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  1. ss123

    Craigslist Finds Didn't know Beneteau had made a dinghy other than their new one...
  2. ss123

    Melges 24 Single Handed

    Your'e on the West Coast - Moore 24. Don't bastardize a Melges.
  3. Such a sad ending to a beautiful boat. I'd be surprised if it sails again.
  4. A couple of dehumidifiers running full bore through May, a 20hp outboard bolted to the stern, and a sextant. Ready for Europe.
  5. ss123

    Calling all JY15 owners

    A JY15 certainly won’t “whomp” a 420. Is your only modification a block screwed to the top of the mast for a spin halyard? I wouldn’t call that turbo’d...
  6. The owner of Cooper Capital Slavage has a home on the cove, probably watched it go down from his kitchen.
  7. The guy who took the video said the fire department and owner were on site before it went down. The owner had a chance to save it as it was slowly sinking, but apparently had more pressing matters than keeping his $500k boat afloat.
  8. Nautica is out of business. Pretty sure the typical "jacket" is just some Sunbrella type UV resistant fabric, I'm sure any marine canvas shop can put together a set fairly easily.
  9. ss123

    What is the boat on the left?

    Middle is a Tartan Pride 270, knew it looked familiar. Is there a contact # for this guy if he's considering selling?
  10. ss123

    What is the boat on the left?

    Hobie 33. Evelyn 26 on the right, not sure on the middle one.
  11. ss123

    Wanda down

    Was listed on craigslist about a month ago. $4k with no sails, boom, or rudder.
  12. ss123

    Sailors Powerboat Not a Brewers flag, but Jack Brewer is a co-founder of Safe Harbor.
  13. ss123

    Sailors Powerboat

    If you were to consider selling this cat, what price range would you be at? Such a cool boat.