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  1. Boat Wrap vs. Painting

    That is when there are panels, but when we do boat wraps they are all one piece.
  2. Boat Wrap vs. Painting

    Wrap film is designed to be removable for up to 3 years after installation.Both 3M and avery recommend you use a professional installer to do the removal as we do it with a high powered industrial steamer. http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/970540O/qa-for-consumers-3m-wrap-film-series-1080-pdf.pdf Lower quality stickers are a totally different kind of material and not designed to be cleanly removed. Calendared material is just designed to stick and hold on tight to a flat surface.
  3. Boat Wrap vs. Painting

    I'll address each question one by one. 1) TFX is not avery. Also without teaching a full lesson in vinyl here I can't go into the hundred of different types of vinyl. Wrap vinyl is very different then pin striping. Which is a calendared vinyl not a cast vinyl. Two very very different things. Removal must be done at the exact correct temp otherwise you will either melt the adhesive or, leave adhesive behind because of not correct temp. 2) As far as buying the rolls from amazon. You can certainly find the rolls of vinyl for cheep but unless you know how to install it properly your not going do have a pleasant experience. The installation is a full day of work between two certified installers. Also there is a separate layer of lamination we apply to the vinyl to protect it more for marine use. Aside from that, we use certain materials to protect the waterline and knifless tape so we are not cutting on the boat it's self. To many things to explain, as I outlined earlier this is NOT a DIY job. You can certainly go buy a can of paint for cheep to. Good luck to all, and please feel free to reach out with inquires but I will not go into detail on how we install the vinyl.
  4. Boat Wrap vs. Painting

    Removal can be done with a heat gun and Citrus fluid for any adhesive that might be left over.
  5. Boat Wrap vs. Painting

    This is essentially the same material that goes on the front of cars (clear bra) to protect it, it's just colored. When you remove the vinyl, it will be like new under it. If it's left on for 10+ years you might see some adhesive residue which can easily be removed with some citrus.
  6. Boat Wrap vs. Painting

    Hey all. I own GT3 Creative in RI. Leroi is correct. We do boat wraps usually form the waterline up. I've done some (m32s) all the way down to the underwater parts. I would not recommend that for a boat that is wet sailed. It's a great alternative to paint, being a fraction of the cost, and a much smaller window of installation time. We can do it in pretty much any color, including metallics or even a full printed piece. I should mention, this is not a DIY project. Vinyl before it's being applied is fragile, and needs to be installed correctly to last. Especially on boats. Our installers are 3M certified so the job that gets done is top top notch. Also you have to keep in mind this is a giant sticker essentially. Yes we can make it look like paint, but it will get scratched if your not carful. We can supply you with extra color to put over it but it's the nature of a wrap and the marine industry. Lifespan: Depending on how it's treated and how much sun it gets. You can expect a solid 5 years. Maybe more. Weight: If anyone is concerned about weight savings it's much lighter then paint. The race car industry has done done of research on this: http://www.espn.com/racing/columns/story?id=2874550&columnist=newton_david&seriesId=2 We are a small family owned business in RI, and can pretty much work with anyone on anything. Give us a shout (email is best form of contact) : cary@gt3creative.com gt3creative.com https://www.facebook.com/gt3creative/ 401.608.2662 Cary cell (i'm usually out installing so this can the best number to reach me directly): 305.951.4611