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  1. Our Flying Tiger 10M OD sits on a mooring in upper Sydney Harbour , has done for near on 10 years without an issue. Costs us $650 per year for mooring licence and $250 per year for mooring service. Cost of a marina berth closer to $10K per year. I would not have it any other way. I do not like the stresses a marina berth can put on a boat in a big blow. When on a mooring the boat just heads up into the wind and bobs around a bit. We don't leave the rudder in so get extra movement. We use a double bridle on the mooring line. One bridle each side of the fore-stay then cross over to the opposite side cleat.. We tie the mooring lines together over the cleats to ensure they do not come off. We use the boat two or three times a week during the Summer. No problem to get to and from. We have a dinghy on a rack in near by council park ( another $65 per year ) but we also use the Sailing Club tender service quite often when racing from our own club. I guess its horses for courses, but a mooring suites us and most of the other boats at our club.
  2. Looks to me like the old Assy Vs Square Kite issue. Easy for Assy boat to look quick but who was fitst to bottom mark.
  3. Cost will depend how handy you are with metal work and what access you have to a workshop.. Pole is very inexpensive but you need to put a bearing into the pole approx 300mm from end. That means maching a piece of round aluminum to fit the spigot. The Spigot needs to be fitted at the point where your forestay goes, It needs a foresTack point, and a couple of jamers to jam off either side. The pole is generally sailed about 15 degrees to windward and of course more if you want to go deeep.. $1000 might stop it, but wait, you don't have any kites yet. Thats where the real cost is. Still a lot cheaper than setting up a retractable system , into the hull.
  4. Looks to me that this boat needs an Assy. We modified my Spider 22 "Bob Sled" to anarticulating pole and 50sq metre Assy as well as Fracy Assy and now a Code Zero. This has really brightened up the boat made mush more fun and easier to sail. CBH rating penalty is .01 for the pole and another .01 for the oversize kite. I also own half share in an FT10 in Sydney. Its a brilliant boat but the Spider in Surf to City , Bay to Bay , Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island etc is just as much fun ....
  5. Great job on the FE28 at Hamo. As a Tiger owner i have been sceptical of the FE28 performance. I know how difficult it is to keep a well sailed M32 honest. I was at Hamo on a Magic25 a load of fun for no money. Got to see and talk to a lot of the Melges and F28 guys. There was a lot of love for the little counter stern contender. Bring her back to Syd Harbour Regatta for 2017 and i will make sure the quicker Tigers do the whole regatta in 2017 to give u a true benchmark. Lets hope the Sydney based FE28 comes out to play in Super 30's starting Sept 10
  6. Yep... unfortunately we still have some double luffers sailing with us in Super 30's on a regular basis. They are gradually fading out. It does allow us to be inclusive and gets folk out racing and enjoying the excellent Super 30 series. Except forr W/L racing it does not cause any reall issues. In W/L the double luffers come into their own particularly when there is some good breeze to get them going. This tends to distort our series results as when we do W/L like last Saturday we have 3 races. The double luffers with their favourable handicaps get three good results while the front runners , high handicap boats, get whacked. I agree that having only light weight ( say less than 2.5 tonne ) displacment yachts , Asso driven with fixed or retractable poles is the way to go in S30 if we are to have close competitive racing under all conditions. You still get the anomolies like last Sat when the FE28's, Hick 30 and JS9000 were able to plane well before say the Tigers and anyone heavier than a Tiger. Other than a wind based handicap adj I can not see how this can be avoided. I did write on another forum that the S11 fleet as it currently stands sans the MC38"s would be welcome to race within our current S30 fleet and series. We do have a M32 racing with us now , have had various M32's in past. Would be great to see the MC31's on the S30 start line. The M32's tend to be at the front of the fleet but that is great . Gives us something to chase.
  7. Absolutely correct...great job by Jet particularly holding out Balmain Tiger at the end of race 1 to let Ophir and the FE28 get inside both of both of us. Jet will always excel in those planing conditions. Not sure if its a sports boat or sports yacht. Has some characteristics of both.
  8. SASC do a great job of running the Super 30 fleet thanks in no small way to the legacy of the late Chris Sligar. The fleet is well supported and open to anyone with a boat that generally fits the S30 concept. Not sure what that is, Chris never actually told us. We have always had M32's racing in Super 30's. and would welcome more of them to join with us . We currently have one who is now starting to work its way to the front end of the fleet. Bring on more, its great competition. The MC31's would also be welcome as they fit the unknown concept well. Not sure about Little Nico... may not fit the concept. I think Orbit was considered in the past, not sure what happened there. Agree there is no room for both S30's and S11's.... they need to work together. Note we have a MD35 competing in Super 30's. Its a bit long but sails almost identical performance to the FT10's and so fits in well with the fleet. It Asso driven so none of the problems of mixing Asso's and Square kites performance which happens when S30's do Windward Leward racing.
  9. Yep... we have been mooring our FT10 for 8 years using a bridel. In practice it works a bit different to a normal bridel. Will try to explain. Wi bring the port side lone up ovver the pulpit stem connection and then hook it onto thr Stb cleat. We do reverse with stb line. Works a treat. Hope this helps.
  10. No...but we are taking one to Hamilton Island rce week in August to race Wild Oates. Nah...in truth we will sail PHS in the trailer boats div.
  11. I think i said in an earlier post that the FE28 would get closer to FT10 performance but never match it. Happy to retract that after the Sydney Harbour Regatta. In conditions that suite ie around 15kts of pressure ,when they can plane off the breeze, and a great crew they can match the faster FT10's bot still not beat them. A little humble pie from me. But dont expect to take your weekend pick up crew out in 10knts pressure and mix it with FT10's or F30's or any other souped up 30 footer . It just aint going to happen. There is no magic...the numbers tell it all. But if you do not want a used FT10 ou sex changed M30 the FE28 is a great price effective package. AND IT LOOKS PRETTY. IS EASILLY TOWED and a grat platform for your weekend pick up crew to develop their skills.
  12. Comes down to crews and conditions. FE28 has big weight advantage on FT10 and so seemed to be planing around 14 kts of breeze. FT10 needs around 17 knts to plane. Our max speed on Sat was 10 knts so clearly were not planing . My observation of the FE28'S Was they were planing at times. This makes a huge difference. I just checked results for day2. FE28 won the regatta. CONGRATS TO THEM ...CLEARLY A GREAT PACKAGE WHEN SAILED TO ITS POTENTIAL. They did not get the gun in any of the 5 W/L races but i think they were in first 3 home in each race. The two faster Tigers did not race today. They were not interested in the regatta only Day 1 which was part of a 24 week Soper 30 series.
  13. Just spent the day racing in Super 30 class of the Sydney Harbour Regatta. Two FE28's raced against 3 FT10's 1 std F30 and a range of other 30 ish footers. The fastest Super30 in Sydney is a stripped out Robert Hick 30. As usual it showed us all the way aroud the track. The fastest of the FE28's had a top crew and could match it with the best of the FT10's. THE OTHER WAS 2 TO 3 MINS AN HOUR behind the FT10's. THE F30 was a few mins per hour behind the faster FE28. We know from experience in Sydney that a well sailed M30 with retractable Bow Sprit can match it with the top FT10's so based on this there is little difference in performance crew for crew between the FT28 and a F30 with prodder. Given that I would go with the F30 or FT10 before the FE28 every day of the week.