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  1. Midfleet

    Cored Hulls, what boats have them?

    I have thermoformed a lot of core. Corecell and Divinycell. There is a science to the time and temperature based on the grade, thickness and density to properly thermoform without any significant loss in properties. I say significant because what is out alternative? Not coring the tight radius isn't such a big deal as it would be in, say, the chime if a power boat. The other option is to cut and hand form around the radius. This is the most common, but leaves you with a potentially resin rich, or worse voided, radius. I've also built some fully foam cored hulls (most recently a 45ft sport fish). Bead and cove over male frames and infused skins. There were multiple different densities of core chosen throughout to handle the different loads along the keel, chine, cleats, hawsers... I'm also a fan of monolithic areas depending on what sort of penetrations will go through the hull. Bottom line, like Bob says, don't generalize cored vs non-cored. The boat was probably designed one way, engineered one way, and built somewhere in between. You have to take it on a case by case basis.
  2. Midfleet

    Force 5

    My brother and I went through a bunch of Force 5s throughout the 90s. They were a great boat for what they were. More stable and more technical than the Laser was at the time. They are crazy cheap now and would be a great way to start fleets by pulling a group of friends at $300-$700 a piece. There was a bunch of infighting with the class and Weeks a while back. Not sure if that's done. Cool boats.
  3. Midfleet

    Swede 55

    Zebra - That's the rig it's always had with this owner. You're right, it's a furling boom. I think it went on a few years ago.
  4. Midfleet

    Swede 55

    I like it. You can sit astride the coaming and the wheel is right there in front of your chest. It really has a great feel.
  5. Midfleet

    Swede 55

    This is from last year, but a great time on #1, Corsair, on Lake Erie. It had been years, but I was right back at home on her! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Hmh_Zql9QwekNFWkVsZ25SUEE https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Hmh_Zql9QwX2hKNlNuTGlzYUU
  6. Midfleet

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Are there any M24s around? Or is this a let-them-race-and-they-will-come approach? The Balogney Blowout is out of Fairport/Mentor.
  7. Midfleet

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I didn't say anything like that. In fact, I'm sure I could hear DWB down the river last night hootin' it up on the Harbor 20's. Something about ditchin' the sled and getting a fleet of H20s... Also pretty sure I heard something about it not being a problem for you to take the sled for Falcon
  8. Midfleet

    J35 Anarchist

    Do you know if WHITEHAWK is still around on Lake Erie? Yep, still races out of Grand River, OH. I think there's another 35 there called Shearwater.
  9. Midfleet

    J35 Anarchist

    Haven't raced on a J/35 in quite a while, but here's a leeward mark rounding at the 1995 Youngstown Levels Regatta. 41322 is Whitehawk, which races out of Grand River, OH. Not sure of the other 2.
  10. (843): fuck yea just found my unicorn costume from when i was 8... still fits (757): my sex list reads like a who's who of mcdonald's general managers
  11. Midfleet

    Swede 55

    I was just on the Mt. Gay Rum website. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the background a Swede 55? http://www.mountgay.com
  12. Midfleet

    Swede 55

    Corsair was sprayed blue, but I can't remember what color it was before. I almost want to say yellow, so I guess red would be close enough, since I'm pretty sure it wasn't white. I believe she was brought to Lake Erie in 1994. She is sailed & raced on Lake Erie almost every week. Probably one of the most used boats in the Cleveland / Lake Erie area.
  13. Midfleet

    Swede 55

    Sorry, I wish I had more. Had to go back through the picture archive to even find that. Ahh the stories we had from racing on that boat, though...
  14. Midfleet

    Swede 55

    Zebra - Here's the only close-up I have of Corsair.
  15. Midfleet

    Swede 55

    Zebra, you seem like quite a wealth of knowledge on these boats. I'm really just prodding you to post again since you only seem to put a picture one at a time.