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  1. Jules

    Trump 2024?

    Which takes us to the original post... Where there's money to be grifted, he's there.
  2. Jules

    Are You a Socialist ?

    Restrained capitalism? But what about the freedom to bilk suckers and losers? It's very American! Propaganda works. If we somehow managed to get the influence of money out of politics, politicians would be forced to work for the voters, rather than the donor class. If that ever happened here in the US (highly doubtful) elected officials would be creating an environment more friendly to middle America rather than one that makes making your next billion easier.
  3. Jules

    Trump 2024?

    Laptop? Did he use email too? Why didn’t anyone tell us? It's even worse than that. He's been known to order pizza from a certain not-to-be-named pizza joint.
  4. Jules

    Show your boat not sailing

    You got the designer right. It's an Aloha 32.
  5. Made from rusty stainless steel stamped "Made In China".
  6. Now if it was built in cubits...
  7. Jules

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    A mask mandate isn't typically adhered to in homes. Cold weather drives people indoors and indoors the virus spreads more easily. As cold weather set in, the number of cases rose dramatically. Unless those charts adjusted for the fact more people are spending time indoors, they are fairly meaningless as a tool to gauge the effectiveness of masks.
  8. Jules

    Show your boat not sailing

    Before we owned her but almost exactly the way she looked bringing her back from Titusville, less some air in the dink.
  9. Same thing here. It took us years to find a boat, mostly because we were trying to decide if we were going to be liveaboards. After we threw out another land anchor, I think it took us a few months to buy a boat. We were a lot less picky by then.
  10. My guess is government officials feared another cult following and pulled it. It's pretty clear there are way too many of those types roaming the country.
  11. Jules

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Then the locals have to bring in more dangerous species...
  12. Jules

    Trump 2024?

    That, and taking money out of politics, are the only way to get rid of this plague.
  13. Jules

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    Dunning-Kruger also applies to bragging about your IQ.
  14. Jules

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    My favorite is the "I'd rather be Russian than Democrat" guys. It speaks volumes.
  15. Jules

    NFL 2020

    How did they all get COVID? It's another COVID mystery! Bet the Bears "awesome" defense wished COVID got them before last night's game. The Pack scored at will.