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  1. Notquitecapnron

    Garmin GST 43 Installation Issue

    Decided to recalibrate speed on my GST43. I guess this was a mistake, as now I am back to getting nothing but - - - - on the display again. The calibration page comes up normal on the display, and I can go through all the steps of the calibration process, but no matter what I do it will not display speed now. Tried stopping the boat...tried keeping the boat moving. Paddle wheel is rotating fine. It was showing speed before, I just suspected it was slightly inaccurate so I wanted to re-calibrate. My previous calls to Garmin support haven't been rewarding. Any ideas?
  2. Notquitecapnron

    Covering your new racing rf sail

    Another vote for ATN. Makes nice stuff and backs his product. Just run it up on the spin halyard at the end of the night. It's a one person job, done in a minute or less.
  3. Notquitecapnron

    Garmin GST 43 Installation Issue

    Hubbles, Glad it worked out, and glad I could save someone the pain I went through figuring that out. Including calling Garmin tech support that never mentioned the process. far from wind instrument vs. display are you? I'm about 35 feet. (Laser 28) S2 7.9 next slip over couldn't get his wireless to work consistently either. He has less distance to cover. (Found this out after purchase) He replaced twice, gave up and went wired. He also had issues with the solar panel deforming and failing. We're in Kentucky, so much harsher elements available...frustrating. Apologize for the bottom of the boat to the top thread drift.
  4. Notquitecapnron

    Garmin GST 43 Installation Issue

    ...and just to be clear, because to me it defies logic, my experience was it will not show any speed during the calibration process. You must complete the entire process and then it works. Thus the separate gps unit requirement for calibration. Good luck. Let me know if anyone has any great ideas for getting the Garmin wind instrument to consistently display info. I did the wireless and it drops out a lot.
  5. Notquitecapnron

    Garmin GST 43 Installation Issue

    Couldn't find it anywhere in the garmin manuals, but mine would not show any information until calibration was completed. I wrongly assumed the sensor would send info, albeit inaccurate, out of the box. Nope. Mine showed nothing during the calibration process. After calibration it worked fine. I used a separate gps unit to calibrate. If you are in current, you'll obviously have another issue to deal with in the process I used.
  6. Notquitecapnron

    Breaking up is easy to do

    Is that a couple rounds of duplex/triplex wire wrapped around the blade pointing up in photo? Curious as to how that came in to play.
  7. Notquitecapnron

    Scissors for high tech lines

    Mine say Ascend Tools on the blade, but they look identical to the smaller D-Splicer pair noted upstream. They are awesome on dyneema.
  8. Notquitecapnron

    Drunkenness is likely to prevail

    In Kentucky we have "Wet" "Dry" and "Moist" counties. You can't make this shit up. Not true anymore, but just a few years ago Christian County was wet and Bourbon County was dry. County I live in is property is drenched lately.
  9. Notquitecapnron

    Where do I find replacement pulleys for jib halyard

    Laser 28 forum has some info
  10. Notquitecapnron

    Depth finder for 27-foot sailboat

    About 10 years ago when I bought my Cal 22 for local lake sailing, my father in law purchased me a fish finder for my birthday. On drive home, fish finder in hand, I said to wifey, "what the hell am I going to do with this...its not a fishing boat". Noticed it had depth display, so I took it down to the boat wired it up and sat the puck on the hull (inside). I'll be damned, it shows depth perfectly and as an anchoring bonus you can see the bottom terrain. Mounted puck slightly facing forward in bow with a toilet wax ring. Mounted fish finder so it swivels into companion way using ram mounts. Been there ever since. Works great. Also monitors the battery. Couldn't have been much more than $100. It was dumb luck on his part, but turned out to be the second best thing he has given me. I should probably apologize.
  11. Notquitecapnron

    ‘Ivermectin can kill COVID-19 within 48 hours’

    Kills parasites internal and external on lots of animals. Heartguard for canine/heartworm would be another example.
  12. Notquitecapnron

    Noob, advise welcome

    ^^^^^ Many on SA, not all, will be helpful if you do a little research on your question. We get that you are new, but Google some sailboat specific terminology as it pertains to your situation. Stern is vague. And stick with one forum. This one is a better choice for your current questions.
  13. Notquitecapnron

    Pancake Sailor

    Yeah...just have to...
  14. Notquitecapnron

    Martin 32 Rudder Repair - Failed Tap Test

    Congrats on the new boat. I did a first timer, don't know shit, rudder job last spring. Know just a little more than shit now, but know where you are at. I picked Rain Man's #1 choice, but the drill inspection holes part of his info is likely to be the determining factor for you. If you get lucky and it's minor, you may be ok with what I did. Mine was caused by an obvious, yet minor water ingress. Had some minor blisters developing in surface. Google was my friend. Based on drilling test holes in various places on the rudder, I determined that mine was not soaked and had minor moisture level. I decided to build a dehydration chamber and hang my rudder to dry out...for a long time. I drilled holes in the bottom. Numerous in the sides as well. Ground out the blisters. Put it in makeshift chamber. Heat and dehumidifier employed for about 45+ days. Once the dripping stopped completely I repaired all holes, blisters, a few leading edge voids, faired, and coated with epoxy and paint. It has to be dry. FYI....much of info I read indicates you can't ever get a rudder completely dry without splitting it and rebuilding. Due to pandemic, I haven't pulled my boat as I usually would have since rudder job. I do feel confident in my process and work. As I write, I see Zonker posted. I read it, as I did other helpful post from him while I was repairing my rudder. I had no rust, delamn, flex, or mushy spots in mine. It was solid with the exception of some minor leading edge voids.
  15. Notquitecapnron

    Pancake Sailor

    French toast anyone?