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  1. exofficio

    J 105 Halyard

    For what it's worth, a short length of bicycle chain makes a great weight for your messenger line when feeding a new halyard. It's flexible - easily sliding over the sheave - and it's also magnetic - easy to pull out the exit hole with a magnet. The last two times I've had to use this, the bike shops have gladly just given it away ( a used chain has little value elsewhere apparently).
  2. exofficio

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    There is nothing that I can see in Rule 32 that does not allow an RC to shorten the course so that boats finish on the leg they are currently sailing. However, Rule 32 does say that the RC can not shorten the course after the first boat has crossed the (new) finishing line, which appears to have been the case here.
  3. exofficio

    Overheating yanmar 2gm

    I had a similar problem with a 1GM years ago. After replacing impeller, thermostat, etc., and not curing the issue, it occurred to me to look for the simple explanation. Took the intake hose off the raw water intake seacock and opened it - no water flow. Check that raw water intake for an obstruction.
  4. exofficio

    Another Awlgrip touch-up question

    For what it's worth, this Alerion is most likely from TPI/Pearson Composites, and when we ordered our 2000 J/105 from them, they were very strongly recommending only paint for colored hulls rather than colored gel coat.
  5. exofficio

    Front Page Mac 26 3ksb

    Correct. The front one is a Venture 22 or maybe a Venture 25 (made by MacGregor). My first boat - frustrating as hell with that swing keel whose winch wire would 'sing' at speed and that pop-top that managed to leak on you wherever you were down below - but a fun intro to sailing that just sharpened your sense of what you wanted, needed, and absolutely didn't want, in your next boat
  6. exofficio

    Rules Question for Start

    No - see the definition of 'start' in the RRS: "A boat starts when, having been entirely on the pre-start side of the starting line at or after her starting signal,...". Edited to say this assumes you're referring to the actual starting signal.
  7. exofficio

    Another rules question

    So, although no one has said it specifically, it should be clear that you did have an obligation to retire since there was damage.
  8. exofficio

    Race Committee screw ups

    Oh my - where to begin... - for a day race planned to last 3-4 hrs back in the time of only using government marks, picking a course with no upwind leg and then wondering why everyone was finishing so fast. - inadvertently mixing up the order of division starts. - accepting a last minute on-the-water entry just before race time, looking only at the rating, and then sticking them into a one-design division.