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  1. it looks to me like Ian Walker. It could be him with his Abu Dhabi gear on. It would make sense to have him on board for 3 hours of coaching Dee. on the lifevests, Mapfre had also all wearing them... which was never the case before. Must be a new Volvo safety requirement thing. As we all know, safety is one of the core values of Volvo.
  2. thoughts about the lifevests all crews are wearing now?? I guess Skip Novak won't be happy. Honestly, it will start looking silly or just like the Clipper Race if they are required to wear them with fair weather... time will tell.
  3. it's not so simple. By doing so, VOR risks upsetting the team sponsors that are paying the full price to be at the starting line, and if doing so risking getting a request to offer a discount to them (on the boat lease and boatyard services). Sure, they are not that many that could be upset (Akzonobel essentially, Dongfeng maybe, Mapfre unlikely due to the spanish tax benefits scheme - I am assuming Vestas and Brunel are getting already a financial help/discount, not to mention the clean seas foundations. Those would never spend 12 Million Euros on an sporting/corporate event). VOR would need to find a plausible sponsor that stays quiet about the deal like Disney did back in 2005. (Akzonobel might be already pissed with this situation. Thus, the VOR offer to be the official painting of the fleet (?)).
  4. Conrad has joined the VOR...as TV strategy commentator. http://www.conradcolman.com/single-post/2017/07/24/Spanish-digression On other topic, the last news posts from VOR have stopped mentioning that additional teams shall be joining in the coming days/weeks as they had been doing previously. Now they are just stating that 7 teams will start in October. It would be a shame and quite incredible to leave one boat on the dock, but time is indeed running out.
  5. with ETNZ out of contention for the 8th boat, the only other possible team ready to go and with sponsors willing to activate around the world, would be BAR... but my gut feeling looking at timing (Fastnet is in 2 weeks (!)) is that the 8th boat is going to stay on shore... On another topic, I was wondering if the best sailors do actually end up doing the VOR. Looking at the profile of the skippers, you could argue both ways. Xabi Fernandez: 1 gold, 1 silver at Olympics, lots of World Championships (49er), several VOR, AC Charles Caudrelier: Winner VOR (groupama), winner Figaro, Transat Bouwe Bekking: 8 VOR (never won), lots of maxi championships Charlie Enright: ?? (1 VOR), 1 Moonlight (regatta movie from Disney) Witt: ?? Dee Caffari: First woman circumnavigating the globe in both directions non-stop, 1 VG Simeon Tienpont: 2 VOR, 1 AC (winner as grinder)
  6. Tuke announced as being hired by MAPFRE. So, our hopes to have ETNZ as the 8th boat are gone. Looking at timing (Fastnet qualifying race starts Aug 6th, in three weeks), the 8th boat is looking unlikely (or VOR forfeits the qualifying race). http://www.expansion.com/nauta360/mapfre-in-the-vor/2017/07/14/596861e6268e3e12558b4577.html
  7. com'on, guys. It is not so difficult. Just search for Emma Westmacott on Facebook. Her page is public: https://www.facebook.com/emma.westmacott.7 anyhow, their main comments about Witt are already posted in a previous post.
  8. here some of their comments. This next VOR is looking promising. One Design takes away most of the intrigue, but the new crew setup is going to be fun to watch and comment. ---commenting on the VOR interview with Witt---- Emma Westmacott Mark Turner I can't believe you blokes published this?!! WTF comes to mind!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Wonder what the Magenta Project Girls think - or even Tracy Edwards - this is right up your street Tracy Edwards??!!!! Like · Reply · 12 hrs · Edited Tracy Edwards Wow! I didn't realise arseholes like this still exist. What an embaressment to the Volvo! Will be sure to post the fact that in 2002 the MIXED team on Maiden II broke the 24 hr record with 694 miles. I believe it stood for quite some time. This idiot wouldn't have stood a chance back then. --- Tracy Edwards Hard to find the words to describe what a neandethal this idiot is. Volvo must be so proud. LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 2 · 12 hrs Remove Emma Westmacott Maybe some of u Antipodeans want to have a chat with your mate .... Alby Pratt Greg Homann Richard Mason or Neal Mcdonald you are one of Witty's heros ..... seriously even u would not be so bold!!! Besides your wife would string u up!!! LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 2 · 12 hrs Tracy Edwards I think it is telling that Lawrie Smith, Sir Peter Blake and Skip Novak, all Legends of the WRTWR were all supportive of Maiden right from the beginning. I think they would be appalled by language like this as I am sure Neal would be. Talk about going back to the dark ages. Like · Reply · 1 · 12 hrs · Edited Remove Greg Homann What has he said or or done this time? Like · Reply · 2 · 12 hrs Tracy Edwards If you want a laugh read the article - he is saying that mixed teams are a 'social experiment' - I have pointed out that we did that, rather successfully, in 2002! Like · Reply · 1 · 11 hrs Remove Emma Westmacott Greg Homann He also says fitness is not important - it is all about mind strength!! He is such a pillock!
