatta asap, regardless where it is, what it is. You will learn a lot more during the weekend than in a season alone. Other typical mistakes are: - not enough vang - still not enough vang - leeward heel - working too much with the body instead of tiller and sheet to keep the boat upright. keeping the stuff upright has to be a constant interaction by all three: tiller, sheet, body - steering the boat (especially downwind) like the whole hull is still in the water. boat will simply eject you. - not using the tiller at all to keep the boat upright. For instance if you are starting to heel to windward: sheet in, get in, steer to windward. But not if it is already too late, then luffing just means bow down... To repeat myself: find other Moth sailors. This way you are just re-inventing the wheel. On a hindsight: I'm repeating myself on this topic since 30 years, so...