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    To clear up one item, Navy ALWAYS sends everyone out, biggies safer at sea than at home, they usually can outrun path and go perpendicular, unless under orders. Insurance, well, you get what you pay for, and haul out costs$$$$ our locals charge 5$ a foot, just to get on the list, thats just to get in the door, you still have to pay OT haul and storage, we have been fully booked for almost a week I think. That's why you choose a marina that can get you through wet. Have one 30' at a hurricane rated marina and my other 2 23' and 28' behind my house on multiple anchors and shore backups. Water life, even standing still takes planning and execution. Still very much hoping for a hard left turn (sorry SC, no ill will) Someday we will all get hit. As for the AssHats out in the Atlantic, someone looks out for fools and drunks, and as a sailor, they are bound to be covered by one of those, if not both...:-)
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    Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    From what I can see, it all really comes to one thing, what is the single most important thing we could learn from this to avoid disaster in the future??? While there are many, many aspects that went into this, there is one core take away..... Require builders who utilized multi-part structural components to join them in a way that breaks the parts before it breaks the bond between the parts. Without this, there will always be a possibility/probability that there is damage that is difficult or impossible to observe, evaluate or repair. Radical I know, but we have build standards for a reason right???