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  1. Slim

    Boat Captain/Manager?

  2. Slim

    Sea Monsters

    I have a sea monster in my pants.
  3. Here's a cascade as used on bigger boats -
  4. Slim

    I had a Cal 20

    I want a Cal 20.
  5. Slim

    The original 4kn Shitbox…

    Delicious -
  6. Slim

    Zinc sunscreen recommendation.

  7. Slim

    PFD Upgrade Time

    How about this: At the start of every season - inflate the PFD with your mouth and let it sit for a day to see if it has any leaks Every 2 to 3 years, jump in wearing the PFD to make sure that it auto-inflates Think about how it feels while inflated. Can you reach all the gear you need - like the whistle - is the strobe light working? Can you reach your knife? Your plb/AIS beacon? I think this is the only way to go - regardless of brand and technology.
  8. Slim

    DeBond It for 5200

  9. Slim

    First Caribbean charter, looking for advice

    Lysol and condoms - as much as you can carry.
  10. Slim

    DeBond It for 5200

    Hope your crew bought you a beer!
  11. Slim

    Help needed raising a mast

    It takes a village to raise a mast.
  12. Slim

    How make a cruising boat fast for racing?

    You could PM Jonathan Greene. He's raced his Beneteau Oceanis 351, single-handed, with success.
  13. Slim

    Kiwi's AC tri foiler ???

    I hope so. The Jesus Lizard.
  14. Slim

    Looking for a ride in HK

    Ian Dubin is your man! (kidding)