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  1. Yeah, my numbers weren't based on the weight of the rig. It was based on the downward push from your sail plan. I figured on a heel of 20degrees and put your CG 10ft to windward of the leeward ama. I also guessed at a center of effort of 15ft for your sail plan.
  2. A canting mast should dramatically reduce the load on the floats. On your boat I think it could be on the order of 500kgs or so. That's like removing 7 people from your leeward float. The hard part is making it effective for the type of racing you do, especially if it is short courses. Edit: Just did some back of the envelope math, its closer to 200kg because this boat is so light. and that would be the maximum effect.
  3. I raced a Farr 400 in a 120mile race this year in my F-27. Conditions were nearly ideal for my boat and we beat them by about an hour and a half for line honors. I think in most conditions even a Melges 32 is faster than an F-27, I can't imagine a situation where a TP52 would be slower than even an F-31R In regards to race results. I think one important thing to remember is that most cruising oriented multis rarely race, and when they do its more for the adventure. This is not true when you look at the cruiser/racer monohulls. Overall I would say that the average performance level of crews is significantly lower for amateur level sailing in multihulls. Finally, the difference in speed between a perfectly sailed and a decently sailed multi is much higher than for the equivalent mono. My boat will lose 2 knots upwind if the helm allows her to fall out of the groove. A similar 27ft mono might loose .25kts.
  4. It seems like people are comparing a 40ft multihull with a 40ft mono, but that doesnt really make sense. If I wanted similar interior accommodations to a 40ft Catana or Crowther or other performance oriented cruising cat, roughly how big would the Mono need to be? I'm guessing around 50ft.
  5. Sorry, I guess the attachment didn't go through. I like your ideas for securing the clew and tack. As for the gooseneck fitting, remember that because the boom has to rotate, it is completely different from anything you will find on other boats, and that the forces that go through there are huge. Same for the boom end fitting, it translates all of the mainsheet force into the boom. I think both are certainly do-able, just be sure you understand the forces involved and properly engineer it. How you engineer for a windy accidental gybe, in 40kts, I have no idea :-) I pretty much always race under a rating system, but keeping my boat compliant with the F-27F rules means that it is very easy to get a rating when I travel to venues outside of my local area. If you don't comply, then the rating process will be much more of a headache. Boom Details from F-27Rig Checklist.pdf
  6. Sounds like a good project. I would guess that the boom weighs at least 50lbs so there is certainly some room to make improvements. Airflow for the 4" boom should not be a major concern for you, I would have to look at my boom, but it is probably near 4" tall anyway. I would be more concerned with functionality. You will need to build a new gooseneck, or perhaps make an adapter to fit. You will also need to make a similar adapter for for the end boom fitting. Do you intend to use the out-haul track as per OEM, or will you create your own system? Similarly you will need to plan to re-install the out-haul and associated sheaves. All of this should be pretty easy to work out. The only true concerns that I would have are compression strength which you will need to engineer, and the fact that you will no longer be class legal (which most people dont seem to care about anymore.) The attached file might help. It is from the F-boat yahoo group I suggest you join as it has a huge wealth of information. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/F-boat/info
  7. Can you post pictures of the other boats you have already built?
  8. Looks like Key West is almost out of it. 77kts max winds is not as bad as I had feared. Starting to hope Irma may not be a catastrophic as we once thought for FL. Tampa will get walloped, but the damage should be less than if she had given Miami a direct hit. Question for BJ and Rasper. Seeing all of these cats flipped over, would you consider partially flooding your boat to weigh it down? Even a couple of inches in the bilge could add several 1000lbs of weight, and depending on the boat there may be crash zones and other voids to add a lot of weight. Also since most performance multhulls are optimized to prevent pitchpoling forwards, would you consider mooring so that the stern took most of the wind? I guess that would present the relatively vulnerable stern section of the bridge to the worst of it though.
  9. Mowgli, It is good to hear from you. Sorry I got the details wrong. Maybe something was lost in translation. I just finished going through your entire blog from start to finish. I am very impressed with the quality of your craftsmanship and your attention to detail. One thing I was surprised by was the amount of work required to go from bare hulls, to a finished boat. All of those fittings, hatches, and details really add up. I especially like the custom carbon toilet and sink. FWIW, if I ever decided to upgrade from my F-27F your F-32-(S)R would be at the top of the list. (Not that I suspect it will ever be for sale) Ben Norfolk, VA
  10. Way too much heel. Practice keeping the boat pancake flat using the sheet not the tiller. Your main-sheet doesn't move in the whole video. Look upwind and at the waves to anticipate changes, if you are only reacting to the boat you will always be behind. Also try to avoid cliche' music in your videos (I actually still love that song)
  11. I would suggest you start with something easy. Check out this site, http://www.clcboats.com/ I have seen their creations and they are true works of art. If you decide that you like building boats and want a bigger one at least you will have an awesome dingy. I have a Corsair 27, and it is a truly amazing boat. You can also get an F-24 for cheaper. I have been following this guy building an F-32SR. He has been at it for years, and based on his posts he is very dilligent to continue making progress. It is also the second F-boat he has built. I think it really gives a reality check on what it takes to build a boat. Check it out. http://f32thriller.blogspot.nl/
  12. This boat sits at my yacht club, I have looked her over several times from the dock and she looks like a very good cruiser. Both wing mast rotate 360deg and the only soft sails are the jibs. I have never seen it out sailing though. http://www.cruisingworld.com/boat-review-atlantic-47-mastfoil
  13. They do it to try and draw a foul, and also to force the other boat to loose speed in hopes that they will be able to cross when the situation is reversed.
  14. Great articles, as one of the JOs trained under the CBT system I agree whole heartedly. The first two years onboard a ship are like drinking from a fire hose in terms of learning.
  15. The part that is B.S. is that if someone buys an add it is totally ok to post on the forums. Why do any of us care whether he gives Scooter money, after all this is Sailing Anarchy.