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  1. Mizzmo

    Hanstaiger X1

    It’ll be a great, although very expensive condo. Might be a decent motor sailor
  2. Now that’s an interesting idea, I’ll have to try that next time I need to run deep for long periods of time
  3. Mizzmo

    Gunboat 68

    All this robot talk has distracted us from this gem. There are so many amazing details incorporated into this boat I think I need to watch the video 2-3x times to take it all in. I will never have enough money to own a Gunboat, but when to notch designers get together with expert builders and experienced sailors great ideas happen and those will trickle down.
  4. Mizzmo

    Gunboat 68

    That was pretty nasty, who is to say that there is no innovation in Wooden boats? Honestly I figured a guy like you would have done some interesting mods. The rest you inferred based on your personal attitudes.
  5. Mizzmo

    Gunboat 68

    In the link you provide they say that they use a variable pitch servo prop to give optimum efficiency in both forward and reverse. I don't see where there is a need to switch props.
  6. Mizzmo


    I’ve never done this kind of keel shaping. Are you using a batten to slather the bog on, then going to sand it down to the correct shape? Could you get a template made that is 1-3mm too big and use that to spread the filler so that you have less final sanding to do?
  7. Mizzmo

    Gunboat 68

    So DCN, tell us a little about your boat. What do you sail. Have you made any interesting mods.
  8. Mizzmo

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Great shot.
  9. Mizzmo

    Photo story: Greenland

    Great blog. Would love to hear more details about the adventure. The pics look amazing. I now see why fiberglass boats don’t go there.
  10. The other day I ordered a part from Amazon that I would normally have gotten from APS, they were the same price, but free 2 day shipping and the ease of checkout made me choose Amazon. At the time I wondered if decisions like that would kill APS and the like, looks like it did. Amazon is doing to specialist internet retailers what Walmart did to mom and pop shops.
  11. Mizzmo

    Winch drum losing a grip.

    On the J-24 someone told me once to put some duct tape on the upper half of the drum. Its pretty basic, but worked a treat. I think I could get 2-5 days out of a strip of duct tape.
  12. Mizzmo

    Corsair Pulse 600

    That's what I was thinking too, there goes One Design.
  13. Mizzmo

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    Find ways to stay cool. I often stop and go for a swim before we set sails, hose myself off at the dock, pour buckets over my head, swim after races etc. Does your boat have good shade? Just dipping your hat in the water makes a world of a difference.
  14. Mizzmo

    Outboard making me lose my mind

    Awesome, glad you got it fixed.