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  1. White Lightnin'

    AMAZON Prime. Good Luck With That

    Yep. Time to cut the cord on that. I did and no regrets. Late, lost, incompetent customer service. Not worth the money WL
  2. White Lightnin'

    Woolsey Fire Helicopter Rescue LA Fire Helmet Cam

    That eggbeater jockey has some serious cajones! WL
  3. White Lightnin'

    Craiglist Car Buying Rant

    I don't live in a city. But went into Seattle to buy a large canvas hunting tent off CL. Arrived and got a text stating they were actually at a gas station nearby. Went there and the tent was in a storage unit, in a sketchy party of town. Walked over to the guys car at the gas station and he pointed out the storage unit across the street. Then made the comment " you are one really big dude" and drove off.... Never got my tent. Knuckleheaded stupid MF'er. WL
  4. White Lightnin'

    Craiglist Car Buying Rant

    I have had great luck buying selling vehicles over the years on CL. The stupid and scammers are like reading the comics in the newspaper. My favorites are the posts with no pics! Yet very detailed description. WL
  5. White Lightnin'

    NFL 2018

    Thank you Chicago! Though the Vikes got that hurry up going and seemed to slow the defense a bit. WL
  6. White Lightnin'

    NFL 2018

    That was one of the more creative ways to get to 14 points that I have ever seen! WL
  7. White Lightnin'

    NFL 2018

    That hurt to watch. They seemed pretty lost. On a good note, the Lions was keep the Panthers. Now I need Da'Bears to flatten the vikes and it will be a good day! WL
  8. White Lightnin'

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    It surprises me that the national media is giving this just average attention. After a hurricane the photos are everywhere of the destruction. Everybody pointing fingers and assigning blame. The east coast snow storm is getting more coverage.This seems to be outside the norm enough that no one is quite sure what to do. The regional mobilization for body recovery is a very, very bad sign. Tragic WL
  9. White Lightnin'

    West Coast Sleds?

    Yep. Great boat. Sad end. Lots of stories about that boat. She had just gotten the new rig in about four years ago, two days before RTC. It blew 40+ and I remember sitting in the middle as the back of the boat talked about putting up the chute. Fortunately calmer heads prevailed. With just main and #3 we were in the mid teens. Those that tried to fly chutes were pulling down tapes. Or picking up crew. WL
  10. White Lightnin'

    West Coast Sleds?

    Cassie got totaled by the insurance company and sold to a youngish lad with high aspirations. Story to be continued, but she is not going to splash anytime soon. WL
  11. White Lightnin'

    NFL 2018

    That was a fun game. But the fumble on the first play from scrimmage for the Hawks let the air out of the stadium faster than Tom Brady with a football..... WL
  12. White Lightnin'

    NFL 2018

    Seahawks sent the Packers packing last night. Bears fans keep quietly wondering what's going on and Monday night football looks to be an interesting game for once. WL
  13. White Lightnin'

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Why is it that when they do, usually as a militia or other group, people freak out?? Anytime a group of gun owners (nutters) get together and do anything it seems to attract all sorts of attention. Do you really wants these groups organizing and training on their own? Do you think the government should organize and conduct these trainings? They seem to struggle with organizing most anything else? Also, since it is a constitutionally protected right, should the other rights require training? Freedom of the press apparently requires very little. Freedom of speech? seems to incite many instances of hatred and bigotry. Freedom of religion? seems to cause all sorts of harm. Where do you stop and where do you begin? I am now finished with my annual visit to PA. I may or may not return to read some of this thread (mostly not). Back to the real world. WL WL
  14. White Lightnin'

    well I'm glad I'll live only 20 -30 years longer if that

    Ah, the joys of optimism! Kind of like the glass is half full, not half empty. Of course, those who look at the particular example are missing the deeper meaning...…... The glass is refillable!! WL
  15. White Lightnin'

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    As I recall Pepperdine did this back in the early 90's. Hired a bunch of reserve units and off duty guys and stopped it at the property line. Good on 'em for taking the initiative and not throwing their hands in the air and running in circles WL