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  1. nice find, bucc. Good interview with Dee, confirming that she did not find the sponsors (she included the United Nations into the two foundations mix). VOR did. She was also selected as skipper by VOR (She had already discarded the possibility of being a skipper in this race). Her plan is to have the crew selected by mid August and confirmed participation at the Fastnet. Going with two portuguese (condition from Mipuri), 2-3 experienced sailors and the rest un-tested under 30s. (She claims that all under 30s with experience are already taken).
  2. Bouwe (Brunel) must be #7, and if the Germans are #8 I will eat my hat. It is extremely tough to sell a VOR sponsorship in a country without a stopover. (Of course, if Volvo foots the bill again, that is another story...). Go Dee!
  3. great to have Dee back. She is an excellent sailor and a great personality. And here we have the suspected Portuguese connection. With portuguese Millionaire Mirpuri behind and at least two Portuguese on board, the boat is likely to carry the Portugal flag. But I agree with Retired Sailor above. No way two foundations are chipping in 12 Mn EUR for a VOR campaign (+ activation), even if the Millionaire or the Lisbon stopover are paying part of it. This race is definitely doomed as a brand activation platform for corporate sponsors. For Volvo (AB and Cars) it is surely working very well. The fact that they are putting so much money into it proves it (including into the teams like this one). If one day Volvo pulls the plug, it is over...
  4. multihull tender deadline to submit proposals extended to July 31st due to "an incredible amount of interest from designers around the world" (VOR Facebook post dixit). Another go on using superlatives: "incredible", "around the world"... Strange anyhow to extend deadline...not enough people submitted or tender is not clear enough... Anyway, the more I think about this, the less it makes sense. Is the VOR an ocean race, or a travelling circus like the ACWS?!?!
  5. yes, both races are requirements, but of course, you could bend the rules as organiser as both don't count towards the real VOR. Anyhow, yes, starting to be tight. 8 teams are beginning to be unlikely. I am still counting with Bouwe, and potentially a 50/50 scandinavian squad with some of the Magenta girls. Both know the boat well, so not much need to practice. But sure, for any sponsor the time is getting tight to prepare the brand activation during the race. And without proper activation it makes no sense to participate... Turner needs to change lots of things to make this event viable. One design and keeping cost down is not working for team sponsors. Focus on the benefits...
  6. you are the best, Rudder. Thanks!
  7. anyone has a link to watch? The Robinwidget one is not working for me right now http://live.robinwidget.org/streamvideo8/sailing-vs-35th-americas-cup-2017-live-stream-1845137.html
  8. 5 teams actually. We'll have 7 or 8 teams at the end...Volvo will foot the bill if needed be... Brunel/Bouwe, maybe a portuguese, maybe a scandinavian, ...
  9. I said "most" do not return. Anyway, the three you mention not sure qualify as Dongfeng comes back due to its Volvo relation (it is partly owned by Volvo), Mapfre for financial returns due to the Spanish tax benefits (Alicante is obliged to deliver a team in its contract. The tax benefits are in place to help them fulfil this obligation). Vestas seems genuine as it has unfinished business although I suspect they are going to have a very small involvement this time around (i.e. limited activation from their side). But don't get me wrong, any reason is valid to join the race, being strengthening the business relationship with Volvo, financial gains, or unfinished business. The issue are the Puma's, Abu Dhabi, Groupama, Ericsson, Movistar/Telefonica, ABN Amro, SCA, etc. that came and went.
  10. I know, I know, and the fact that we would likely not having a race now without OD introduced in the past edition. But fact is that team sponsors are still not coming (and most are not repeating). So cost is not the issue, the value delivered is. It is time to tell the emperor he is naked. Get rid of OD!
  11. my main question to Turner is why to keep OD? It is clearly not working as team sponsors are still not coming. The technological race is lost by keeping OD. The VOR feels like a Clipper with Pros on board.
  12. can't follow the live streaming... any relevant news so far? Just heard about sustainability bla, bla, and about SUP in the villages...
  13. less than a week to go for the future boat announcement. Should we start to bet if monohull or multihull? Foiling multihull should be the way forward if this event wants to remain the top ocean crewed event, but I doubt Volvo is going to take such a bold decision, especially due to the logistics implications (shorter legs, shorter overall event, three villages on the road required, ...) not to mention safety, while already achieving its marketing goals with the VO65. btw, no further team announcements since a while. What are Bouwe and Brunel doing? Anyone knows?
  14. Conrad is nominated for sailor of the month. Let's vote for him! https://www.seahorsemagazine.com/sailor-of-the-month/vote-for-sailor-of-the-month
  15. umm. VOR is now acting as referral agency for employment. Strange press release about Sophie stating that she is looking for a job... maybe it is a just marketing trick and we should expect a follow up press release in 2-3 weeks saying that Sophie has been hired by X. We'll see. http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/news/9212_Hands-for-hire.html