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    Bestevaer 45/49/53 - True Offshore ?

    Sails look like shit.

    Companionway Granny Bar Leak

    You could oversize drill the screw hole through the rail, all the way to the deck's inner skin, & then epoxy bond the fastener in place. Though you'll still probably have water in your deck core. And if one screw is leaking that much... Also, any fastener that's screwed into mush can't exactly have much holding power, which raises the question, how long until the rail pulls loose?

    "National Cleavage Day"

    So when & where is the Cleavage Day Regatta?


    Thanks for the tip guys!

    Durakore vs Cedar

    Here's a link to some of the panel testing done by WEST System http://epoxyworks.com/index.php/how-tough-are-they/ And you can make your own sample panels & test them, or farm out the testing. If you want stiffness above all else, go with the thickest cores & carbon skins. Keeping in mind that some cores, & some reinforcements don't fare well when wet. And that with carbon expecially, you need to have a semi-sacrifical layer on top of it, to protect it from getting chewed up (or off) by the sanding that goes on during fairing. So figure that into your weight calc's. There's also a good article on small catamaran building with core cell, & carbon on the WEST System site. It was a father & son building a racing cat with B&C foam. The B&C construction saved them mucho time, & all but eliminated fairing.

    What jib halyard should I get

    Why the hate for Warpspeed? It's kind of the benchmark, non? Anyway, some of the Technoras may work. They're nice & stretchless. More or less. T-900, which is Spectra & Technora cored, Dacron jacket. One of Brion Toss's old fav's, not that it matters. But the aramid stops the creep in the Dyneema. Ultra Tech. Tech-12 Technora core, again, Dacron jacket. Validator SKB. Vectran & Dyneema core. So no creep, & long life. Dacron jacket. Made by Samson. Final option might be an SK-90 or 90-something+ with cover. Though it'll cost. Whatever you choose, throw Reeving Splices into the ends of each halyard (& reefing line). They make it so that swapping out a halyard, or pulling it for inspection is a 3min. job, literally. And on some boats the halyards get pulled after every day of racing, which you could always do if you're worried about UV eating any of yours. Instructions for a Reeving Splice -> http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/document.do?docId=926&title=Splicing+Guide+-+Reeving+Eye+Splice They take all of 5min. each to do.

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?

    So many of the mentioned polymers have crap for compressive strength. Do your research. As what'll happen when that winch gets used for a dock line? And if you go with some variety of composite (my vote), paint it.