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  1. Geff

    Anchors Away?

    It's required.
  2. Geff

    2020 MAURIPRO Virtual Boat Show

    Again, Juan. This was an awesome effort! Thank you for putting this together!
  3. Geff

    2020 MAURIPRO Virtual Boat Show

    Thank you for all this, Juan! Those are some GREAT presentations!
  4. Geff

    79 C&C 38 Questions

    A classic! Did my first few Macs on one. Great times, smiling faces!
  5. Geff

    Caption Contest

    If it swells, ride it!
  6. Geff

    so what is it

  7. Geff

    Under control

    Dressed up nicely!
  8. Geff

    Three Year Plan

    Muskegon YC has great racing for all boats on Wednesday nights and evenings. Torresen Marine has plenty of boats in the range you are looking for in their brokerage. Everything is all within a block or two walking, etc. GREAT area! My home away from home (Whitehall). And Wetas are AWESOME!
  9. Geff

    Older well known IOR Boats

    I remember the J41.
  10. Geff

    Older well known IOR Boats

    One of the BEST threads EVER on this forum!
  11. Geff

    Nautor/Swan 47 Sheave replacement

    That sheave looks like it would crumble and turn to dust.
  12. Geff

    Batten Questions

    RBS Battens are really excellent in assisting with all this. Give them a call.
  13. Harmony 22. Or if you really don't mind real camping, a Weta. Put everything in dry bags, tent, cook stoves, etc. and be part of the best Sail Packing experience.
  14. Geff

    Harken INC has new owners

    Right on! He's still going strong at 96!