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  1. Slim

    R2AK 2018

  2. Slim

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    No mention of Liquor Box???
  3. Slim

    Marina Laundry

    ^So true. Any clothes you care about, keep them out of the dryer. They will be more comfortable and will last way longer.
  4. Slim

    Sterling Hayden

    Agreed! Off the page Hemingway was a bit of a mess.
  5. Slim

    Sterling Hayden

    But not half the writer, which is what I think that comment was in referring to.
  6. They do - 9.2 A special penalty will be assessed the winner of each PHRF class as follows: 36 seconds per nautical mile the first week after winning and 18 seconds the second week. These penalties may be cumulative, but will not extend beyond the week for which they are intended (despite cancelled races), nor will they extend between the three separate series. Special penalties will NOT be assessed for the one-design classes.
  7. While we are on the subject, here's an excellent story - The Open Boat - by Stephen Crane. "A night on the sea in an open boat is a long night. As darkness settled finally, the shine of the light, lifting from the sea in the south, changed to full gold. On the northern horizon a new light appeared, a small bluish gleam on the edge of the waters. These two lights were the furniture of the world. Otherwise there was nothing but waves."
  8. Slim

    J80 PHRF setup

    I'd roll it, gybe and unroll it.
  9. Slim

    Mobile wind sculptures

    They are super-cool. It's pvc pipe, not wood. I'm guessing at this point they are too valuable to be left anywhere. Sculpture Riot As many as 10,000 people turned out to Crane Beach this weekend for Strandbeest, a wind-powered kinetic art exhibit brought to the region by Peabody Essex Museum. Parking was already overflowing an hour before the event began, and traffic backed up into three surrounding communities as a result of the public display, according to Peter Pinciaro, general manager of Crane Beach.
  10. Slim

    "pioneering electric propulsion systems"

    It’s powered by eels. Says so in the name - “the system marks the beginning of a partnership between Carkeek and Zennström on their electric EEL Propulsionventure”
  11. I’d rather sail than varnish. How am I doing?
  12. Slim

    SSB Receiver for Pac Cup

    Some options -
  13. One guy in this thread gave away a Yanmar, another guy a Pearson Vanguard. I need new friends!
  14. Slim

    Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    This is the advice I always got with pins too.