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  1. With a new coach and a new GM, they are starting from scratch for sure. But that GM is John Lynch. Who for the last 5 years was a color commentator for Fox Sports. During that time he did a sneaky, and somewhat brilliant, thing. On media days he sat with Pete Carroll and picked his brain. Getting in depth knowledge of the Seahawks organization and how it had been built. Pete has mentioned on several occasions that the shared more with John then he had any other media. He thought at the time the guy was just being very thorough. So I see 9ers having some really good tools in place and now they need to create an offense. Their D is pretty solid on the line and needs some downfield help. But keep an eye on them WL
  2. Yep. Pretty cool storyline with him. Niners are going to be a good team this year and a contender next year. The rivalry wont be as much fun without Harbaughs sideline meltdowns and CK turnovers. But it is going to be a battle whenever these two teams meet! WL
  3. We are in a similar position here in Seattle. Daryl Bevell is thought to be an idiot by most of the fans. Yesterday it got so bad that, on our only touchdown, you could see Wilson tapping his helmet like his headset wasn't working and did a bit of play calling on his own to get them down the field. Our Defense is back to form and going to give other teams fits. But I am going to sweat the Offense all season. 5 dropped passes, 2 that would have been touchdowns. An O line that needs to gel quickly or let Russell just play action run with it until they start. I think he put the rest of the league on notice last night that he is back, fast and they will have to account for him. Hawks have a winnable schedule for the next 7 weeks before facing the Falcons (who destroyed the Packers last night) here. Road games against Titans, Rams, Giants and Cardinals. Home games against Colts, Texans, and Redskins. They will need to get the Offense rolling to do it, but its doable. Watching Aaron Rogers get his ass whipped last night was good fun. He's a bit too arrogant for my liking. WL
  4. #1- As mentioned earlier... take it to PA #2- I own more than one gun. When one is not on my person it is under lock and key. Most of the people I shoot with do the same. It seems that many of the incidents occur from people that are not serious about the weapons and do not secure them as they should. Unfortunately common sense is not so common. People leave prescription drugs where their kids can find them, alcohol is readily accessible, car keys left on the table. If you look up the stats for the fatalities involved in these, they are incredibly high. Its a tragic series of events that lead to something like this and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families. WL
  5. Only watched a bit of the Thursday night game. It seemed like 2 teams that were struggling to find their identity. It is going to be an interesting year. I don't think there is a clear favorite for the SB, despite what the media says. Patriots got exposed in their first game, Hawks struggled against the Packers and vice versa. Dallas has a pretty good chance to the way of the predictions (and I hate that) The first 4 weeks are really going to separate the wheat from the chaff and let people know who are the contenders vs the pretenders. WL
  6. PB, the "Big Toe" of sailing anarchy. It has a nice ring to it. WL
  7. Awesome! If more people were willing to stand up like this guy, the world would be a better place! WL
  8. Last time I had my identity stolen they sent it back with 20 bucks and a sympathy card..... WL
  9. I'd be inclined to back that up with a hand held boat horn at close range while he was rubbing dirt in his eyes! WL
  10. If he gets that far North I have a 2nd gun vault that's only half full. Lots of room to store various tools. WL
  11. Its shaping up to be a rough season for the East Coast. I have lived in a lot of places, but I would have trouble staying too long in an area with that kind of weather! Good luck guys and I am praying it just take s a big righty out into the middle of the Atlantic! WL
  12. How about you all just STFU and take a moment and then MOVE THE FUK ON! WL
  13. Man do we miss that skittle lovin' freak! There will never be another Beast Mode. You guys should really get to a game to see him run in person. The sound of the collisions...... shudder WL
  14. Yeah, I am always critical of the officiating but that one was so bad even Aikman, who HATES the Hawks, was like "Man that was really bad" WL
  15. Yep. The Hawks struggled. A lot. But, they have a pretty good shot at going 13-3 this year. Mostly due to the fact that the rest of the NFC West will probably suck. A lot. WL