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  1. Geff

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Right on!
  2. Geff

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    See how we try and entertain ourselves now that all the RTW sailing is over for the year? No more JV attempts, Vendee almost all finished... How about some iceboating for us here in the frozen Nort, now that Winter has finally decided to show up.
  3. Geff

    SCOTY- Rolex Award?

    Right on! Couldn't agree with you more.
  4. Geff

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Massive CONGRATULATIONS to Koji! Overcoming the mainsail issues in the beginning and nursing it along all the rest of the way. He's been great to follow and respect ever since his very first Around Alone/Velux 5 Oceans.
  5. Geff

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Just for giggles...
  6. Geff

    Front Page - Best Recycling Ever

    That RULZ!
  7. Geff

    Must Be Nice - FP

    Looks as if Grant Dalton has a great one going, but can it hold it's own with this one?
  8. Geff

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Right on! @stief... More like this!
  9. Geff

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    I found it easier to learn on a frozen lake and field with a beat up snowboard, than initially on the soft water. The smaller kite, etc. made the transition better for me. And yeah, those moon lit cold nights are memorable.
  10. Geff

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I couldn't agree more with you on this about how amazing a race Jeremie' and Charal had after the issues and having turned back! What a way to make excellent happen!