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  1. brettphillips

    what is it?

    Unimara, Farr 2 Tonner
  2. brettphillips

    what is it?

    A Star
  3. brettphillips

    Need Help

    Lots of choices but the first question is Asym or Symetrical? Do you want Overlapping Headsails or are you trying to get away from that? Is there a draft issue anywhere? Is there a hoisting issue? ie, what if you could pluck it without a travelift, would you? Olsen 29 was faster than the 30 and there are a few out there for a good price. Mum/Farr 30 would be another.
  4. brettphillips

    i touch myself

    Ed. Depends on which household you're talking about. If you live in the Bay Area, everyone who bought a sail from 1940 to 2000ish knows Jocelyn Nash. You as an ex Quantum/Sobstad Guy know her. Yes, we need more like her!
  5. brettphillips

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    It's a hat
  6. brettphillips

    How do you define Good Crew?

    a sense of humor
  7. brettphillips

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Yeah, but when is it going sailing?
  8. brettphillips

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Bob, love your work. As a life long 110er (notice my Avatar) I'd like to Thank you for your update of a Ray Hunt 510. Rounded to please the eye and capturing the simplicity and beauty of the sliver length to beam, the enclosed cockpit, the foredeck longer than J updated for keel and rig while are all classic of the Ray Hunt boat. Hip, Hip...!
  9. brettphillips

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Matt, The trailer rests are Yoga Pads from sports authority. Flip you boat, put these on, and then glass over them with a bunch of layers (wet out on a flat table and then just lay them over the pads) See posting from March 10th at 3PM on page 10. The boxes are just plywood. Scribe them to the curve of your bottom, glass them to the pads on the inside and outside. Putty and fair the outside per your liking (Jim took 2 days) then paint with a stipple roller. The bottoms are plywood bases with 2x4s on edge that will be bolted to the trailer and then the boxes fit over them and are screwed in. See posting from March 21 at 4:06PM on page 11 The Yoga mats are glued on with 3M super-duper-deluxe-glue your testicles to your leg if you aent careful spray adhesive.
  10. brettphillips

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    To further clarify: 1) Robert's perch is a custom made T handle from Harken that fits in any which. The Perch socket is a cup just like the center socket pf a winch top that jim will glass in just aft of the main hatch. See #3, Robert will be quite comfortable in any conditions. 2) Shark is correct on jib sheet. However, at the outboard ends of the jib traveler are tubes for the traveler controls. They are ABS and sized snugly for the line size. dripping maybe, but no splash, captain! 3) Shark is correct on the portlights though, the boat will have a small dodger over the hatch area for open ocean. Jim isnt sure if it will be canvas or composite. I've got my money on a really sexy looking composite.
  11. brettphillips

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Realize this topic has been a bit lacking the past week - kind of like watching paint dry, which is basically been the task at hand. Now that I have a good solid coat of primer on the hull, I have few minor areas to chase w/some fairing - this seems to be a never ending task. My companionway hatch arrived - it's perfect! Typical Guy, leaves the seat up!
  12. brettphillips

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    nice! sounds like you can now afford a 12 pack of beers aboard (I read that the average 12 pack of beer weighs 18-21 pounds)! I'll have to remember that when we talk to the rating committee about my Ross780. We only drink from bottles (use winch handle holders for the beers, ever seen a 25 foote with 7 winch handle holders?). We also take at least a case, sometimes 1.5 = 50 to 60#! We should get a credit for that!
  13. brettphillips

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    He is using 545, just with a roller for now. A little more work on the bow and then it will get the "real" primer coat
  14. brettphillips

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    I wonder how many Donavan D6s it would take to equal the weight of a Catapiller D6? Sorry, had to look it up = 32.27
  15. brettphillips

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    It will look pretty cool when it gets some paint on it