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  1. What is this masty little beamer?

    Yep, I know the guy. He was my aviation medical examiner for many years. He did not do any actual doctoring on me (or anyone else, afaik) as his gig is just the pilot medical thing. He's quite the character as he often conducted the examinations with a parrot on his shoulder, while telling lengthy accounts of his adventures. Come to think of it, he never showed any interest in mine. Steve
  2. My newest project

    That 70/30% ballast install sounds like a good idea. There was an aluminum Witch that was launched with little (or zero) ballast and she rolled right over in the slings. Owner made a frantic dash to the lead store and got things sorted out fine (Story told as I remember hearing it, 40 years ago). Steve
  3. My newest project

    Wow, gorgeous boat Bob. I really like the split cabin trunk. It works perfectly above and below decks (thanks, Rasp for that 3-D viewer). I think that being able to stand at the mast at DECK LEVEL is hugely important when the going gets rough. Steve
  4. My newest project

    I forget about 'crew weight'. Guess if I had a time machine I'd go back to last winter and carve another hundred pounds out of the aft keel. Then again, that job fucking sucked. I'll stick with a bucket of beach stones.
  5. My newest project

    My boat has always been overweight and aft heavy (my dad used more ballast than designed for and built the interior HEAVY). Even after this past winter of my ballast re-working, the boat is still about 1000 pounds overweight (mostly because of the pilothouse that I added). Similar to carbon cutter #1, I still have a focs'l to load up with a cabinet (not yet built) and supplies. The boat now trims well when light on fuel (most common condition). However, when I tankered up for a longer trip, I quickly tired of rowing away from (gazing at) the bow high condition. The solution was to row back to the boat with a load of beach stones that I placed neatly in the forward bilge. The stones have all been jettisoned now that the fuel load is back to normal. The point is (for me anyway) that it is not realistic to have the ballast in the "perfect" position. The future use of the boat, stores, equipment additions, and modifications, are all completely unknown/variable. I am certain that I will be forever shifting ballast and other heavy items. Steve
  6. My newest project

    Gee Rasp, where was that stuff when I was digging lead out of my bilge, last winter?
  7. Cruising with 2 families: space for 9?

    High latitude. Steel. - Check. Safe. Basically a small ship. - Check. Accommodation for 12 in 7 cabins. - Check. Industrial Engine. - Check. Spit rig = small loads. - Check. Relatively inexpensive. Sell for half price when done and never look back. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1991/Colvin-Ocean-Cruising-Schooner-3046558/Grenadine-Islands/Grenada#.Wa3YXsiGPD4
  8. Question for you seasoned vets

    Updated graffic:
  9. Schooner W. N. Ragland dismasted?

    Daryl Hannah aboard Ragland. Santa Barbara, 2015. Appears to have a rig. Picture from this article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2946492/Daryl-Hannah-54-69-year-old-beau-Neil-Young-hit-harbour-Santa-Barbara-paddle-boards.html Steve
  10. Origami Boat Thread

    Grueling, yes. But also lots of fun. I'm already looking forward to the next refit onslaught (saloon cosmetic wood replacement). Might have to wait a year as I am just this week beginning a construction project that will result in a rental cottage and a boat shed (for Panope). Site is about a mile from the travel lift on quite streets. Having the boat inside during the winter will open up all kinds of project possibilities. Saloon butterfly hatch? Pilot house roof view ports? Shiny paint? Steve
  11. Origami Boat Thread

    Thanks, Wess. Yep, Dad is still kicking. In fact, he was out sailing with me the other day. He's pushing 80 and can still make his way to the foredeck with the rail buried. Steve
  12. Origami Boat Thread

    I can vouch for that. You may need to take a knee to reach the mid area of the keel unless on blocks, however. I accomplished a thorough bottom cleaning during last weekend's stay at this beach, and made an important discovery in the process: The missus REALLY liked being able to board directly from shore rather than use a dinghy. Between the four of us, we must of climbed up and down that ladder/leg 50 times over the course of a tide. Steve
  13. Anchor Geekdom

    Thanks, Crunch. Yep, Ground Tackle is your N. American source for the Excel. I don't mean to steer you away from getting an Excel, but I am not sure it will solove your stowage problem as the Excel shank is as tall (probably taller) than the spade. Perhaps I am not understanding the problem. Can you post a picture? Steve
  14. Craigslist - Not mocking

    The owner/seller (Lloyd) is the former owner of the schooner Suva and therefore well versed in wooden craft. Not a close friend, but I did sell him a piece of property a year or two ago. He is a good guy. Steve