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  1. g7tunison


    That, sir, is a child.
  2. Maybe they are re-creating a community that was destroyed by media hype and mass exodus of people leaving for the metropolitan hubs of American "culture"?
  3. But, it's still so early! Can't we give the other hard-ons a chance? (Nothing personal, HOTW.)
  4. g7tunison

    Join the Voter Market Bribe of the Month Club

    How much college does foreign subsidies cost? Will there be a Vaseline allowance?
  5. g7tunison

    The perfect Mueller Report Cartoon

    The gold may be smelly, but it is still gold.
  6. g7tunison

    The perfect Mueller Report Cartoon

    Is this the poop thread?
  7. g7tunison

    Black lives don't matter.

    I nominate Stephen Colbert.
  8. I have nothing of value to add here. 9-11 was an insurance scam.
  9. g7tunison

    Jussie Smollett

    Thanks for the laugh, but, do you mind to not use the "f" word? It's so vulgar!
  10. g7tunison

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Why are all the usual sphincters so quiet on this thread; hello? "Would a sphincter, by any other name, smell as ....
  11. g7tunison

    Stolen Boat. Culatra, Portugal

    Nor even from chain for this one.
  12. Taken from photographer's position.
  13. I have nothing of value to add here!
  14. g7tunison

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    Nice butt? More like butt ugly! Fenders are also good for keeping your topside paint from fouling the patina of the dock. Hateful enough?