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  1. Panope

    Anchor Geekdom

    Anchor GEEKDOM!!
  2. Thanks Wess. --------------------- Thinking more about the occasional downvotes that I receive, some are likely from people who have legitimate criticism of my test protocols and/or analysis. Certainly, they are not perfect. Steve
  3. Panope

    Anchor Geekdom

  4. ......with undersized ground tackle.
  5. Thanks, JJ Assuming I have not shown their favorite anchor in a spectacular failure, then It could be something as basic as my demeanor or even the sound of my voice that just rubs them the wrong way. Can't please them all. Steve
  6. 95 down vs. 16,000 up. That's great. Only 6/10 of a percent thumbs down. My stuff averages about 2 percent thumbs down. I seem to get 'em even when not slagging any anchors. Steve
  7. Panope

    Anchor Geekdom

  8. Panope

    Anchor Geekdom

  9. Panope

    Anchor Geekdom

  10. Panope

    Winter is icumin in

    On the other hand.... The dead of winter provides optically clear water and less weed. Prime anchor testing conditions. Woohoo
  11. Panope

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    Still, quite remarkable for ANYTHING to get that economy at 400 knots. Thin air - good. 12 type ratings is impressive. Closest I came to that world was a couple trips across the U.S. in the right seat of an ASTRA SPX (G100). The requisite 3 bounces from the left seat were great fun. Seemed like a very nice ship. I reckon my distaste for hotel rooms was the primary reason for not pursuing it further. Steve
  12. Panope

    Rig modification: longer+higher boom and more sail area?

    No data base for me, either. I just gave PYI my "numbers" and the pitch was perfect out of the box.