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  1. Plumber

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    Crap is having to to all sorts of tuning and mods to compensate for an awfully designed boat with tons of lee helm, crap is cramping 5 crew on a boat that can barely accommodate 4, crap is steering with absolutely no feel on the helm, crap is sailing in a class where knowledge (never mind respect) of the rules seems to be optional (Fuck it, we'll just take a 20% penalty...), crap is having to purchase a new genoa after 20 hours of use, crap is this bullshit of sending crew inside in the light stuff (imagine being a crew for the Toronto worlds, spending a few grand on the regatta, and having to spend the week inside the cabin), crap is hanging like possums on the lifelines for hiking, crap is, as a driver, getting snapped on the neck by the lifeline every time the trimmer climbs up on the rail. That sir is my definition of crap.
  2. Plumber

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    You're kidding right. Not even looking at regional favorites like the Harbour 20, have you ever heard about the Star or the Etchells. You can buy a Star or Etchells and compete at the local and regional level at a much lower budget than the J24, and have a lot more fun than slugging around on that piece of crap.
  3. Plumber

    what is it?

    Hey duke, the original Star has nothing to do with the current design. Until you've gotten your ass on the starting line for a Star regatta, we will take your comments with a grain of salt. In the meantime go sail your phrf shitbox and pretend you're big shit.
  4. Plumber

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    Yes. But still plagued with marginal knowledge and respect of the RRS, and bumper boat/nascar mentality.
  5. Plumber

    Are we(racing sailors) a culture of cheaters?

    I see you've been racing J24s...
  6. Plumber

    Star racing on TV is compelling to watch

    As mentioned before, you need to be up there on the line if you want to have a chance of getting a good start. Charging the line on a timed run sounds good in theory, need to find a hole, and sailing towards the line with a bunch of boats flogging their sails fucks up the wind and it's almost impossible to get the boat to speed in those conditions.
  7. Plumber

    Star racing on TV is compelling to watch

    Thing is, you can't follow the race favorites. The best Star sailors use lot of kinetics to get the boat going. The boat is relatively light and the crew can have a great impact on the speed. Other than that, it's the usual package of trim/speed/tactics/strategy.
  8. Plumber

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    J70 are developing into another pro/money driven class. I've heard some pretty bad stuff about racing in that fleet. We raced last two years with a crew of 4. I actually like it more than racing with 5. More room to move around and actually stuff to do for everybody. Any Etchells in your area? Vipers?
  9. Plumber

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    Regardless of the purchase price, unless you get a great deal, it will cost you $10 000 + to get a J24 up to speed. Add to that the mandatory 2-3 genoas a year if you want to stay competitive depending on the number of regattas you want to race. Then there's carrying a crew of five to regattas. Add to that the dick pros that are mostly there at regattas to beat their customers and sell them newer sails. All that to say that you should go for a more modern design not so much gangrened by pros, easier and cheaper to sail. Stay away from the J24. You will thank me.
  10. Plumber

    J22 Worlds

    I concur
  11. You'll get into proper course discussions most often in mixed fleets, where different type of boats (like sporty vs tradional sym kite boat) sail against each other on the same course. Much less in one design.
  12. Plumber

    J24 Nationals - Portland ME

    you should post on a 470 forum...
  13. Plumber

    Front Page - scotw

    That is worse than what the guys on the VOR did. Truly bad form. It's hard enough to get women participating in any sports without having to deal with this bullshit, Even if she did agree (implicitly or tacitly) it's no reason to publish this. It's 2018, wake the fuck up Ed.
  14. Plumber

    Settle a tie

    At the risk of repeating myself. JESUS CHRIST this place has gone soft!! Please stay off my race course because I race within the rules and use rules as part of my arsenal to compete. You have no place there.