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  1. Geff

    1955 Norse Saga

    Looks like the one used in the all time BEST war movie EVER "Kelly's Heroes."
  2. Geff

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Yes. That was mine!
  3. Geff

    Super Macgregor- 40' About 5 Tons

    I never knew they made them that big.
  4. Geff

    A sighting on Lake St.Clair

    He's been doing that for years.
  5. This came from the FB page Classic Crowther Designed Multihulls. Posted by "DC." The thanks and reference goes to him.
  6. Geff


    I wish we could bring it here to the Great Lakes! Have spoken with potential people, but none want to take it for their own personal reasons. Oh well... Whomever gets this one will have a rocketship!
  7. Geff

    Lost in the Fog

    That's stupid! There is no dumb a$$ vaccine.
  8. Geff

    The world needs more 69, snowflake time

  9. Geff

    Lake Champlain Yacht Club Spring Workday

    Awesome place! Gotta love it there!
  10. Geff

    andrews 70 'alchemy'

    She would come and play here in the early 2000s.
  11. Geff

    Disposal of out dated flares & shells

    Mine does. They seem to enjoy the nod to their safety protocols. We also had agreements with the CG during Safety at Sea seminars to light our expired ones off as practice to see what it is actually like with no worries.
  12. Geff

    Race flag ownership

    Thanks for the idea. Maybe I'll do that since all the flags are doing is sitting in a garment bag in the garage on a shelf under a bunch of stuff. Trophies/plaques are just collecting dust on a shelf here in the house. Any trophies/plaques we won from the bigger races, I would buy duplicates for each crew member on board to give them.
  13. Geff

    Race flag ownership

    I was interested to see what others had to say about brag flags that were accumulated during their ownership of their boat and what they do with them now, and am sorry to see how this has devolved into whatever one wants to call this thread.
  14. Geff

    Race flag ownership

    Keep them! You spent a lot of money on those flags.