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  1. richiec

    Gybe Ho

    it is pretty fucking funny though. I mean, who ever gets tired of funny shit? Like that boat getting crushed under the wharf?
  2. richiec

    Is Froth and Bubble still for sale??

    F&B is a legendary sportsboat. Missed in Sydney - still.
  3. Thanks BC, i found and enjoying the insight. I am really struggling with the price jump over a replacement gas engine at a third the price of the Torq.
  4. well, the search was actually 'outboard engines' - and I ended up here!
  5. Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but looking for some update. We have a Melges 20 and the little Suzuki 2.5 4-stroke engine has shat itself (seized by all indications and not worth the expensive diagnosis/rebuild - versus new). The engine was likely original (2011) - and has served us pretty well, though we rarely use it. We do not race OD class ever where we are based so sticking to one design mandated unit (Suzi 2.5) is irrelevant. I am considering the options right now and came here looking for a comparison of the 'baby' engine options - 2hp up to about 4hp - 2-stroke or 4-stroke. Which is why I came across this thread (yes, I did use the search box!) I have been aware of the Torqueedo option for a while now - and it's now 2-years since this thread saw the light of day. I am interested to know if the various users who posted here, (or others) have any updates or advice? I anticipate the Torqueedo option will come at a premium (price) against a small 2.5-4.0 petrol - but they seem like a lightweight solution to getting a boat out from the launch area (hard stand into a pond), to our usual start line locations which are perhaps only 2-3 miles from the club. Maybe 5 miles would be max. Mostly we sail the boat out, but with less experienced crew, that is not always possible. We have two paddles, for backup! Some of the QC issues mentioned up thread must surely have been worked through in the two years since this thread was active. I could just replace the dead engine with the Suzuki 2.5 - which would be within class rules - which is a bit of a non issue. But open to other options. Thoughts? FYI - the Melges 20 dry weight is 520kgs - with crew sails and gear closer to 780/800kg all told - whatever that is in pounds...
  6. richiec

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Splashing when? Any specs? Weight? SA?
  7. richiec

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    wow - what is this design? A one-off? Looks to be 35-37ish ft?
  8. richiec

    Fastnet 2019

    this is going to be awesome! looking forward to the coverage, from AUS.
  9. richiec

    Used Melges 24 Sails

    Reach out to some of the better M24 programs. Most have FB/Insta pages if you look hard enough. Send them a note. Be prepared to buy sails (sight unseen) and likely without battens - as they are the painful and expensive part to send through postage. M24 sized sails are light enough and easily bricked up to get into regular postage satchels or boxes. Get your local loft (no matter who/brand) to make you another set as per the specs of the sail. Jibs are easy enough to figure out yourself, you may even be able to re-use battens from your current sails, if they are not wildly old. Main sail battens might be trickier.
  10. richiec

    Best 30 foot racer?

    Oh. I didn't see the price range... Can you get 30ft boats that cheap?
  11. richiec

    Best 30 foot racer?

    Melges 32. Put down your glasses. I sailed Mumm 30's and Melges 32s for the last 10 years. Different era's. Both are spectacular boats by the way.
  12. richiec

    J70 mast jack fail/vid. credit to Mudratz Racing

    32 most definitely has a mast jack. Thread title should be edited. Bit unfair to J Boats. And I am a Melges guy. Would be interesting to know the age of the boat and rig in the 24. White mast, usually older. A forgettable end to what looked like a fast kite run.
  13. richiec

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    I have some Youtube vids to post here. How do you do that?
  14. richiec

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    It will attract an audience when one t-bones another at 35 knots. Sad. But true.