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  1. Nautica is out of business. Pretty sure the typical "jacket" is just some Sunbrella type UV resistant fabric, I'm sure any marine canvas shop can put together a set fairly easily.
  2. ss123

    What is the boat on the left?

    Middle is a Tartan Pride 270, knew it looked familiar. Is there a contact # for this guy if he's considering selling?
  3. ss123

    What is the boat on the left?

    Hobie 33. Evelyn 26 on the right, not sure on the middle one.
  4. ss123

    Wanda down

    Was listed on craigslist about a month ago. $4k with no sails, boom, or rudder.
  5. ss123

    Sailors Powerboat Not a Brewers flag, but Jack Brewer is a co-founder of Safe Harbor.
  6. ss123

    Sailors Powerboat

  7. ss123

    Sailors Powerboat

    If you were to consider selling this cat, what price range would you be at? Such a cool boat.
  8. ss123

    Sailors Powerboat

    Protector rib
  9. ss123

    Craigslist Finds Would be cool to see these go to the same area and compete.
  10. ss123

    Tragic youth sailing accident

    In my experience, the US Sailing certification courses to teach sailing are a complete joke, at least the level 1 course program was. 1/2 of the class was clearly incompetent at driving a motor boat and the instructor just seemed to shrug it off. Prop guards should be a mandatory item on any boat that might be used in a junior sailing program, you'd think it'd be a no brainer.
  11. ss123

    Yanmar 1GM

    I replaced my 1gm's elbow last month with the stainless one found here, nice guy and ships fast (got it in 2 days): I had the same issue with black water coming out of the exhaust, replacing the elbow fixed it. The inner tube within the elbow corrodes which can send the raw water in through the exhaust port depending on how bad it is.
  12. ss123

    Flag ID Anarchy

    The blue one is the mystic seaport member burgee
  13. I've seen forecasts saying anything from 5-10knts to 35 sustained gusting to 50. Seems like everyone has a different idea on how far west that low is going to drift.
  15. ss123

    Quality 25', sub-$5000 Cruiser in MA? Seems hard to beat with the 8hp yamaha 4 stroke