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  1. Buying a J/80...

    Congratulations. Have fun with it. That assumes the ice and snow ever stops.
  2. Compass headings on board comparison

    Agree Autohelm and chart plotter showed COG including current influence. Boat compass and handheld showed the direction the bow was pointed. The rest? Meh
  3. State registration display boards?

    I believe, if you have USCG documentation, you're done. On the other hand, it's NY.
  4. Buying a J/80...

    Re surveyor: E.F. Barnes out of Gloucester is very familiar with cored hulls. I think he did a good and thorough job on my Express. Can't speak to J/Boats specifically. Hill & Lowden in M'head have been J/Boat dealers for decades. They might be able to point to local experts.
  5. Mesh Lifeline netting

    +1 on the fishing net. I bought some years ago to make some killer soccer goals. Lasted forever. That said, we didn't do netting on the boat. I put hard mounts on the cockpit floor. Rule was harness and tether any time on deck. In very calm conditions, wandering on deck with a life jacket was allowed with an adult within reach. With our kids, that didn't cause a lot of conflict. Turned them loose once they passed several swimming classes and proved they could swim 100 yds. and could tread water for a while (age 10-12 if memory serves). The netting might keep a kid on board, but it won't keep them from doing a face plant into a winch. Even with netting, I wouldn't let them wander around unescorted except maybe at dock or mooring.
  6. Digital Loos Tension Gauge on Indeigogo

    First thought is why? Benefit to adding electronics, wireless communications and batteries to a perfectly functional mechanical, analog device?
  7. ATN Topclimber

    I need to hoist a separate line. Being able to use a good halyard directly would simplify set up and break down.
  8. ATN Topclimber

    I have the TOPclimber. Works as advertised. Climbing is still work, but you get there. I prefer to attach the climbing line very close to the mast so I can use it to help stabilize myself during ascent/descent. I wouldn't want to use it in a significant seaway, but I'm not a kid anymore. I could if I had to.
  9. Express 37 Rudder Removal

    I replaced the lower bearing with a self aligning Jeffa. Yes, it was a drop in replacement. No surgery required. The old lower inner bearing race was solidly fused to the rudder post. Short of machining, it wasn't coming off. The outer race had also swollen. Couldn't drive it out. I had to carefully cut it out in segments with a sawzall. I kept the Harken upper bearing but replaced all the balls. The original Torlon balls were in shockingly good condition. I measured old vs. new balls and they were identical as measured with a moderately good micrometer. Didn't see any wear on the races either. Didn't mind saving the $$ over replacing the whole bearing. I did the elliptical rudder upgrade and strongly recommend it if you can afford it. It's much lighter on the helm when heeled and dramatically more resistant to wiping out. Doesn't hurt that it's 70 lbs lighter, too. Good luck.
  10. Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    Rich DuMoulin did one on his Express 37. Maybe the same one referenced above. Rumor is the yard did the job for $10K and said they'd be happy to do it again.... for $20K. Urban legend. I don't know real cost.
  11. Is this bad?

    Yeah, my 41 year old Atomic 4 is a bomb waiting to go off.......and waiting.....and waiting. That's why there aren't any boats made with gas engines any more. And for God's sake, you aren't going to put that gas fueled car in your enclosed garage are you? Don't you love your children? I have a diesel, too. I like the efficiency when I need to go far, but I hate the vibration, noise and stink every time it runs. The safety discussion is stupid. Good luck with the rebuild. You'll love it.
  12. Sharpening twist drills

    Big fan of drill doctor. Works well for me. Resharpen drills many times. Won't work on everything but works on most.
  13. Weems and Plath, electric flare?

    I've always carried SOLAS parachutes for long range, but also carried handhelds for close in. As soon as I saw the electric, I bought it to replace the handhelds. Never liked the idea of dealing with dripping, molten slag in a tough situation. Order of magnitude worse from an inflatable. I like the electric for that.
  14. J/35 Priming my Yanmar 3GM30

    Only the last couple millimeters of stroke on the finger pump does any work. If you don't feel at least a little more resistance at the very end, it isn't doing anything. If so, Daddle's advice is right.
  15. Anyone gone On-Demand with their water heater?

    Express 37s were built with CNG fired instant-on hot water heaters in the middle 80s. The CNG limited the risk cited for propane (CNG is lighter than air). Combustion exhaust was vented through the aft deck. The instant on feature minimized the volume and weight set aside for hot water. I don't remember the manufacturer. I suspect most are removed or replaced by now, but they worked once.