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  1. Owner says this is an Alberg design but it has a fin keel and no cabin. 17' Any ideas
  2. ribber

    Help identify this daysailer?

    Marblehead. The racing fleet for Corinthians here is caput.
  3. ribber

    Help identify this daysailer?

    Hey, I didn't know that part when I first tried looking for an answer to this.
  4. ribber

    Help identify this daysailer?

    I'm the OP, but not the witness. Truth be told, it's my brother-in-law asking me about it remotely. The HIN is a mess, it's not a valid HIN. NMG5645911EC, from an old title. I don't see a valid year there. The rig is no spreaders, single shrouds. The sail is literally a cut-down McGregor25 main. The trailer has New Mexico plates and it's sitting in upstate NY.
  5. ribber

    Help identify this daysailer?

    The S&S suggestion got me looking. Maybe: the Fleet-o-wing http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=5185 with a keel replacement?
  6. ribber

    Help identify this daysailer?

    yeah, skeg replacement had occurred to me too. I didn't see this myself, I'm passing along the question from a friend who asked me for help identifying it. Says the HIN begins with "NMG" which seems to correspond to a builder named "Naval Marine Group LLC" that's out of business and doesn't even appear on sailboatdata.
  7. ribber

    Help identify this daysailer?

    no, I know Corinthians, my FIL had one. They have a full keel with the rudder mounted on the aft end of the keel. There's a couple of them in the same boatyard as mine. No window in the front of the cabin either. But the thing I'm trying to ID is the first one.
  8. ribber

    Help identify this daysailer?

    yeah, but size-wise, all of his under 20' were full keels: Corinthian, Typhoon and Hawks http://sailboatdata.com/view_designer.asp?designer_id=16 Never saw a SC21 before, but it looks like an Ensign topsides on a Rhodes 19.
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    Also a serious possibility: they're ads for the board-up company.
  10. ribber

    Captain Licence Course

    no no, I get that launch drivers shouldn't have to, from a practical standpoint. What I don't get is that there are a lot of them, employed by a lot of clubs that are pretty risk-averse who wouldn't do that unless there is a legit way around it. I just don't see what the way around it is, and wondering if anyone knows what the legit way around it is.
  11. ribber

    Captain Licence Course

    Always wondered this: how does a club launch driver not require a 6-pack or <100 license? I mean, I get that it seems overkill for running people around a small harbor to their mooring, and judging by the ages of some of these launch drivers, there's no way they have a 6 pack license, but they're hauling more than 6 people who are paying passengers...
  12. ribber

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Pet peeve on the foam PFDs: Black? Grey? Navy blue? oooh, fishing camo dark green! I would like mine bright red or schoolbus yellow, please. On the shoulder straps too. Yeah, I'm only a mile or two from land, but it's the Atlantic, if I'm in the water on accident I want something that contrasts with the color of the swells and the waves, thankyouverymuch. But hey, those black PFDs make the photoshoots look cooler so by all means make more of those.
  13. When I was a teenager working at a summer camp, the waterfront director liked to motor the open bowrider stinkpot launch into the lake boat lift slings by pointing it at it with a little speed, turn off the engine, step up to the bow, jump about 12" up to grab the crossbar, place his bare feet on the sides of the split windshield to slow the boat and then hop down with the boat in the perfect position to crank the slings and lift the boat out of the water. One day as I was teaching canoeing near by he came in executing this manuever with a little too much speed. Rushed to the front, jumped, got a loose grip on the crossbar. His feet made contact with the windshields but there was too much momentum so the boat pushed thru them, and as they cleared the top of the windshield they swung backwards like a pendulum, heels hit the I/O motor cover, loosening his last bit of grip. His butt falls onto the gunwale behind the engine cover and he rolls backwards off the back of the boat, hitting his forehead on the top fairing over the prop. Luckily he was fine and popped right back up, and had indeed shut off the motor prior. He stopped doing it that way.
  14. ribber

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    Get a bill of sale, then see this to pay the sales tax in NY https://www.dmv.org/ny-new-york/boat-registration.php edit: wait, you've accepted an offer - you're *not* the buyer, you're the seller, in NY, selling a CT boat? Nevermind, I can't figure that one out.
  15. the non-profit sailing center of one college is not going to get a tax advantage since it likely is organized in a way that wouldn't be charged taxes in the first place.
  16. ribber

    Sinking privilidge

    Seemed to be floating level today as far as one could tell from a Red Line train.
  17. ribber

    rolling VC Offshore

    Dumb question: 20' keelboat. I roll VC Offshore on it in 70 degree weather. I swear I can't get more than 6' down the length without the roller tray contents turning into a pile of lumpy congealed snot. Do I just have a bad can? Should I be pouring a pint at a time? Also, I used Redtree foam rollers and they delaminate as quickly as the aforementioned snot point. Last year I used redtree 3/8" nap instead of foam and spent my prep time this year sanding the last year's roller hairs out of the coating. Any suggestions?
  18. ribber

    London Boat Show.... fail?

    Maybe it was done on purpose. Make an obvious glaring error and people spot it, laugh, congratulate themselves on being able to find it and stop looking for others.
  19. ribber

    He's on the .....

    ...A Short Leash.
  20. ribber

    Don't impede the regatta (rowers)

    In Boston on the Charles Basin, it's common custom that crew shells are stand on in relation to sailboats, in that they have such a large turning radius (an eight is 55', a four is 42', their rudder is the size of a playing card) but sailboats are stand on in relation to kayak, canoe, rowboats.
  21. ribber

    California Boating Card

    Rental exception might be because it's hard to find rentals these days, in my experience. YMMV. 'Yeah, we have three boats in this 100-mile radius...'
  22. ribber

    rolling VC Offshore

    ...did you by chance have your paint out in direct sun? Nope, hazy day, and in the shade of the boat. From what I've seen here, I guess I'll go with thinner in the future.
  23. ribber

    rolling VC Offshore

    Golf? No, I got room for only one stupid expensive hobby per season. 15 minutes. Open can, stir for 5 minutes, pour into roller tray, (yes, putting the lid back on) 10 minutes later, constantly dipping the roller into it I have snot. Not thinning, I believe the can only advises thinning for spray application. Some snot in the can on subsequent pours, but it spreads like wildfire in the roller pan. Tried to strain it on the last pour and it clogged the paint strainer. Correct solvent based roller was what I thought a redtree roller was. Is there no such thing as a solvent based foam roller?