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  1. ORC inclining test method

    The mesuring system for sure has its problems on accuracy. Question about my gph: Few identical boats have been measured for 2018, so I kind of have an idea what to expect. I have about 5% larger spin, 5% longer pole and 5% larger main. Any educated guess how much lower rating I would get?
  2. ORC inclining test method

    Can the anchor windlass and underdeck furler be added to heavy items, so it will be included when calculating pitching? Or is that thing of the past...
  3. ORC inclining test method

    B4.4 Measurement inventory shall be recorded as follows: a)Interior Ballast: description, weight, distance from stem, height from the waterline Batteries: description, weight, distance from stem, height from the waterline c) Engine: manufacturer, model d) Tanks: Use, type, capacity, distance from stem, height from the waterline, condition at measurement e) Miscellaneous: description, weight, distance from stem, height from the waterline (boiler, aircon,heating etc) I have a heater so that will get to the list for sure, windlass would kind of fit in the same category? 30-40 lbs at the bow sure has an effect on performance? Does anyone know for sure if it cannot be accounted for? We say if I would place a battery at the bow, that would be the same thing performance wise.
  4. ORC inclining test method

    Thanks for all the replies, I was looking at the offset files and there are several for my boat model, how to know what to use (or know that the right one is used?) Another question i have is regarding "heavy items" such as underdeck furler, anchor winch, etc at the extremities of the hull, these should be specified to account for the effect they have for pitching? Stuff in the middle of the boat and low has less effect and can go straight to CG/displacement without having too much effect. How about the heavier than standard boom I have? If not specified, these will just go to "unknown DWT" as we call it on ships, and will be added to CG i.e wrong place. On ships we try to keep the unknown DWT under 1,5% of the disp. Looking to get things right this time...
  5. ORC inclining test method

    Same here, I wonder how to make sure that measurements are done in a way that is as fair as possible as a tiny inaccuracy in weights or freeboard etc.. would give very wrong results. I kind of do this for a living on big ships and have some understanding about stablity.
  6. ORC inclining test method

    Thanks for the replies gents. Just wanted to get a second opinion on the method... Any tips for easy "optimizations" that should be done/checked?
  7. ORC inclining test method

    45' C/R Other reason I ask is because I have slightly beefier (heavier) main boom than the standard. To account for that the boom would need to be brought off centerline to have any effect on GZ.
  8. ORC inclining test method

    My boat would need around 400 lbs of weights to be suspended if the boats spinnaker pole is used, secured to a stanchion. For me that sounds a lot.. Should the test be done by suspending the weights at the end of the boom instead? are there any downsides to using this alternative method? Looking for the best possible rating of course but would not like to brake anything while getting there.
  9. Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    There is s hidden menu. Double click on the top right corner where there is no text, enter code, change the MMSI. (I have the code somewhere in my papers) Installed the SW today, worked fine. Offsets updated and mission accomplished. Thanks @Grizz
  10. Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    There is s hidden menu. Double click on the top right corner where there is no text, enter code, change the MMSI. (I have the code somewhere in my papers)
  11. Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    On Garmin it's easy, with that software
  12. Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    Thanks Grizz, That looks like the one! I will test it probably today. Need to change some info on my AIS...
  13. Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    Would like to do some changes in the settings but I lost the program with old computer... Any idea where I could find one?
  14. Smoother, Lighter, Faster

    Getting quotes for CF sandwich panels. I would need some help to figure out specs needed for cf sheets to replace plywood under bunks and similar. Thinking of using around 8mm thick panels. 1) CF skin thickness? 2) What core material? density?
  15. Expedition screen layouts

    How do you guys set up your screens? Would be interesting to see what other people do to get most out of the software. I have simple two columns of data on the right side of the screen, AIS on the bottom. Do not have any screenshots now though. Can not wait for the season to start!