  9. no matter what we think about Witt's decision, it is actually great for us armchair sailors to have a fleet using all crew options. And maybe, who knows, the approx 200kg of the two additional crew make up for the tiredness of being just 7. umm? It is also refreshing to have a boat without any sponsor commitments. Fully focussed on the racing (and partying at the stopovers?). I wonder anyhow what it is in for the owner of Scallywag?
  10. I always counted with Bouwe and Brunel. Brunel and its CEO are known to be always sitting on the fence to wait for the best deal with Volvo/VOR to join a race. It happened in 2005 and again last edition. They always join for a fraction of the required budget (12Mn EUR + sponsor activation). On the last spot, the boat is there, so it is up to Volvo/VOR to decide if they invest in a last team or not. No corporate sponsor will jump at it now, if not for a considerably discount. I am not 100% sure on their decision. With 7 boats they might think they have enough for a decent regatta, and decide to keep the last one as a spare... I wouldn't, but they are not asking me, and I can guess that Mark Turner is pushing in the same direction. Since it is the last edition with the VO65, they better make sure they use this 8th boat. On all our discussions about the viability of the event and its return, we keep forgetting that this is the VOLVO ocean race. As owner, it just needs to make sense for them, and looking at the large amount they are investing, it surely does.
  11. thanks, folks, this is already very helpful. My local shop has been suggesting B&G Triton2 for the wind package and NAC-2 Autopilot along with Zeus, not the H5000. Maybe because of my budget expectations. Anyone here has this setup? Should I say f-ck all and go for the H5000??
  12. I have been sailing with B&G H1000 during the past ten years, and it is time to renew the kit (Chartplotter, GPS, AIS and displays). (one of my current displays is not working and there are no spares any more). I am a cruiser that takes part in the club and regional regattas, with a small budget. The local shop suggested Garmin, with its GSMAP 1222 and all... but I have seen that B&G with Zeus 2 and 3 offer more features (especially for racing) for pretty much the same price. Anyone has these kits and experience with them? (btw, Zeus 3 seems like version 2, but with the WiFi module built-in, right?) I am also keen in being able to connect the laptop to be able to make routings via expedition and upload/download data to the plotter. This seems not a given with B&G and Garmin. Any advice, comments most welcome. (Boat is a First 47.7).
  13. nice find, bucc. Good interview with Dee, confirming that she did not find the sponsors (she included the United Nations into the two foundations mix). VOR did. She was also selected as skipper by VOR (She had already discarded the possibility of being a skipper in this race). Her plan is to have the crew selected by mid August and confirmed participation at the Fastnet. Going with two portuguese (condition from Mipuri), 2-3 experienced sailors and the rest un-tested under 30s. (She claims that all under 30s with experience are already taken).
  14. Bouwe (Brunel) must be #7, and if the Germans are #8 I will eat my hat. It is extremely tough to sell a VOR sponsorship in a country without a stopover. (Of course, if Volvo foots the bill again, that is another story...). Go Dee!
  15. great to have Dee back. She is an excellent sailor and a great personality. And here we have the suspected Portuguese connection. With portuguese Millionaire Mirpuri behind and at least two Portuguese on board, the boat is likely to carry the Portugal flag. But I agree with Retired Sailor above. No way two foundations are chipping in 12 Mn EUR for a VOR campaign (+ activation), even if the Millionaire or the Lisbon stopover are paying part of it. This race is definitely doomed as a brand activation platform for corporate sponsors. For Volvo (AB and Cars) it is surely working very well. The fact that they are putting so much money into it proves it (including into the teams like this one). If one day Volvo pulls the plug, it is over...