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    None of your bizness. Except that I hate J24s.

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  1. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Feet in hiking only Allow through deck lines Mast ram and rollers on mast butt to allow pushing the mast forward downwind In race rig adjustments allowed Larger roach main Allow blocks on the jib clew to add a purchase and winches are optional
  2. Melges 40 - Ho Lee Fuk

    right adjusting is below deck?
  3. And you stick to skiing and humping sheeps.
  4. Hey Duke, again, it would be helpful to read the original post. I never asked for help on better starts. Sorry, never went to sailing school, so i missed out of that AMAZING diagram. I had to work my way through university while your dad was paying for your sailing school classes which you obviously spent feeling up Mary Rottencrotch behind the shed instead of actually paying attention to sailing. I'm proud of being a snacktician. My cold beer game is second to none.
  5. That's a pretty funny link. There's actually a diagram of a fucking BARGING zone...
  6. thanks for pointing out the obvious Stanley. Your help is GREATLY appreciated....Next time, how about actually reading the original post.
  7. I know about the back up plan. I did not ignore the comment. It's just that is was not part of the original post/question.
  8. J 24 Worlds

    HH lost a protest to Bangor Packet in the last race. Anybody have details??
  9. J70, cheating and pros

    I figure the Italian boat worker just looked at that club foot keel and decided it was wrong and took it upon himself to give it a bella figura
  10. j24 world championships

    the one who sails the best in the super light stuff... https://www.windguru.cz/64
  11. J70, cheating and pros

    Exactly. Star is One design. Rules were written up back in the day of wooden hulls. Tolerances are inevitable. Who cares if your jib cleat or over or over there? Hull is measured within tolerances, boat meets weight, sails meet measurement, rig meets measurement...you've got a one design Star.
  12. I concur. It just gets hairy in OD starts where everybody is stacked on the line 15 secs prior to the start fighting for a position.
  13. Sounds like a plan. thanks man.
  14. Listen Duke, you're a drawing a bunch of conclusions made up in your head without having a clue of the situation. if you want to defend the honor of all bowman out there, start your own thread. Until then stay in your lane and let the adults discuss the point at hand.
  15. Hit the gas pedal, roll over boats sitting to leeward and initiate a restart around the PIN (we we're on I flag).