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  1. brettphillips

    what is it?

    A Star
  2. brettphillips

    Need Help

    Lots of choices but the first question is Asym or Symetrical? Do you want Overlapping Headsails or are you trying to get away from that? Is there a draft issue anywhere? Is there a hoisting issue? ie, what if you could pluck it without a travelift, would you? Olsen 29 was faster than the 30 and there are a few out there for a good price. Mum/Farr 30 would be another.
  3. brettphillips

    i touch myself

    Ed. Depends on which household you're talking about. If you live in the Bay Area, everyone who bought a sail from 1940 to 2000ish knows Jocelyn Nash. You as an ex Quantum/Sobstad Guy know her. Yes, we need more like her!
  4. brettphillips

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    It's a hat
  5. brettphillips

    Ross 780

    Great Summer Circuit complete. 22 Boats, 12 races, 2 throw outs. Only finished 10th but did manage to win a race!
  6. brettphillips

    How do you define Good Crew?

    a sense of humor
  7. brettphillips

    Ross 780

    Any of you guys with Wet Sailed Hopwood boats have any hints for how you've faired and maintained the wet portion of your keel trunk? In the next year I'll be hauling and flipping the boat to fair the bottom and want to work on the keel trunk/fairing then too. Pictures are appreciated.
  8. brettphillips

    Ross 780

    Still Here. I'll be around
  9. brettphillips

    caption contest

    Old Sailors don't die, they just get a little dingy!
  10. brettphillips

    caption contest

    Land Ho!
  11. brettphillips

    Ross 780

    I'd like to see some pictures of the gap at the bottom of the hull to the keel. Mine is rather large and somewhat ametuer...ish, just wonder what others have done to fair this in better
  12. brettphillips

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    buy another boat. If he wants you to insure it to move it, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to move it. Make him deliver it and survey it
  13. brettphillips

    Ross 780

    Still alive and well in Kaneohe and back out on the race course! I'll be around during Pac Cup
  14. brettphillips

    caption contest

    Boats from wine country are indeed, a bit different...
  15. brettphillips

    caption contest

    PHRF Rating Beater....needs some work.