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  1. Notquitecapnron

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Can we see a screen shot of your map?
  2. Notquitecapnron

    Help! Searching for Bukh DV8 Anode

    Over in the Laser 28 forums (DV8's aboard), suggests directly form Bukh or LSM Diesel in Denmark is a less expensive alternative. Both are expensive. Unfortunately our source in North America (Crinmar of Canada) retired and closed shop last year. Its a simple, great little motor/sail drive, but parts are getting tough to come by. You may want to pose the question in the Laser 28 forum and see if anyone has found a new source.
  3. Notquitecapnron

    J-24 Worlds Results 2019

    Velocidad/Clear Air/ Race 5 - Its about 32 seconds in.....
  4. Notquitecapnron

    Laser 28 owners?

    If it's shockingly low and you know the boat is sound, which most of them are, the only question is if it's right for you. You need five to race it in any wind. We raced today in 13-16 with 4 up and the lack of rail meat hurt us to wind. 6 would have been good. It was blast downwind!
  5. Notquitecapnron

    Laser 28 owners?

    Hull #? Location?
  6. Notquitecapnron

    Sailtimer RB Wind Instrument

    ^ +1
  7. Notquitecapnron

    Laser 28 owners?

    143 in North America. No idea worldwide as I believe there were a few built under a different name outside of NA...Red Fox comes to mind. Hull numbers start at 101 according to reputable source in the Laser 28 forum.
  8. Notquitecapnron

    Laser 28 owners?

    If I needed an alternative, I think I would research Beta Marine. Small Kubota diesels with sail drive options. 13 hp. Under 250lbs.
  9. Notquitecapnron

    Laser 28 owners?

    No motor sailing. The oil vent cap will spit the oil out of the motor in a hurry if you are heeled over, and there is not much oil in that one banger.
  10. Notquitecapnron

    Laser 28 owners?

    "Look after that Bukh". Definitely. Parts are becoming hard to come by. The source in Canada retired in 17. He had a closing sale and many of us purchased multiple spares, so if you get in a pinch, cry for help in the Laser forum. Some owners have found alternative parts as well. Check the water cooling lines. There are a couple of narrow passages that clog and are notorious for compromising cooling water flow. Especially if your boat has been in salt water. Specifically, that hose connection on the starboard side of the motor going to the thermostat. The overheat alarm sensor is notoriously faulty, so it doesn't necessarily mean you are hot. Buy one of those little laser heat guns and check the block regularly until you are comfortable that the water flow is normal and the motor is at proper temp....which escapes me at the moment, but I have it written down on my boat if you need it. Congrats on the new boat. Hitchhiker - that's an awesome photo! Those shoulders are working. Love the human pole. Leading/planing into a mark?
  11. Notquitecapnron

    Laser 28 owners?

    Although the Laser 28 forum is not real active, there is a wealth of information stowed away in that forum. Use the advanced search and be sure to click the "any date" tab in the drop down box. Just about anything you need to know is in there somewhere.
  12. Notquitecapnron

    Dyneema lifeline experience?

    I did WR2 on Laser 28 lifelines uppers and lowers in 2017. Replaced coated wire. I have not had chafe issues at the stanchions, but my entries to the stanchions are smooth. It's fairly easy to adjust the tension with my simple system, but I do find myself doing it a lot. Rain, then hot sun seems to change the tension quite a bit. Thats a frequent occurrence in an Ohio river valley summer. Crew hiking have not complained about them, but they are not out there more than a few minutes on a river beat.
  13. Notquitecapnron

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Yeah...and WO speed dropped to 2.9o on the 180
  14. Notquitecapnron

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    360 photo?
  15. Notquitecapnron

    Calling all S2 9.1 Owners

    I race against two 9.1's on the Ohio river in Lousiville....I'll mention this thread to them.