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  1. Like you, I would like to see it defined, but I think the phrase is used to indicate an obstruction by local rule that normally would be navigable water. For instance a closed start line (between CB and pin) is a continuing obstruction until you are on the last leg of the race.
  2. Fiji Gone Vuli = Fake Jim F. = Real
  3. Post 18166 It's a pleasant distraction...
  4. At about 2:09 of the full length version, or right before the catastrophic wave, isn't that the head of the main blowing out of the cockpit with halyard attached?
  5. See if something like this will help work it out. In my case, I was able to notch a spot out of the top of my companionway hatch board where it meets the Cway slider and run the cord through the small notch into the boat. I don't need shore power much, so this was an easy option for occasional AC. Conntek 1.5-Feet 30-Amp Tri-Outlet Cord, 30-Amp Locking L5-30P Plug to Tri-Female (35-15R)
  6. Right of way vessel.
  7. Woa....a chicken with implants this must be a sailors Rorschach test....cause all I see is a bird sitting on a perfectly good beer... the horror.!! You only need the can. I drink the beer, fill the can half-way with water and add an ounce of cheap sherry. Works at least as well. Hmmm....A chicken with implants on a beer you see.....
  8. Checked for cracks and burrs....all looked normal. No cracks at base. Lightly sanded it down. Really did not need to take much off at all. Washed it really good with soap and water. Grease and back together. Working fine. Thanks
  9. IStream/Ccruiser...yup, good thoughts. Will check. Thanks
  10. I used the whatever Harken oil sends with their service kit on the pawls. I don't recall what grease I used, but I feel confident it was for marine use. Good thought though, I will change it. Looks like I'll pop the drum off, do some sanding, clean it the base with water, and put her back together again. Hopefully that will take care of it. Thanks
  11. Didn't know that. So using mineral spirits on plastic base would suddenly cause the base to swell over a year later? It's not that I am doubting your knowledge, just seems like a long time until the reaction....and only on one base. Thanks
  12. No solvent recently. Serviced spring 2015....used mineral spirits.
  13. Barient 10P on a 1985 Cal 22. The winch is not working fluently, so I thought service was the answer. It was serviced by me a year ago. Worked great until recently. Opened it up. It was hard to get drum off. Found it to be in pretty clean condition. Seemed odd. So I cleaned it up, oiled pawls, greased and went to put it back together. I can hardly get it the drum on the base...like the base is too big. I took the starboard drum off and tried the port drum on that base. No problem...slides on properly. Can a base get bigger over time...and sort of suddenly? Problem just started a couple weeks ago. It's like the base swollen. The base is plastic.
  14. FYI - Louisville, KY $4,950 http://louisville.craigslist.org/boa/5548528811.html No affiliation.
  15. Periscope/Twitter is working with the latest GoPro as of Jan or so.