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  1. caption contest

    Boats from wine country are indeed, a bit different...
  2. caption contest

    PHRF Rating Beater....needs some work.
  3. blooper time!

    It's a toss up. Do you trust your knot meter or would you rather have a beer? See if it's faster. If there's some dick next to you that you want to beat, put down your beer and bust out the Blooper.
  4. cool or horrifying?

    Horrifying. We all witnessed the video of the small boat that ended up under the pier in Cali. This could have been a similar problem. Sheets getting balled up to the point the sail can't go in or out. Lesson learned? Always keep your lazy sheet snug, especially in heavy air. This could have been a disaster!
  5. caption contest

    That's a fast boat....too fast!
  6. what is it?

    I used to have a Mull 1/4 tonner. This looks like her if you squared the stern and put an open cockpit. Rudder post would be in about that location. Final Answer: a POS that is way too much work for the outcome.
  7. Everett Marina Boat Fire

    THey should have just sunk it in the slip, problem solved
  8. Poll: Next AC Boat

    I don't think the Boat type matters. Cal 20s to ACC and anything in between, you have plenty of good racing. What I would like to see in the next Cup is the restoration of Country of Origin. Then the US will reign supreme again.
  9. how to ruin racing, part 2

    go find something better to do than a 10 boat regatta. Tow Anarchy up to LA for a real race or start another sportboat only Regatta on the same weekend
  10. Shorthanded Sport Boat

    Ross 780. No Asym but self-tacking jib, drop keel (11" up, 6' down), huge cabin below. I've had mine since 09. Super easy for 2. Non-Overlapping jib, you can leave the pole up while racing upwind. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=92361&page=2&hl=%2Bross+%2B780+%2Bkava#entry2805467
  11. what is it?

    Profurl Continuous Furler
  12. caption contest

    Hand me your Sunglasses, we don't want to lose those!
  13. what is it?

    what should have been a catamaran
  14. Least Exclusive Yacht Clubs

    Define a yacht club. Facilities, Slips, must sail? We think Kaneohe Yacht Club is pretty top shelf and unpretentious. Shorts, T-Shirts, Slippahs are good anywhere on-site. Maybe slightly exclusive as you have to know 2 people to 'sponsor" you in, no financial or criminal histories. But we own the place and it's cheap for 5 acres on the water in Kaneohe Bay Full amenities (Restaurant, Bar, Pool, BBQs, l9/'Tennis, plenty parking, 150 wet, 150 dry slips, ramps, and hoists). A very Family Oriented place with a membership from all walks of life and varies economic backgrounds. Scholarships for Junior Sailors in need.
  15. No Sail for You

    Waikiki Yacht Club not only has Adult Lessons but also a Fleet of 10 Wet Moored Cal 20s that can be rented. One night a week, they have races for that fleet. At Kaneohe, we have adult lessons by Appointment and occasionally an organized class. We also have 3 Club owned Cal 20s that are Dry Moored. We hope to expand our Adult Programs. If you have limited Mooring and a wait list like we do, it's a great way to get Members in Boats and alleviate pressure on the Wait Lists. If you don't like what you have, get on the Board of Directors and change it!