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  1. Mizzmo

    Lou's Back!

    I was worried Jamestown had decided it was a better ROI to sponsor projects like Acorn to Arabella. I like them, but Lou is such a pro, he's like the Bob Ross of boat building. I love it.
  2. I went down the same path as you, I have up until now used Navionics, however they are getting a little behind the times. I wanted something that would overlay weather, tides, and if possible AIS from the cell network. iNAVx will do all of these things, but I couldn't justify the added cost because each of the functionalities I added requires re-occurring subscriptions. So for now I will continue to keep a lookout for ships, and check sailflow seperately on my phone.
  3. Mizzmo

    Lifting bridle repair/build

    silent bob is coming off pretty abrasive. However he is not all wrong, have you looked for what you need here : https://www.uscargocontrol.com/ I bought my lifting bridle from them (two straps with an oval ring in the middle to make a four point bridle. I thought the prices were good and everything is overhead lift certified.
  4. Mizzmo

    Dazcat 9.2

    How sure are you about that height? I couldnt fit my F-27 there before, maybe I can now?
  5. Mizzmo

    Distance racing with a trailerable trimaran

    Down the Bay from Annapolis to Norfolk is typically an overnight event. Cancelled this year though
  6. On Corsairs there is a deck inspection hatch for removing water, and small breather holes for air equalization.
  7. Lots of good gunkholes have been posted on this thread. I looked up many on Google Earth and have saved the lat/long of a few. Here's mine. Cape Charles, VA
  8. Mizzmo

    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    Cool product, ill keep that in mind
  9. Mizzmo

    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    I lurked on this thread while re-painting my mast. I rolled perfection using Russell's book as a guide and I am really happy with the result. Not a pro-result but better than I thought. The biggest mistake I made was not sanding between the 2nd and 3rd coat. I couldn't tell where I had been because Perfection is so glossy, I ended up a little dry in some places and got a few runs in others. Thanks SA
  10. In the third picture it looks like the I beam/bulkhead structure ends about 1/3 of the way back on the float. Are there any bulkheads or reinforcement on the back 2/3?
  11. Mizzmo

    Ideas for soft shacle dogbone

    I used some aluminum rod and used a drill as a poor Mans Lathe to grind a grove in the toggle. I backed it up with a string as described in l-36
  12. Mizzmo

    Corsair Trimaran

    I still have the portion of the sole that goes around the daggerboard case and aft to about where the pop top ends if that makes sense. It rests on a mini bulkhead that I dont want to move. I have heard that Ian approved moving the bulkhead back to under the companionway, which would make completely removing the sole feasible. Its kind of nice to have some of the sole in, just so in case the bilge gets wet there is somewhere dry to put your feet. I don't have the sole up in the forward cabin.
  13. Mizzmo

    Corsair Trimaran

    Loose, That is an interesting fact about the F-24 headroom, I would not have guessed that. I am 6'6" so I can't sit up straight in the F-27 either, its pretty close though and hasn't really bothered me. I don't spend much time in the cabin unless I'm sleeping though. We have a good sunshade that goes out when tied up, so most of my time is on the nets or in the cockpit. One thing that does help is removing the cabin sole, that gives me standing headroom under the pop top which is really nice for cooking, dressing, etc. Ben
  14. Mizzmo

    Used cat market

    Does anyone have any metrics for home built/custom vs production cats. I am interested in one that was designed by a great designer, but homebuilt. From the pics it looks like a true labor of love, though the interior fit out is a bit amateurish.