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  1. Hey, You can even change the keel, mast and rudder to a 10 year more modern version and get no rating change if you sail in certin areas of the east coast. FS
  2. Flat Stanley

    Miami to Havana Sleigh Ride Thread

    It's not how you start, but how you finish.
  3. Flat Stanley

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Why is it, that YRALIS PHRF committee is the only region in the country that can not update there monthly meeting minutes? What goes? Sept 2016 is the last minutes posted. Have they not had a meeting since?
  4. Flat Stanley

    Evelyn 32-2 Rudder upgrade

    You might as well go for the upgrade, since the PHRF comm let's the Ev-32's slide on all the other modifications
  5. Flat Stanley

    Race the Case

    From the looks of the racing from my view point, it looks like you were shooting fish in a barrel. Trophy hunting, eh?
  6. Flat Stanley

    J/35 - How to run aground and what to do about it.

    If my memory serves me correct, the owner was class president at the time.
  7. Buy a Swan 44, suck so bad, that you produce more bad sailors on Western LIS
  8. Flat Stanley

    Manhasset Fall Series

    It took Dreadkocks and the dickheads on Hustler not to show up for the Smokin J to finally win MBFS on their 4th try.
  9. Flat Stanley

    STC Block Island Race...who's In

    whoopie!!!!! ps...winds are looking more bueno than less ;-) What forecast have you been looking at? I'm seeing the ride out not being terrible but things starting to get miserable mid-day Satiurday...like usual plan on being back by mid day Saturday..... I'm seeing 10-12+ for Fri-Saturday evening. You must be listening to Jim Cantore Which eye are you using?
  10. Flat Stanley

    Manhasset Fall Series

    I was hanging around MBYC this past weekend, and over heard the powers that be speaking about this situation. I can not believe this Loser on SJ is going through with this. It's not like the racing was even close, except for 1 race. It looks like a calendar was needed in the last race based on the 2 boats finishing times. I understand this protest came about, according to the protest form filed because of some public forum comments from 1 of H's crew. The owner of SJ was forced by his wife to file after an internet argument. The owner of SJ needs to grow a set of balls and tell his wife to STFU. I have to agree with PJ and Squall, if they want to beat H they need to sail better and stop crying.
  11. Flat Stanley

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Maybe MBYC race committee will accept a protest from Dreadlocks tomorrow