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  1. Team NZ

    Dear ETNZ, Be careful what you wish for... (see freak pictures above) - and below...
  2. Middle Sea race

    Some waste much of their life fortune on blow and hookers. Others throw it away on sailing experiments. (Larry Ellison comes to mind). Good on them for trying to breathe life into a 100ft chunk of carbon. At least they gave it a crack.
  3. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    40kn on the nose via Bass Strait... happy days. The bloke up front on the other chase boat is keen enough to clip the odd tack to the ckew and 'wotknot... '
  4. Team NYYC

    Agreed Indio. I reckon this will be a massive shot in the arm for the event and having the holders/custodians of the cup for over a century back, will SURELY motivate other challengers. Those guys were arch enemy number ONE - for a long time for several AUS challenges up to and including 83. Their antics were legend and they will sure bring a massive injection of rich history back to the event. The chance for an Aussie challenger to joust with the NYYC again will hopefully prove irresistible. We can live in hope!
  5. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    Is it really that shit in Malmo, year round? Toughen up Viking.
  6. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Shaping up to be possibly the greatest line up/pissing contest of 100ft maxis of all time! Leopard/Rio? Are you coming (to have your arse spanked?)
  7. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Nah. Just need someone to chime in that Warro has bought Oats, or other weirdness. Then it would be a good Hobart lead up!
  8. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    Who cares where they go? They are all good. If they want to hoist the AC aloft, they will sail in whatever the RNZYS announces to be the new boat. Blokes like Hutchison dont appear to be pan handling in Newport RI. Those new guys will be ok with their millions already banked.
  9. Potential AC36 teams get talking

    Dalton should tell Larry and poodles to fuck right off. Frankly.
  10. Larry and Russell are 100% responsible for this fucking shambles. The AC is a competition between countries in a "run what ya brung according to the sort of rules' concept. The cats are fun to watch and observe, but not sailing boats as 99% of us know them. Banish the fu kers for the AC.
  11. Live Racing Thread

    This book will be found in New Zealand supermarkets, down in the dunny paper aisle. Bit hard on the old ring though that paper.
  12. Team NZ

    NZ absolutely must win the first race tomorrow. Race of their lives. If Xerox get a sniff.... well... There is a shit load of Jimmy and Aussie bashing around here, which is fair enough, but as one (an Aussie, not a basher), I tell you this. If these cobbers get half a sniff that it 'could be on', they will go for it. If they win that first race... look out. There are some champions on that team, in sailing and other sports - and these blokes know when to dig deep. They didnt get where they are by not having that instinct. I was surprised at their turn of speed in the second race today. They have found something. Dig deep Kiwis. The future of this great competition, and restoring it to the pinnacle of our sport, rests with you.
  13. Wrong cobber. He is deeply respected here.
  14. Team NZ

    The Slingsby tablet toss on the deck was telling. Says 'we've fucked it boyz'. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Had we not seen what happened last AC, yes, fine to be cock-a-hoop. But who knows what Oracle may bust out of the shed with come Saturday?? It'll be interesting to see if they get back into the water at all prior to SAT. No pressure or anything.
  15. Team NZ

    The foils in the shot above are the famous 'batwings', right? It seems to me, ETNZ have been using this foil design for a while now, and made us believe these were the 'trainer' boards. And yet here they are in the match cutting Oracle to bits all over the course with the trainer boards! Perhaps ETNZ were using their 'good boards' all along! If so, that is some head fake to lay down on the other teams. So annoying this thing is so hard to watch unless you have access to pay TV. I would have paid $50 bucks to be able to stream it on a tablet. Ah well. The lunatics around here keep it amusing, for sure.