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  1. From wikipedia: "The U.S Bureau of the Census has the annual real median personal income at $30,240 in 2015[1]" "The Census Bureau estimated real median household income at $55,775 in 2015..."
  2. This has been a puzzlement to me, also. One cannot talk with Mr. Swain, only about him. Weird. We constantly hear from him that he is financially secure, doesn't need to make money and wants to provide information so that people of little means can have a boat and sail, yet provides almost no information here, no lines, no accomodation plans, no sail plan and won't engage in an actual discussion about his designs. Like I said: Weird.
  3. plusse won!
  4. That was tongue-in-cheek. Or maybe self deprecating. Neither you nor anyone else answered my question.
  5. Is calling someone a "sanctimonious git" name calling?
  6. That's so backwards.
  7. That's a handsome boat. I thought of the Caledonia yawl, also. Who is prettier? Well, even as an owner of a set of Caledonia plans I find that lugger more pleasing to my eye. It makes me think of a deckless Bolger Chebacco.
  8. The streets of Nantucket were supposedly paved with ballast stones from ships returning empty from England.
  9. What you suggest will probably work. I have a Santana 20 that I've launched and retrieved with a Subaru Forester with no problem. My trailer has a third wheel and a forty foot cable that keeps the car well away from the water. It's not so much about horsepower as it is about traction. Try it with a larger standby vehicle ready in case of, well, fail.
  10. Neither internet audio nor broadcast FM audio are particularly good: six/half a dozen.
  11. Almost every radio station in the world is on the internet.
  12. Now that's funny! And I'm sure it's true. Also dumpsters are built with a higher level of craftsmanship.
  13. Same here for a few days - I did nothing and it has gone away.
  14. This is some sad shit. These folks are working at being miserable. Sounds like they have made all the bad choices they could think of. I can only feel sympathy and compassion for their situation. I certainly don't have a solution for their plight - I don't think their is a solution.
  15. Bump.