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  1. I concur. Weak comparison. Just trying to get the point across that the crew enable us to race. Without crew, no race. Our club adopted this crew membership bullshit thing a few years back and it totally destroyed a 5 crew OD fleet. Don't charge crews memberships. It's wrong on multiple levels.
  2. does your bike mecano pay for an entry fee at a race? does your racquet stringer pay for a squash club membership? does your daddy pay for membership at the country club? Get it?
  3. Not allowed in Star class events. Pumping shows up in the Star Sailors League events only which are outside the scope of the Star Class.
  4. Plumber

    Star blast~~~~

    Definately not fast. Guess the crew was to busy and forgot to add some ram.
  5. Plumber

    Star blast~~~~

    Not sure when they started implenting this rule, but all boats need to have a positive buoyancy test performed and certified. Buoyancy is assured via air tight tanks all around the boat.
  6. Plumber

    Star blast~~~~

    Here's a shot from the Burton Spars FB page. Apparently taken at the gybe mark.
  7. Plumber

    what is it?

    I want one
  8. Plumber

    J-24 Worlds Results 2019

    The tactician welling at the other crew is a Boy in Blue. He's more interested in justifying his $2000 a day fee to the skipper than actually following the RRS. Pathetic...
  9. Plumber

    J-24 Worlds Results 2019

    I came to the same conclusion. No foul.
  10. Not completely convinced about your income job security statement...Anyways, what's wrong with watching keelboat racing fade? Dinghy racing is cheaper, requires less logistics, and is more athletic...nothing wrong with that...
  11. Plumber

    J/24 Worlds- predictions?

    Let's see if the boys in blue will try to screw him over on the last day (just like they did to a LONGGGGGTIME client at the TO worlds), just to have one of their pros win the regatta...
  12. Olympic campaign Ok. All other ventures not ok. If you can't afford to go to regattas, change boats. Get something that fits your budget. There's tons of classes ou there.
  13. Plumber

    J/24 Worlds- predictions?

    Quelle surprise...
  14. Plumber

    Once upon a time

    Great movie. Probably in my top 2 of Tarantino movies. The story, the twist, the acting. All top notch. Look for Pitt getting nominated for best actor.
  15. Send an email to Marcelo or Torben. They will tell you.