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  1. Slim

    in the air

    Good place for a holding tank.
  2. Slim

    Geo tracking app Regatta

    But for reals - I know some races have used this - - not sure how successful it’s been.
  3. Slim

    Geo tracking app Regatta

    I did not. I think I had a Toyota pickup during that era, a great vehicle I wish I still had!
  4. Slim

    Geo tracking app Regatta

  5. Slim

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    Gel coat is slow.
  6. Let's go up you fucking cunt let's do it before the wet from your mother's snatch dries and the rash from your sister the nun starts to itch again! ^ Like that?
  7. Slim

    Your Club or area of sailing

  8. Slim

    Sleep management

    Cocaine is the answer.
  9. Slim

    Batteries and Holding Tanks

    Put the batteries in the holding tank - tons of space saved.
  10. Slim

    (Behind the) Barn Find!

    Never a rough puff.
  11. Don't fall in love...
  12. Slim

    Sextant case?

    Celestaire has them and the foam for your sextant.
  13. Slim

    SailGP 2020

    Are you a bot?