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  1. White Lightnin'

    Songs About Sailing

    One of my favorites WL
  2. White Lightnin'

    Random PicThread

    I am thinking that belongs in LONQR thread WL
  3. Be safe people. Get out early if it gets worse. Mr. Miller, load up the camper and come on over. Lots of room! Feel free to drag the pyro behind your truck along the way! WL
  4. Yep. Amazing how fragile and easily it goes down. We are just one EMP away from the dark ages. I think I am pretty well prepared but the majority of the public are snowflakes that are not going to fair well. A well stocked pantry and enough back up fuel for the generator as well as solar and a 1500 gallon rainwater catchment system. We even have an old VCR/DVD player with a big drawer full of old movies should it be down for to long. I wouldn't want people to not be able to enjoy Mel Brooks! WL
  5. White Lightnin'

    5 Years Past

    Respect. WL
  6. White Lightnin'

    So Long Roseanne, We Won't Miss You

    Thank you for making my point WL
  7. White Lightnin'

    So Long Roseanne, We Won't Miss You

    So, I find myself wondering where the outrage over Peter Fonda's comments are??? This generated 3 pages of blather Fonda's comments were, in my opinion, were far worse. National media gives it a "Meh" Apparently this place does as well WL
  8. White Lightnin'

    Comey "Insubordinate"

    I still don't think it warrants giving them a pass. They are supposed to be better than that. They proclaim to be better than that. The report highlights a quote about why they are better than that. They don't work for politicians, they work for DOJ. They all work for us. We should expect better. We should demand better. This is not a us vs them thing. This should be a "you are not allowed to run an agency this way" thing WL
  9. White Lightnin'

    Just another shooting

    There are evil people who sometimes have to be stopped by a good guy with a gun. http://komonews.com/news/local/police-responding-to-shooting-at-tumwater-walmart WL
  10. White Lightnin'

    Just another shooting

    Do you truly believe that banning guns will somehow magically cures the issues that seem to afflict the youth that commit these acts? That they wouldn't steal moms car and just run a bunch of them down instead. Or take a knife or a hammer of any other tool to vent their frustration with the injustices they feel they have suffered? Are guns dangerous? Absolutely. Should they be banned because some people feel a knee jerk, feel good act will somehow change things. No You might want to try and change human nature first. Take away the part that feels the need to dominate. control and do bad things to others. Otherwise, they will continue to be inhumane to each other. Guns are a tool. They are only as evil as the user. WL
  11. White Lightnin'

    Comey "Insubordinate"

    Lots of mud slinging going on. My sides better. If your side did this. Blah, Blah, Blah The lack of accountability by the AG in making sure that the FBI was proceeding in a professional manner.... The conclusions of the report that reflect the complete lack of institutional accountability that would be expected from any medium sized city LE/Judicial group, let alone the Nations top LE agency. Instead of poking each other with sticks, perhaps we could start to demand accountability of the people that our tax dollars are paying for. I am stunned that so few seems concerned with the inept conduct. The rudderless ship and yes the lack of a moral compass (when the #3 guy is having an affair with a coworker and putting themselves at risk of having their integrity and judgment questioned) We need to start demanding better of the employees of the taxpayer. WL
  12. White Lightnin'

    and soon california is to be fucked...

    If they split it in three, can we send some back to help balance things out. We have too many! WL
  13. White Lightnin'

    Comey "Insubordinate"

    Let me guess..... I forgot to bash Trump.... Or Hillary...... Or blame Obama....... Or Bush..... This place seems to just be a cesspool of mud slinging. How about we have a discussion on the issues instead of attacking the messengers? Maybe even learn how to agree to disagree? Naw, who am I trying to kid. WL
  14. White Lightnin'

    Comey "Insubordinate"

    What? No comments from the peanut gallery? Either side? No one concerned that one of the leading LE agencies in the Country was a rudderless ship lacking a moral compass? WL
  15. White Lightnin'

    Comey "Insubordinate"

    In taking the time to read the majority of it and review the recommendations, I am dumbfounded that a storied institution such as the FBI would have to be told these things. WL