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  1. Just as predicted. 1/8 = 12.5% I actually beat the odds coming home from the Perry Rendezvous. I used Dacron/Nylon propulsion for 10 of my 30 mile trip. (Lets not talk about how the sailing caused the trip to take TWICE as long). Steve
  2. Vernon, do you plan on using stainless steel for the new chain plate, or will you switch to something like bronze, titanium, or composite? Steve
  3. The best of both worlds. I'm up here in Max prop country, so that's what I'm aiming for. Steve
  4. I was complaining to an experienced PNW sailor, about the penalty (to sailing performance my) my oversized, fixed, three blade propeller causes. He agreed that the prop will be a penalty. 12% of the time.
  5. That red paint is very intimidating. Certainly, no one with illicit intent would dare approach. Steve
  6. Two years ago, I did Neah Bay-Ucluelet with a phone check-in at the customs dock. No prior arrangement. The phone was severely corroded and I was told that it only works part of the time. Naturally, it did not work for me so a borrowed a cell phone from a local commercial fisherman who was tied to the same dock. Steve Ucluelet customs dock (not my picture)
  7. I saw that thing too, a couple weeks ago. Could not tell if it was a finished product, or a temporary cover for an exquisite teak fly-bridge project. Steve
  8. Nice design, Yigael. I took the liberty of modifying mine with some generous sheer spring and a bit less bow overhang. Steve
  9. Kim, I feel the same about having you as a friend. See you Friday. Steve
  10. Thanks guys, but the problem is not Brent's lack of craftsmanship compared to mine. The problem is that he perpetuates a culture of the metal boat world that labels all other boat materials as unfit. I know this culture well as I grew up immersed it. It has been no easy feat to re-train myself (as an adult) about the realites of fiberglass boats (they don't shatter when bumped). I cringe at the thought that someone rows by my boat and assumes that I am one of those metal boat zealots. Steve
  11. What Brent did for me, is to make me feel a bit ashamed of being a DIY, metal boat enthusiast. (by association). Of course this complaint pales in comparison to some of the rotten things that he as said about Bob and others. Good riddance. Steve
  12. The world class mountain scenery of Banff Alberta, 2015.
  13. I think it would be well worth the trouble of cutting/ welding/ grinding the extra 40 feet of hull seam to be able to have a continuous chine and therefore a lump free hull. The hull could still be "pulled" together without the use frames or formers if desired. Steve
  14. Sculp, My prediction is that we will see great clouds of turbidity as I drag those around the harbor. Might get lucky and snag an old crab pot or even better, another anchor! Beer would help my motivation. Steve
  15. Large ball of weed encasing anchor (Spade) on retrieval. Anchor set and held normally (two days prior). After clearing the weed away, a normal amount of sub-strait (sandy mud) was found on the fluke indicating that the anchor had indeed penetrated the weed. Steve