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  1. Maybe He Should Stay Home for Awhile

    Read this earlier today and thought "If this was me I would just get a nice recliner and big screen" The guy has got to be a bit paranoid at this point. I don't care what he says. That kind of luck has got to mess with your head. WL
  2. Verne Troyer DTS

    Have a little sympathy guys..... WL
  3. Random PicThread

    Great work Hobot. I have to wonder how many caught the "Technoir" in post 17440. WL
  4. LONQR

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is! WL
  5. F@#%ing Mice in car anarchy.

    That is just wrong. Funny, but wrong WL
  6. "National Cleavage Day"

    So, would you find those in Amen corner? WL
  7. F@#%ing Mice in car anarchy.

    We had the same problem and local shop suggested dryer sheets. Used a big metal paper clamp and changed them out every two weeks for a few months. No more mice. Little fukers don't like scented stuff Who knew WL

    I like it. Take a couple of pieces of I beam and weld some angled supports from the top to a plate base. Should keep it from getting too far. WL
  9. "National Cleavage Day"

    Probably the same kind of people that would put duct tape on a bear.... Jus sayin.... WL
  10. is Dawg gone ?

    BBQ Chicken Pizza and a single malt WL
  11. Motorcycle Threads

    If your asking what I paid. I got it for a little under 3K with an extra rack and 3 hard bags. Plus 3 helmets. If your implying they are expensive to maintain, I am taking it for a service and safety check. But I will do my own maintenance. So far my only complaint is it does not have a center stand, just a kickstand. With 1100 (1059) cc's and only 553 lbs of weight, its actually a nimble little cruiser. WL
  12. Motorcycle Threads

    Yep. It rains here 24/7 365. Never move here!! WL
  13. Motorcycle Threads

    Actually this was the owners bike at Moto International in Seattle. He sold it to the guy I bought it from. I am taking it back there next week for a once over. There is also a dealer North of me in Bellingham. I really like the way they set up the California series. Fits a larger rider like me (6'4") fairly well. Been out for a couple of short 1 hour rides so far and think it is going to work just fine. WL
  14. Motorcycle Threads

    This one is 45 min from where you were camping. It is also where I learned to ride as a kid. Great trails with more than a few bomber runs thru the trees. I got my handlebars stuck more than a couple of times. https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/washington_04652/ride_498d.htm A more comprehensive overview https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/washington_list.htm WL
  15. Motorcycle Threads

    Well, after 30 years of no bike. I got permission from SWMBO and bought an older cruiser. I was always a fan of the Moto Guzzi California and found a decent one. Lots to learn and relearn. The delivery ride home was a steep learning curve. Seattle rush hour. Survived and looking forward to some summer runs up into the passes. WL