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  1. Ross 780

    6-7 knots hull speed???? Wiht the new 15hp 4 stroke (electric start of course) on RR i have hit 11 knots downwind motoring. most of the time sit on 7.5-8 knots around the bay. Thumper, can the idea of the jet, seal the floor, pu ton a lid (great compartment for empty beer cans)and transom mount and outboard. No trouble beaching her then and the motor swings up clear of the wash.
  2. Ross 780

    will dig up a photo or 2 for you
  3. Ross 780

    Nice!! look forward to watching/hearing the progress. Had a great day out on Rolls Ross yesterday, the Queensland Sportsboats championships with 24 sportsboats racing in 20-25 knots of breeze. I toodk RR out on my own with the big outboard on (15 hp 4 stroke) and had a ball watching the racing with the bimini also added for the day. Had a bit of a last when the tide was running North into a 20 knot Northerly, waves stood up and I gunned the motor with a top speed down a wave being recorded as 11.28knots - lot of fun for something completely different. Have a great Christmas Thumper.
  4. Ross 780

    Did you epoxy the bottom before anti-fouling her?
  5. Ross 780

    Can't you trailer launch where you are located?
  6. Ross 780

  7. Ross 780

    Good stuff!! looks like you had a great day out, maybe next tiem the spinnaker halyard could go all the way to the top Have fun!
  8. Ross 780

    You can run by the lee in the right conditions but our VMG in 'most' conditions is to heat her up slightly. Grab a GPS and monitor a VMG to Waypoint and you will quickly get a feel for the fastest angle to sail. Keep enjoying. PS We don't use a launching tube for the chute, we have a launching bag hat clips into the cockpit - launch and retrieve from that bag.
  9. Ross 780

    C`mon Rolls hoist it up the top of the mast where it belongs..... how about a little vang That would mean someone putting their beer down - not gonna happen in this race. untitled.bmp
  10. Ross 780

    Another B2B photo - "the Great Trailable Race"
  11. Ross 780

    Is perfect, this shot was taken at Montes, still my favourite spot. Have to find you a boat so we can make this div at ABRW a reality. Maybe a lay day at Woodwark Bay?
  12. Ross 780

    Here is a shot of 2 R780's in a recent Bay 2 Bay race adn a photo of us parked on beach cruising the Whitsundays.
  13. Ross 780

    Nice, very nice. The ross is an awesome boat (I am on my second) and yours is looking great. Enjoy!
  14. Ross 780

    They still have class sailors; they`re just not interested in AC CRAP!! Beware of steel shot in the bilge, over time it rusts, expands & blows a hole thru the bottom of your boat... Nice!
  15. Ross 780

    Great old boat, 25 years old next year. My best mate bought her and towed her to Bowen last week. I am flying up there tomorrow to help him set it all up and have his maiden sail.