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  1. Slim

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    Pearson Flyer!
  2. Slim

    Handheld GPS for backup

    Anybody using iSailor? I've installed it but have not taken it on the water yet.
  3. Slim

    Our Daily Bread...

    Though I’ve made mountains of pizza dough, I made baguettes today for the first time. Used the recipe from King Arthur Flour. Turned out great. I will make them again. My one tip - buy six unglazed quarry tiles for $3 and bake on those instead of a stone. Works just as well.
  4. Slim

    A Tale of 2 Propylene Glycols

    Keep your perversions to yourself!
  5. Slim


    Thank god for the hatchery.
  6. Stop in Marblehead - full service grocery store a five minute walk from the town landing.
  7. Slim

    Wooden boats thread

    Looks like the gundalow boat in Portsmouth, NH.
  8. Slim

    Weather apps & Online courses
  9. Slim

    America's Cup "Shit Show"

    I sure they have a second by second analysis already posted over in AC Anarchy.
  10. Goat Island Skiff
  11. Slim

    Boat Captain/Manager?

  12. Slim

    Sea Monsters

    I have a sea monster in my pants.
  13. Here's a cascade as used on bigger boats -
  14. Slim

    I had a Cal 20

    I want a Cal 20.