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  1. Paul-Romain

    New Hinckley 53

    Butt. Ugly.
  2. Paul-Romain

    2017/2018 Ski Season

    Checking in from California. Up until about 10 days ago it has been terrible with so little snow. We got ~5 feet and now it’s pretty good. I went skiing for the first time last Wed. and the snow was good and good coverage. Major storm is just starting that is forecast to give us 4 - 5 feet. Bring it!! I’m a ski tech and have been pleasantly surprised at how busy we’ve been despite the lack of snow. I atribute that to carry over enthusiasm from last year’s epic winter.
  3. Paul-Romain

    I have done some crazy stuff... but

    I 70 west of Denver. I was eastbound coming down the Georgetown hill. I switched over to the left-hand lane and passed two cars... on my bicycle.
  4. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    Are we all done here?
  5. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    Thanks for the update, Maestro.
  6. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    Bump. Are we done here?
  7. Paul-Romain

    Catalonia declares independence!

    This happened in my country. It did not end well.
  8. Paul-Romain

    Were all you're high school friends jackholes?

    I never had any high school friends - I went to school before everybody started using.
  9. Paul-Romain

    Snaggletooth DTS

    Owe no! Naught Snacky!
  10. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    $35,000.00 wasn’t exactly chump change in 1975.
  11. Paul-Romain

    My newest project

    Ahhhh... that's better. Beautiful boat, Mr. Perry.
  12. Paul-Romain

    Origami Boat Thread

    My favorite version: If you smell dog shit everywhere you go, look at the bottom of your own shoe.
  13. Paul-Romain

    Origami Boat Thread

    That's not Brent Swain, That's Brint Swain. I heard it myself!
  14. Paul-Romain

    Origami Boat Thread

    Those cleats look very porpoiseful.