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  1. Paul-Romain

    ski season 2020

    Just two days of skiing last winter. I always start and end late as I prefer ample coverage and no crowds. Hoping for a Covid-19-free Spring. We’ll see.
  2. Paul-Romain

    Trump has it.

    Well, well... look who’s wearing a mask now!
  3. Paul-Romain

    HHS spokesperson accuses CDC of sedition

    Does anyone have a link to the full Michael Caputo Facebook live video? I did a lot of searching, but all I got were a minute or two excerpts—the full video is 26 minutes.
  4. Paul-Romain

    Warning to all my fellow sailors! SELL

    How did that work out?
  5. Power boats? Stinkpots? What part of “SAILING Anarchy” do you folks not get? Sheesh!
  6. Paul-Romain

    New Hinckley 53

    Butt. Ugly.
  7. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    Are we all done here?
  8. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    Thanks for the update, Maestro.
  9. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    Bump. Are we done here?
  10. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    $35,000.00 wasn’t exactly chump change in 1975.
  11. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    Ahhhh... that's better. Beautiful boat, Mr. Perry.
  12. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    From Wikipedia: Sweating in cooking is the gentle heating of vegetables in a little oil or butter, with frequent stirring and turning to ensure that any emitted liquid will evaporate. Sweating usually results in tender, sometimes translucent, pieces.
  13. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    That didn't sound like a homophobic question to me. While Kirwan is correct he should get more in tune with popular culture. When i see that term or acronym used, I only think of the Seinfeld episode posted above - which of course was a jab at people who do use it in the way Kirwan describes. Most use NTTIAWWT in the Seinfeldian sense as illustrated by the youtube video.
  14. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    That didn't sound like a homophobic question to me.
  15. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    Long-time anouncer at New England bicycle races was Dick Ring.