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  1. I have thermoformed a lot of core. Corecell and Divinycell. There is a science to the time and temperature based on the grade, thickness and density to properly thermoform without any significant loss in properties. I say significant because what is out alternative? Not coring the tight radius isn't such a big deal as it would be in, say, the chime if a power boat. The other option is to cut and hand form around the radius. This is the most common, but leaves you with a potentially resin rich, or worse voided, radius. I've also built some fully foam cored hulls (most recently a 45ft sport fish). Bead and cove over male frames and infused skins. There were multiple different densities of core chosen throughout to handle the different loads along the keel, chine, cleats, hawsers... I'm also a fan of monolithic areas depending on what sort of penetrations will go through the hull. Bottom line, like Bob says, don't generalize cored vs non-cored. The boat was probably designed one way, engineered one way, and built somewhere in between. You have to take it on a case by case basis.
  2. My brother and I went through a bunch of Force 5s throughout the 90s. They were a great boat for what they were. More stable and more technical than the Laser was at the time. They are crazy cheap now and would be a great way to start fleets by pulling a group of friends at $300-$700 a piece. There was a bunch of infighting with the class and Weeks a while back. Not sure if that's done. Cool boats.
  3. I've had a C&C 34 for about 10 years now. It was a great boat when we were on the Chesapeake Bay. In southern South Carolina where we are now, not so much. Light air river racing is certainly no the boats forte. The boat drives on the genoa, which is very easy to trim. The single spreader rig is a telephone pole, so there's not much tuning you can really do without also trimming the baby stay. You'll need a good mainsail trimmer to get that last little bit out of the main. Without that, you'll never sail to its rating. Light air is not it's friend. Our sweet spot is like 12-14, followed by 10-12. Anything under that and it's miserable. At 13, you'll be thinking about reefing. As others have said, big breeze downwind can be a handful, but that's what that hull form does for you... Down below there's plenty of space to overnight or a long weekend for a family of 4. Tankage is adequate for most coastal use. The cockpit is comfortable for 6, but not under sail. Then its only comfortable for 4 adults and a couple of kids. Wed night racing here we run with 6 people pretty well. Longer races I would sail with 8 since the spinnaker can be a handful. Pictures of all the repairs and upgrades we've done are on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/MorningViewSailing/ I took the bottom down to gelcoat and only had 4 blisters. The hull is cored below the waterline and I found no wet core when I replaced through hulls and glassed over the old overboard discharge for the head. Our deck was wet and we had a pretty amazing explosion when it decided to go forward of the mast when we were blasting into a steep chop during a regatta several years ago. There's also pictures of how we repaired it and updated the running rigging to lead everything aft to rope clutches. I would take the 34 over the 33 for the interior, but the 35 over the 34 for sailing...
  4. Wait. So does this mean we can finally have the Sailing Amarchy World Championships of the World?
  5. Zebra - That's the rig it's always had with this owner. You're right, it's a furling boom. I think it went on a few years ago.
  6. I like it. You can sit astride the coaming and the wheel is right there in front of your chest. It really has a great feel.
  7. This is from last year, but a great time on #1, Corsair, on Lake Erie. It had been years, but I was right back at home on her! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Hmh_Zql9QwekNFWkVsZ25SUEE https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Hmh_Zql9QwX2hKNlNuTGlzYUU
  8. RumLine & RobbieB hit the nail on the head. OD Harbor 20 stuff and growing PHRF at SCYC (Hilton Head) Dinghies, juniors & growing PHRF at BYSC (Beaufort) OD & PHRF big boat stuff in Charleston Depending on where you work, traffic isn't bad at all around here. I lived in Bluffton for 7 years before moving to Beaufort. I can tell you we use the club and the boat a whole lot more living 10 minutes away as opposed to 30. And that 30 minutes was the west end of Bluffton. If you start getting closer to Hilton Head, you are going to have a haul to get to Beaufort (in my opinion where the better sailing is, although SCYC has a shorter trip by water to the ocean) Look us up when you're in town.
  9. Anything involving Bruce Nelson and a quick trip to the water.
  10. Are there any M24s around? Or is this a let-them-race-and-they-will-come approach? The Balogney Blowout is out of Fairport/Mentor.
  11. I didn't say anything like that. In fact, I'm sure I could hear DWB down the river last night hootin' it up on the Harbor 20's. Something about ditchin' the sled and getting a fleet of H20s... Also pretty sure I heard something about it not being a problem for you to take the sled for Falcon
  12. Do you know if WHITEHAWK is still around on Lake Erie? Yep, still races out of Grand River, OH. I think there's another 35 there called Shearwater.
  13. Haven't raced on a J/35 in quite a while, but here's a leeward mark rounding at the 1995 Youngstown Levels Regatta. 41322 is Whitehawk, which races out of Grand River, OH. Not sure of the other 2.
  14. (843): fuck yea just found my unicorn costume from when i was 8... still fits (757): my sex list reads like a who's who of mcdonald's general managers