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  1. Elusive36051

    NASS Race to Oxford MD 9/7/19

    We had 13 min to finish with 1.2 miles to go when they called it. We were the lead boat. What a bummer. Still had a great time.
  2. Elusive36051

    NASS Race to Oxford MD 9/7/19

    Looki g for crew for oxford. If intrested please email at funkymonkeyusa103@gmail.
  3. Elusive36051

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    Beacon has changes there ways as well. They expanded there line inventory.
  4. Elusive36051

    J70 mast jack fail/vid. credit to Mudratz Racing

    The newer 30s have the same keel as the 32s. There are 4 that I know of one up on the great lakes usa105 in Charleston raced by the collage and mine usa103 and one in Hawaii but it's been converted to a 32 mast. The one that went to Hawaii won her call in the last trans Pacific race.
  5. Elusive36051

    J70 mast jack fail/vid. credit to Mudratz Racing

    So true I have a melges 30 the only difference is the rudder, overlapping head sails rotating bow sprit the same length as a 32 and a 3ft shorter mast.
  6. Elusive36051

    Talk to me about lube

    Boe lube T9 for all running gear blocks extra. Mclube does not work as well as T9 and does not stick around very long. Light weight lithium for the winches used sparingly. I dont like harken or lewmar winch grease it hardens over a short time.
  7. Elusive36051

    bonding to a powder coated surface

    Call Annapolis maritime plastic this is ther specialty.
  8. I was not refering to skinning carbon I was refering to like replacing a bulkhead and tabbing into glass haul sides or like stuff. I skin carbon often as well especially when doing aircraft stuff and you don't want carbo to contact the aluminum cause of corrosion issues.
  9. I agree but keep in mind your carbon fiber has a flex of about 1.4 and E glass is 4.2. This being said laying carbon over glass and think it will be better may not be cause the glass can flex much further that carbon before failure. The carbon will brake its bend with the glass if flexed enough. I would not put carbon over glass without consulting and engineer.
  10. But watch the sky high shipping cost. That one thing I love about composite envisions
  11. Elusive36051

    Bulkhead repair with G-10?

    Anoth thing you need to consider is that you dont want a lot stuffer than the rest of the boat or it will crack loose.
  12. Elusive36051

    Bulkhead repair with G-10?

    No true A good laminating polyester is not far behind the epoxy. Now go buy that hardware store crap that's full of junk ya it's cheap.
  13. Composite one will break the bank. Call proset and get some inf-114 and the appropriate hardener. Or call the guys at gruit ampreg 20.
  14. Elusive36051

    Bulkhead repair with G-10?

    G-10 has no shear strength I would use kusa bord or a h100 foam core or plywood marinated in glass. The boat is made of polyester so it's best to stick with the same resin.