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  1. Barometer with logging

    https://www.google.fi/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.simarine.net/product/pico-battery-monitor/&ved=0ahUKEwjqs5Dn8IfYAhUGOJoKHdQfByAQFgg0MAA&usg=AOvVaw1QlyMnGYrYJFa0AaDga9lZ Here's the link to one by pico. Ni idea of the quality/accuracy, but does not look like s##t and at about 250 the price is not too bad..
  2. Barometer with logging

    Pico battery monitor with baro?
  3. Fastrrr Knot log

    Tmaybe their implementation of new term "SOW" turned out to be too much for the marine community...
  4. To smock og not to smock

    Our bow has MPX salopettes og Smock. he is happy with that setup. I use smock sometimes behind the wheel and my experience from that is that the breathability is not as good as with a jacket but still acceptable... So if you get a smock, do get a good one, $$$$
  5. New Wheel: Carbonautica GFC?

    Looking good! Below few detail pics of my new wheel, have not installed it yet. Fingers crossed that the hub fits...170cm, or actually 172cm, wheel looks hugeee out of the deck recess
  6. Triton2 vs Vulcan5

    I use V7 as a data display next to the wheel. V5 might be a bit small for the task, depends on your setup of course. And yes it powers off the backbone no problem. About the Vulcan series end of life. I heard the exactly opposite that they would bring more Zeus funcionality in the near future? Who knows...
  7. Clearcoat repairs?

    I find it to be the opposite, in my opinion glossy clear coat gives no excuses and every imperfection, especially lows really stick out. In my boats case the fairness is assured by countless hours of longboarding, fairing and high build primer, guidecoats.. Idea with the glass like surface is ease of in water cleaning. Seems to work quite well and bottom is relatively easy to keep clean.
  8. Clearcoat repairs?

    Thanks. Found few pinholes. Can those be filled with a small paint brush and then just sanded/buffed to smooth? Repair gun is a good idea but can't really spray anything where the boat is wintering.
  9. Clearcoat repairs?

    My bottom is painted with Durepox primer with Clear as a last coat. This winter I need to do some modifications and some areas will need to be opened re-faired and coated. Larger areas will be sprayed. The old clear was sprayed in one go. Any problems with these spot repairs? Other question I have is about tiny repairs here and there? Any experience on finish of small 1" X 1" repairs by brush/roller/wet sanding?
  10. Anyone Going to METSTRADE this year?

    Any indication on the price for the fuel cell? Was about to order Efoy 210, but my electrician said we should wait and see Ropeye fuel cell first...
  11. New Wheel: Carbonautica GFC?

    Just received my new wheel from Exit Carbon. Three spoke full carbon wheel, dia 172cm, weight 3.55Kg. Looks very nice and high quality. There's just something about carbon that puts a smile on your face
  12. Anyone Going to METSTRADE this year?

    That sucks... Looked like a perfect replacement for XX's. Thanks for update
  13. Anyone Going to METSTRADE this year?

    Ropeye has interesting stuff coming up. I'd like to know more about their new clutch/jammer and fuel cell...
  14. Spinnaker cloth Airx v Superkote

    Just ordered a S2 lightish runner with SK60, 153sqm for a 45' C/R. My downwind inventory will be: -SK60 S2 cut for going deep in light -SK75 S2 w/ flatter cut for reaching -Bulletproof S4 -Laminate Code 1 Next on the list will be to get a proper S3.
  15. Masthead VHF antenna and cable

    Performance also varies a lot, sometimes you get AIS reception over 100nm away, sometimes just 30-40nm... Anyway I think it is worth investing few extra bucks on a good cable and that alone should show improved performance. I think I have standard RG58 by the looks of it, Just by changing that to Low loss Aircell 5, which will be on the ISAF limit for accepted loss will be considerably better than "basic cable" One more time question for the people using Ultra Whip: Is it a good antenna and do you recommend it over f.ex metz manta?