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  1. CloudDiver

    Dye for Dyneema Chafe Sleeve???

    Thanks guys, good start... I will look into these.
  2. CloudDiver

    Dye for Dyneema Chafe Sleeve???

    I have some of the white New England Ropes Dyneema Chafe sleeve that I want to use to cover some 5mm STS HSR stays. I'd like to dye the sleeve if I just knew what of dye to use. I know that Dyneema is hydrophobic so standard water based dye is a no go. Google searches have come up with nothing conclusive. At a local Rig shop where I bought some of my materials, the Rigger (kind of boasting) says NE Ropes will dye Dyneema in whatever color they want, they will also put the heat annealed STS HSR core into the WR2 Rope (which already has a grey sleeve) if they special order it... Anyway, he did say that they mostly dye their own chafe sleeves black and they use a special dye that comes from the Logging Industry (his tone made it sound like its a pretty funky chemical based dye). That's the only clue he would give me, he wasn't just to let that little secret slip... Anyone have any ideas or know of anything that works? I'm notifying to make anything pretty, I'd just like a dye that sticks (won't bleed) in grey to dark grey or black... Primary reason is, if I leave it white I know it'll get instantly dirty. I just don't like white on any line...
  3. CloudDiver

    Dynex Dux vs. New England STS

    @ SySunday The toggles you use with the eye welded on, where do you find these? I have not been able to locate them because I have no idea what the common name or trade name is. When I go looking all I find is the swage style for wire terminations.