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  1. Slim

    Dyneema Covered Line Splice

    Stainless (I think) welding rod is perfect for this
  2. Slim

    The blight of generators

    Go battery free.
  3. Slim


    Was going to go this past weekend - but it was sold out here too. I live in Marblehead though - lots of sailors and the theater is on the small side.
  4. Slim

    Old racers sitting unloved, what are they?

    Anyone else think this thread was about them?
  5. Here's a link to the thread - the deeper you go the more pictures/illustrations there are.
  6. That thing is sweet. Reminds of the Bob Perry design that was posted here. Something he drew for himself. No offense to either designer, I know they are very different!
  7. Eventually, we will all be dead.
  8. Slim

    Do I really need the mast xrayed?

    Save yourself some money -
  9. Slim

    Water cooling vest

    Over 100 in much of Europe recently.
  10. Slim

    I had a Cal 20

    Looks like I'm headed toward a Cape Dory Typhoon instead.
  11. Slim

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?
  12. An SJW? Take it to PA.
  13. Slim

    Cruising comms

    Breaking Bad. It would mean there is a meth lab under that antenna.
  14. Slim

    Cruising comms

    Was the box in the photo shipped to Madrigal Electromotive?