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  1. Very different application, but FWIW, my old P30 used Delrin.
  2. Adam Loory has been promoting a very similar concept on the east coast for a while, but a bit more short handed. A couple links to Scuttlebutt articles below. One is fairly recent.
  3. Shenanigan77

    Inflatable vest test

    I manually inflate all my jackets every spring and leave them inflated overnight. I never had one fail to hold air. With the exception of the one I wear racing, they are not heavily used. I did have one auto inflate jacket where I found the CO2 cartridge punctured and empty. My assumption is the activating pill dissolved very slowly over time. The cartridge was punctured with such a small hole, the jacket didn't inflate. The jacket still passed the overnight inflation test. I now pull and inspect cartridges in addition to the inflation test.
  4. Shenanigan77

    PTFE Rod instead of Torlon Balls?

    FWIW, I replaced the Torlon balls in a rudder bearing last year. 31 year old, 37' boat. I thought it was prudent maintenance given the age and wear. Before I installed the new balls, I measured some of the old balls and some of the new with a micrometer. There was no discernible difference. Not the result I expected. Obviously, if your application is spitting out ball chunks you need to do something, but I was stunned by the lack of wear in the Torlon. I got rid of a lot of crunchiness in tracks by cleaning when I thought only replacing balls would work.
  5. Shenanigan77

    Aerodyne 38 Rudder Removal

    Congrats! Finesse is such a lovely concept, but so seldom useful for saltwater boats.
  6. Shenanigan77

    Aerodyne 38 Rudder Removal

    If it's an old Harken bearing set, the inner and outer races are aluminum. Both are swollen from corrosion and jammed in place. If the rudder post is stainless, the inner race is fused to it. Drill from the bottom until the balls/rollers fall out. Drop the rudder. Carefully slice the bits that are left into pieces and peel them out. In my case, I couldn't save the rudder, but I planned to replace it anyhow, so not a big loss. For your sake, I hope it's not a Harken and you can ignore everything I said. If it is, sigh...
  7. Shenanigan77

    Stanchion pocket leaking

    Express 37s have stanchion pockets. They do not have intentional holes or drains. I looked at one that had multiple leaks. My best guess was fresh water filled the pockets and froze over the winter. May be what happened to you. I'd fix the hole and try to keep water out next winter.
  8. Shenanigan77

    Disposal of out dated flares & shells

    Hand helds - I light in my driveway and let them burn out. Neighbor kids like it. Aerial - I gave some to the local SWAT team. They seem to like things that go boom. More normally, some local clubs and the CG do periodic flare demonstrations - at least once/year. Expired flares welcome.
  9. Shenanigan77

    Is this bad?

    I can assure you with great confidence a 3 cylinder Yanmar at its smoothest generates more vibration than an Atomic 4. Objectionable? Not necessarily, but more vibration? Absolutely. And yes, I understand resonance and avoid it. As to stink, if it means something is wrong, then every bus, semi and diesel pickup I've seen in the last 60 years had something wrong. If you like the smell of diesel exhaust, good on you, but it's a stronger and more pervasive odor than a properly running gas engine. Diesels are great in many applications. My Yanmar has been reliable and fuel efficient and it's a good engine. Does it vibrate more and generate more stink than my Atomic 4 did? Yup.
  10. Shenanigan77

    Buying a J/80...

    Congratulations. Have fun with it. That assumes the ice and snow ever stops.
  11. Shenanigan77

    Compass headings on board comparison

    Agree Autohelm and chart plotter showed COG including current influence. Boat compass and handheld showed the direction the bow was pointed. The rest? Meh
  12. Shenanigan77

    State registration display boards?

    I believe, if you have USCG documentation, you're done. On the other hand, it's NY.
  13. Shenanigan77

    Buying a J/80...

    Re surveyor: E.F. Barnes out of Gloucester is very familiar with cored hulls. I think he did a good and thorough job on my Express. Can't speak to J/Boats specifically. Hill & Lowden in M'head have been J/Boat dealers for decades. They might be able to point to local experts.
  14. Shenanigan77

    Mesh Lifeline netting

    +1 on the fishing net. I bought some years ago to make some killer soccer goals. Lasted forever. That said, we didn't do netting on the boat. I put hard mounts on the cockpit floor. Rule was harness and tether any time on deck. In very calm conditions, wandering on deck with a life jacket was allowed with an adult within reach. With our kids, that didn't cause a lot of conflict. Turned them loose once they passed several swimming classes and proved they could swim 100 yds. and could tread water for a while (age 10-12 if memory serves). The netting might keep a kid on board, but it won't keep them from doing a face plant into a winch. Even with netting, I wouldn't let them wander around unescorted except maybe at dock or mooring.
  15. Shenanigan77

    Digital Loos Tension Gauge on Indeigogo

    First thought is why? Benefit to adding electronics, wireless communications and batteries to a perfectly functional mechanical, analog device?