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  1. Six Pics of 1980's Detroit Boats/People

    I remember Snafu, and I am pretty sure that the Cox family out of here in A2 were involved with it as well as your late Uncle. Boat was raced really really well back in those days! GREAT pics from back in the day!
  2. Surveyor - South Haven Michigan

    Give Torresen a shout.
  3. Outstanding job! Have a most excellent adventure and journey! All the best! And way to bring the old girl back to life. Be safe...
  4. It is most certainly up there, if it isn't.
  5. The old man and the sea

    Already posted in GA.
  6. Yeah. 28:30:? in 2001.
  7. This 71-Year-Old Kayaker Just Paddled the Atlantic. Naked. https://www.outsideonline.com/2252016/old-man-and-sea-and-sea-and-sea
  8. GREAT job and awesome sailing for the course record that is not during the race! Now it is Arete's turn!
  9. West Michigan Thread

    Brian T. They did break the record.
  10. Best Owner/Skipper

    +1! for Dick and Vagary!
  11. Was head to head with Rumors the first full year I had "Nice Pair" as we chased each other all over the Lakes. Big time fun!
  12. Interesting attention grab! What was the question again?