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  1. White Lightnin'

    NFL 2018

    Seattle looked bad. The Bears looked very good and Mack looked like he was worth every penny. Wilson appears to be half the man he used to be. Unsure and making way too many mistakes. I'm not sure if its from trying to trust the new OC Schottenheimer or what. But they better get it sorted quickly. Da Bears are legit WL
  2. White Lightnin'

    I Remember

    https://q13fox.com/2018/09/11/unbelievable-eagle-lands-on-911-flag-display/ WL
  3. White Lightnin'

    I Remember

    I remember. This is the tank of my FF edition Harley. While I was on the job for 25 years, it was in a small department. I never "did" the job that big city FF's do. They will always have my utmost respect. WL
  4. White Lightnin'

    NFL 2018

    Comment wasn't in regard to score. It was in regard to talent and effort. Going into the frozen tundra and doing what they are doing is impressive, given their recent performances WL
  5. White Lightnin'

    NFL 2018

    Da Bears are Legit! WL
  6. White Lightnin'

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    Lots of odd jobs growing up.I thought being an astronaut would be cool. Always drawing rockets and space ships. At 14 I was 6'4" and 200 lbs so I knew that profession was out. I did a few stints as a restaurant worker and was an Asst Manager at a Dennys in Anchorage Alaska. One of the dishwashers had an older brother that was home visiting and happened to be an LA City Paramedic. We were having a few beers and he was telling me about the job. I was telling him how xool I thought it was. He said "Well, if you're really interested, come down to LA and I will put you up for a few weeks and show you where to start. I knocked on his door two weeks later. That was the beginning of 30 years of EMS. I am grateful to have had a career that was amazing, rewarding, and life transforming. WL
  7. White Lightnin'

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    I've had dogs all my life. Never owned a guard dog or "fighting" breed. My personal experience with pits is 50/50. I had one try to make lunch out of me and another that is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. People claim that gun owners are afraid or compensating for something. What does that say about people that feel the need to own pits and other "fighting" breeds? My current dog is now 2 and well trained. Lets me know if someone gets near the place and otherwise spends her time like this.
  8. White Lightnin'

    Burt Reynolds DTS

    I loved Smokey and the bandit. When that trans am rolled down the ramp out of that truck..... Deliverance was and will always be one of my all time favorites RIP Bandit And Vwap. I just gotta move you to ignore after that one. WL
  9. White Lightnin'

    E-PAC Tropical Wx- About To Get Really Busy

    Heaving a big sigh of relief. Convinced the owner that its better to stay in the PNW for the winter, fix a few things that are wrong and take her over next May/June. Let the Pacific roil and boil all it wants now. WL
  10. White Lightnin'

    NFL 2018

    Your Bears snagged a pretty decent talent with Mack. Unfortunately I think my Hawks are headed for a few more seasons of obscurity. I cant say I was sorry to see Sherman and Bennett go. NFC west is definitely in flux. 49ers look good with young Jimmy leasing them. Rams have Donald and Su on the D line to wreak havoc. Cardinals are a bit like the Hawks and searching for identity. I picked up season tickets from a buddy for this year and looking forward to the games. Always a party. The last preseason game was a lot of fun just watching the Raider nation faithful getting hauled kicking and screaming from the stadium. It was a bit like being in a crowded bar! However, surprisingly few news stories this off season on players getting arrested. Hoping for a 11-5 season from my Hawks, but will settle for 9-7 as I think that still gets us into the playoffs. WL
  11. White Lightnin'

    a classic

  12. White Lightnin'

    E-PAC Tropical Wx- About To Get Really Busy

    I thought that i wrote it corrwctly. I could have written it better I suppose. Seattle to SF, SF to Hawaii. Shakedown cruise to SF for the boat before it gets too far from the beach. Oyster Boat is a 50' Beneteau Sense. 1.5 asymmetrical that should be able to average 8-10 kts, which makes it closer to 14-16 day. I'm going to keep an eye on the pattern but it's not looking like a good idea so far. WL
  13. White Lightnin'

    E-PAC Tropical Wx- About To Get Really Busy

    Hmmm Supposed to take a boat to SF from Seattle next week and then re-provision for a sail across to Hawaii. Thinking this plan may not be one I am in favor of...... WL
  14. White Lightnin'

    Damn !

    Retired WL
  15. White Lightnin'

    Damn !

    Retired WL