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  1. Hard vs soft dinghy

    4 hp should be enough to plane one person, maybe two. I use a 6 hp on a 3.1m inflatable floor. It will plane three 150 lb adults - barely. Two adults - no problem. Steve
  2. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Ultimate solution for boat projects/storage: Project started 3 months ago. Earth moving and concrete work was subbed out. I'm doing everything else, myself. Boat shed portion needs only siding to complete. I'll start framing the dwelling portion sometime after the New Year. Guess who's inside. Steve
  3. Dylan, Thank you for sharing your experience with adsense. Looks like I'll keep my day job. Steve
  4. Well whaddayaknow, YouTube/Google started coughing up some $$$$. I "monetized" my YouTube account about 6 months ago. Earnings have been between $20 (summer) and $15 (winter) per month. Looks like I earn about $1.80 per thousand views. I quit making new videos some time ago, so these views come from a steady stream of people viewing my old material (mostly the anchor tests). I was under the impression that "monetizing" the account would cause YouTube/Google to give my channel a higher search ranking (google would make more money). However, I see no increase in activity after monetizing. Now, I just have to figure out how to live on 20 bucks a month. Steve
  5. Hard vs soft dinghy

    With the electrode pointed up, I used to fill the spark plug's "cup" with gasoline. Then set it on fire. That not only heated the plug, but also burnt away the oil. Steve
  6. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Thanks for the info, Max. I did not know anything (still don't) about the Keys. I only stopped at Key West. Steve
  7. Hard vs soft dinghy

    It was a hoot. Key west: The best flying was out west where the people are few and the rocky bits give you something fuck around with.
  8. Hard vs soft dinghy

    That would have been a quite the adventure in my little home-built, but since I left Port Townsend in the dead of winter, sanity prevailed and I took my old Piper Apache. That plane had marvelous luxuries like the ability to fly high, fast, in the clouds, and with a heated cabin. Apache, (the tan, twin engine ship) Winter Haven FL, 2005 Ish, my dog (Pitot pee-toe) was clever but not that clever. He did all the in-flight sleeping in the makeshift bed that I constructed just for this trip. Florida Keys The bed saved me a bundle on hotel bills and allowed late evening landings/sleep followed by early morning getaways. I did have a chilly night on the way home. A brisk December morning in Midland Texas:
  9. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Years ago, I took a long solo flight with my dog. Ended up in Winter Haven Florida taking seaplane lessons at the famous "Jack Brown Seaplane Base". Between lessons, I was throwing a stick as far as possible for my Jack Russell to swim out and fetch. After a couple tosses, my instructor mentioned that the dog might be in danger. I confidently explained the he was an expert swimmer. Instructor says his swimming might not be so great if he is stuck in an alligator's mouth! Steve (dumb tourist)
  10. JetSki Vents

    Mae West.
  11. We seem to actually be cruising??

    Jake, Your rig looks like it is ready for ANYTHING. Besides the furling headsail, do you have a big light-air sail (fisherman, gollywobler, or?). If so did it get used at all during your ocean passages? Thanks, Steve
  12. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I'm not that desperate.
  13. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I guess they replaced the word "lizard" with "twing". I liked lizard better. Steve
  14. The problem with gasoline in this case, is that the boat that Dylan is looking at most likely has a drip deisel furnace. If it does not, it should because nothing is better when holed up in some rainy cove for days on end. Does a gasoline furnace exist that does not require electricity to operate? Steve
  15. Dylan, I know you have had your eye on a Fisher 25 for some time. I think it is a perfect choice for your mission. Sell your dog. Sell your body on the street. Sell a video of you selling your body on the street. Do anything to get a proper diesel. Steve