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  1. how long would it take

    Maybe an overnight. It's not that far. But keep in mind this is coming from a multihuller.
  2. Yacht club/sailing club member cards

    Right on, C20! He still is that much of a character. In fact, J will be 94 this weekend. They broke the mold when they made that one.
  3. Yacht club/sailing club member cards

    I got one of those too! Still have it and use it when and if needed.
  4. 10 foot skiff MYRA, Sydney 1909

    That's really sweet!
  5. Black Celebration

    Right on! The one thing I am learning as I delve into this more, working with those on the advocacy side of the Outdoor Industry, is that just because we love (insert outdoor sport here), we can't assume that everyone in our diverse country will want to like it. As you said though, and is most important, "Sailing (or whatever outdoor sport) is not for everyone: no sport or activity is. But we should all work to ensure that it is accessible to all people - regardless of race, religion, physical or mental disabilities, gender, age, or economic background - and that everyone is aware of the opportunities. Besides just being the right thing to do, it's in our self-interest."
  6. Black Celebration

    Good shows and spotlight on what this is all about. I can show these to my students and they can see there are students who look like them being active participants in the outdoors and sailing. Thanks for the post!
  7. Black Celebration

    Clean! Great job on your reporting and giving air time to the need for diversity in our sport and way of life. I watched and listened with interest your post and interview on the FP called Black Celebration. Good for you! It is way way long overdue and nice to see that there is some minuscule semblance of activity out there for African Americans and other non white ethnic groups who would like to sail and/or learn how to sail, being a part of the sailing community. The Outdoor Industry was just shown its economic numbers by the Gov't. 2% of America's GDP to be exact! Here is the article. https://www.outsideonline.com/2281581/government-puts-outdoor-industry-size-673-billion?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WYM-Saturday-02172018&utm_content=WYM-Saturday-02172018+CID_b5b99f45760c417ccd385a7cba18e60c&utm_source=campaignmonitor%20outsidemagazine&utm_term=officially%20a%20big%20deal Given that, the only way I see for the Outdoor Industry, which in my mind Sailing is a big part of, to survive and not die on the vine within the next 20-25 years, is to begin to start accepting and including and making it more possible for a more diverse population that the US has become. Within the next 20 years, if not sooner, most of us will be a minority racial group in this Country. Those figures and more are in these two articles I have included below. The first is an excellent op-ed, and the second is a look at several of those individuals who are beginning to break that glass ceiling, or just buck the trend altogether. Enjoy the read! And again, very nicely done, Mr. Clean! From Outdoor Magazine online: Last week we published an op-ed that argued the outdoor industry is dragging its feet when it comes to inclusion. But not everyone feels that way, and here are six emerging industry leaders—of varying backgrounds—sharing their opinions on the matter.
  8. Enjoy this 15 minutes of Japanese Snowsurfing bliss! https://snowboardmag.com/videos/moss-legacy-japanese-snowsurfing
  9. 2018 DN North Americans -