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  1. Calling/denying buoy room

    3 bl is the zone. There's no required hail. I've raced in classes where nobody says a word and everything falls into place, i.e. people that require room as per the rules, will get room. In your case, you just had to state clearly to the other boat that there was no overlap and thus the other boat was not entitled to room. If he disagreed, he just had to protest and make his case in front of the PC.
  2. Enforcers

    As you mentioned, you can see the difference when you race other classes. I've raced classes stacked with pros, but there was respect on an off the water. The J24 still has some good sailors. But the attitude at the top of the fleet is something else. Some of it I can deal with coming from corinthians. From pros or sponsored boats is another issue. They should know better.
  3. Enforcers

    I can confirm that the J24 class has not changed. Posers, and wannabes.
  4. Enforcers

    At a regatta this fall, we got fouled by a Blue logo pro. Clear port / starboard infraction. We in first place on starboard, him in second place on port. We had to duck to avoid hitting him midway between shrouds and stern, and finally punched him 6 inches forward of the stern. They elected to take a % penalty (allowed by the SIs. Sidebar : I don't know how we got to this, but giving the opportunity to a boat to take a % penalty in a 25 boat fleet it total bullshit in my opinion. Especially for a part 2 foul.). Said pro came to apologize on the dock after the incident, and within the same sentence putting the blame on us for not ducking enough (f'ing douchebag). I suggested that considering the foul which resulted in pushing us from first place to 5th in that race, I asked the pro to do the right and take an RAF instead of the % penalty. He flat out refused. I will now go out of my way not to buy blue logo sails and will stay away from that class (less).
  5. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    They are now allowing a turnbuckle on the forestay attachment. I bet that some forestay magically get a little longer on the racecourse...if you know what I mean...
  6. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    As mentioned on another thread...lipstick on a pig. You can't fix the J24. It's a bad design, with horrible class rules. If you're into PHRF, there's a lot of better boats out there. The J24 is going the way of the Shark. Regional niche class. The only pros still racing them are the sailmakers who benefit from the bad class rules that encourage constantly buying new sails to be able to perform.
  7. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Feet in hiking only Allow through deck lines Mast ram and rollers on mast butt to allow pushing the mast forward downwind In race rig adjustments allowed Larger roach main Allow blocks on the jib clew to add a purchase and winches are optional
  8. Melges 40 - Ho Lee Fuk

    right adjusting is below deck?
  9. And you stick to skiing and humping sheeps.
  10. Hey Duke, again, it would be helpful to read the original post. I never asked for help on better starts. Sorry, never went to sailing school, so i missed out of that AMAZING diagram. I had to work my way through university while your dad was paying for your sailing school classes which you obviously spent feeling up Mary Rottencrotch behind the shed instead of actually paying attention to sailing. I'm proud of being a snacktician. My cold beer game is second to none.
  11. That's a pretty funny link. There's actually a diagram of a fucking BARGING zone...
  12. thanks for pointing out the obvious Stanley. Your help is GREATLY appreciated....Next time, how about actually reading the original post.
  13. I know about the back up plan. I did not ignore the comment. It's just that is was not part of the original post/question.
  14. J 24 Worlds

    HH lost a protest to Bangor Packet in the last race. Anybody have details??
  15. J70, cheating and pros

    I figure the Italian boat worker just looked at that club foot keel and decided it was wrong and took it upon himself to give it a bella figura