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  1. Porter42

    Floriduh Man

    @Cazzate Good catch.
  2. Porter42

    Floriduh Man

    I hate to tell y'all but that's no mast. It's a light pole. The two fixtures on the near end are where the cantilevered twin arms go that support the light over the street. It originally looked something like this: Hate to say it but I see light poles, obviously knocked over by a vehicle, from time to time and always contemplate the value. Hell, in recycling alone it's non-trivial but frankly I have uses for a long aluminum pole that doens't include sailing. Very useful in the shop and around the property.
  3. Porter42

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    Downwind multi match race across Florida Bay? Wish I could be there to participate, or at least watch!
  4. Porter42

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    You likely not wrong. The sport is so weak in the states, with the exception of a modest community in New England and a few clubs in FL, that I'm not sure where one would start to put together a committed group. Thinking a little deeper about it, I suppose it would go like the SUP class. One boat enters, makes a reasonable showing in the wrong class, which inspires others to try in future years. I'm back to sailing so it's pointless to me at this stage. My fitness level wouldn't support doing the UM at this point in my life. Still, dreams...
  5. Porter42

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    @Stumbling Unfortunately, this is not the case. I contemplated an entry with a coastal rowing vessel - like that posted by SailBlueH2O - and pinged Chief about it. He pointed me to other language that leaves it rather clear: (Emphasis mine) I debated arguing the point, as I'm not at all convinced that Class 4 is the right place for a pure rowing vessel but I also see good reasons why it shouldn't be with the kayaks and canoes. They are damn fast. OneWayFish
  6. Porter42

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    Front page feature on this mentions " side-deck hiking benches" so i suspect that's the answer to the RM conundrum. Can't wait to see what that looks like. I'm picturing Italian lake racer on steroids.