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  1. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    not paying attention lately. Apologies. So, AkzoNobel repaired their rig with external, and not allowed, help and Dongfeng the keel ram, too? No penalties nor comments on that from VOR? No protests from the other competitors? This event is definitely going down the drain. Just turning into a full Volvo PR gig. Still nice (clean the oceans...) and exciting (the submarine pics always work), but not the reason we all got to love the old Whitbread. The new twin top management is also MIA. Crazy compared to Knut and specially Mark, which used to be on the media almost every day. I won't be surprised if Volvo is trying to sell the event to someone.
  2. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    VOR has a large comms team in Melbourne... has the coverage improved? (can't watch. Heading to the slopes...)
  3. incredible damage to the Telefonica keel at the end of the video above. Did they manage to repair the boat for the Russian in-port? I can't recall. If so, incredible effort.
  4. VOR 2017-18

    anyone watched this morning "Quick Fix" on Facebook? Who was the new presenter in suit and tie?!?!?! I didn't like Nial that much, but not sure this was an improvement (difficult to say as the Quick Fix is way too short and the guy did not say anything besides "tough sailing" and join us at 13 Hours UTC....)
  5. VOR leg 3, crew changes

    well, as posted before, the replacement of Hayles has been announced by the team on their FB page. Also that Hayles is helping with the transition. (He also needs to stay in CT for the rule 69 hearing...)
  6. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    there must be more than this video. Witt has apparently sacked Hayles as defensive measure. https://www.sailingillustrated.com/single-post/2017/12/04/VOR-One-hears-that-Steve-Hayles-GBR-has-left-Team-Sun-Hung-KaiScallywag-after-a-row-with-skipper-David-Witt-AUS
  7. VOR 2019-2020

    Next race delayed to 2021-22?? The sponsored article from Musto on Seahorse states that the next edition shall happen in about 4 years time. Has anyone heard anything about this? This would be a big strategical shift from the two year cycle from Mark Turner wanted to go back to the old 4 year cycle. Maybe Volvo has decided to stop financing the OD fleet and wants to go back the box rule that was financed by the teams themselves. (I wish!). https://www.seahorsemagazine.com/115-content/december-2017/557-warmer-less-cold-drier-less-wet-fresher-less-exhausted "[...] Musto is already in talks with the Volvo Ocean Race organisers for the next edition that is now expected to take place in about four years’ time. [...]"
  8. VOR 2017-18

    yeap. something must be going on with Clean. He's been too quiet recently. Almost as much as Brisius and his co-president. Very strange that they have not said a word about their approach to the job and their vision moving forward.
  9. VOR 2019-2020

    I doubt it. The boat does not give Volvo any value add but gives them lots of headaches (financial mainly). OD took away the incentive to think out of the box. Timewise is also very tight. They need to decide which boat by latest spring 2018, to start building the 7-8 by September 2018. But it is a pity if they don't try something radical. The technical race is gone.
  10. Vor 2017-2018 New CEO

    no news, interview or a statement from Atlant on plans and vision yet? Big change from MT, who is/was always available and outspoken on any media or social network
  11. VOR 2017-18

    interesting (Spanish) opinion article about the VOR organisation... as mentioned previously, the Alicante village looked not as neat (all team bases were full of debris and materials behind them and this was open to be accessed by anyone) and lacking activities and pavilions as per last editions. Maybe Lisbon is different. Anyone on site? http://www.abc.es/deportes/vela/opinion/abci-volvo-ocean-race-apuesta-becarios-201711010833_noticia.html Google translation (pretty poor, though. No time to correct it, sorry): The Volvo Ocean Race run by trainees «Descontrol in execution, poor professionalism and even lack of security is what I have found during these days in Alicante» One more edition of the round the world sailing by teams and with stops has started. The Volvo Ocean Race has again tried to live up to the expectations of its "bosses" but the circus has lacked track leaders. About fifteen days between the before, during and after the opening of the Race Village have allowed me to contemplate a work scenario different from other times. The family of the Volvo Ocean Race has decided to pull young staff, which is always appreciated, but the balance has gotten out of hand. «I have seen great professionals involved in this great nautical event with uneasiness and in some moments on the verge of the attack of nerves because of not being able to delegate with guarantees functions» The saturation of volunteers, scholars and juniors led by a group of senior executives has caused a rainbow of T-shirts that differentiated different staffs that contributed little more than colorful to the docks of the Race Village of the port of Alicante. I emphasize again that betting on young blood seems necessary but not in the way that the cast of the Volvo Ocean Race has done. Decontrol in execution, poor professionalism and even lack of security is what I have found during these days in the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante. But the guilt of this organizational environment so seductive has not been the fault of those senior executives of the Volvo Ocean Race, teams or organization of the departure in Alicante - which in some cases too - but the policy that leads to the lack of neatness the time to distribute the budget items of each of the entities that have been involved in the departure of this round the world sailing. It is a very small business, and almost indecent, to try that a handful of track leaders of the different circuses that have been assembled during the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante manage to lead teams novice, inexperienced and above all, totally unfamiliar which are the rules of the game. I have seen great professionals involved in this great nautical event with uneasiness and in some moments on the edge of nervous attack because of not being able to delegate with guarantees functions that for a more qualified staff would have been to sew and sing. All for a handful of euros very badly managed under the law of communicating vessels. A principle that bad financial managers cling to by not measuring their balance with coherence and empathy. One of the most graphic examples that I have seen during these days in Alicante has been the high degree of posture of the political class, which is not free, and that has sucked from the funds that the technical part of this regatta world has so much needed.
  12. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    indeed. With a crew put together in the very last minute and one person short. It makes you wonder if the months of training are worthwhile. Crazy
  13. VOR 2017-18

    is anyone also annoyed with the speed of Neil's talking in the morning quick fix and the midday show?? Not sure why he thinks he needs to speak that fast, and not sure why VOR thinks the morning quick fix needs to be max 2 minutes long, and the midday show not more then 15 minutes. VOR tries to squeeze too much info in very little time. Also Niel's standing in front of the camera and continuous moving is quite annoying and comes across as hectic. Niel should sit down like at the Vendee Globe daily show and slow down. Show is good, but could be improved.
  14. VOR 2017-18

    nice insight into the sail plan and use depending on angle and TWS
  15. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    first (major) material failure. Nice and speedy recovery, though. And quite impressive Witty's reaction. Very calm and composed.