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  1. Plumber

    Old Cup Posters and Artwork

    Over my desk
  2. Plumber

    Craigslist Finds

    Great price. Especially for a Folli of that generation. Very fast.
  3. Plumber

    Growing a fleet with realistic goals

    this, That's exactly what we did at our club with the Star fleet. Went from 2 to 13 boats in 3 years. We kept buying them and selling them having always a couple of boats available. there's a lot of appeal in purchasing a boat in your backyard without having to deal with searching and travelling to purchase a boat.
  4. Plumber

    Craigslist Finds

    Blue spar and motor bracket?!? So that's why he's asking $15K...
  5. Plumber

    Craigslist Finds

    About the right price for a boat that age. Stars are surprisingly cheap, especially pre-epoxy days. Although not as sturdy as a newer boat, you cannot see the difference on small lake flat water. Awesome boat to race, great class.
  6. Plumber

    FP Lawyer up bro

    The thread is NOT about PC crap gone crazy. It's about an idiot sailor that got rightly sanctioned for doing stuff that cannot be tolerated in today's society. Especially in the context of trying to make this sport more inclusive by having women on board competing. We choose in this sport to abide by a certain set of rules. If there's an infringement of the rule, we also agree that the event will be reviewed and sanctions decided by a panel of judges. In their wisdom, the judges decided on the sanction. If you choose to appeal using a lawyer, that's your call. Nobody will loose sleep over your choices, nor should we feel sorry for this guy.
  7. Plumber

    FP Lawyer up bro

    Seriously, these guys should have known better. They are racing on the world stage. Along with the salary, comes responsibility. It goes beyond what the victim feels about the incident. It's the worldwide broadcast of this idiotic behavior, which in turn sheds a bad light on all sailors out there. Sailing is already perceived as a male dominated sport for the wealthy. the sports and sponsors don't need this darkages behavior being made light of. $40 000 is the cost of being an insensitive prick. He should have known better. Let him negotiate that issue with his team. I'm not going to loose any sleep over that idiot.
  8. Plumber

    Front Page...Retro Chic...Stars.

    Awesome boat to sail and great class.
  9. Plumber

    NFL 2017

    Easy call. Wentz all the way. That dude is the real deal. Foles...not so much. My guess is that Foles is gone between now and draft day.
  10. Plumber

    Downwind main trim in light to moderate

    DDW does not equate barn door. Play with the shape a bit and try to attach some flow.
  11. Plumber

    J70, cheating and pros

    A tenth place cheater does matter. People go to regattas for all sorts of reason, one of them is that they believe they are all racing within the same rules. If I go to the worlds, I know I will not finish top 3. Even at midpack, if I learn that the boat ahead of me cheated, I will protest him and get him flicked. The rules are not that complicated. They wanted to cheat and got caught. Flick'em for life from the class.
  12. Plumber

    Sailors Powerboat

    Don't own one of these, but sure would like to. From the man who brought us the Laser. Classic lines, and low carbon footprint.
  13. Plumber

    Calling/denying buoy room

    3 bl is the zone. There's no required hail. I've raced in classes where nobody says a word and everything falls into place, i.e. people that require room as per the rules, will get room. In your case, you just had to state clearly to the other boat that there was no overlap and thus the other boat was not entitled to room. If he disagreed, he just had to protest and make his case in front of the PC.
  14. Plumber


    As you mentioned, you can see the difference when you race other classes. I've raced classes stacked with pros, but there was respect on an off the water. The J24 still has some good sailors. But the attitude at the top of the fleet is something else. Some of it I can deal with coming from corinthians. From pros or sponsored boats is another issue. They should know better.
  15. Plumber


    I can confirm that the J24 class has not changed. Posers, and wannabes.