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  1. In-boom drum for tensioning outhaul

    I'm curious to see your drawings. I don't understand what you mean by a "A winch drum, without the gears. " Do mean a 1:1 winch? I don't see how a winch could possibly be less weight than pretty much any purchase system you might use. Especially once you add a fair-lead, and a mounting platform. Also do you still roll your sail around the boom, if to the winch might make reefing and furling awkward. I am not familiar with NBS. Can you post a link to the equations you are using? Since your boom is essentially an unsupported pinned-pinned system I don't know why you couldn't just use Euler's column equations. The compression of the out-haul only runs about 1/4 of the boom on my F-27. That would be the only portion that carries the 2X compression load, not the entire length. Using this shorter length will give you a much higher breaking load. Also as others have said, the out-haul runs from the sheave, through the clew and back to the end of the boom, so the applied compression on the boom is only 1.5X
  2. used gear

    I don't know, if I had lost my boat, but was trying to scrape together some dough by selling the still useful parts, I would be hoping for someone to buy it at the best price I could get. I don't think the OP should feel guilty at all. Is it better that he buy the parts at a discounted price than not at all? If we wants to give back to the disaster struck communities giving to a charity would likely ensure much better use of the the money.
  3. Front Page: Is Idiocy a Crime?

    That is one baddass lifeboat
  4. Scary Neel 45 Build Issues

    So basically the group has decided that if you get a Neel you might as well get a powerboat.
  5. Anyone done all four boards

    Amazing photo. I wonder if I can find a full size poster?
  6. Scary Neel 45 Build Issues

    Lol, that would be an amazing toy, but it would make a shitty home. My reference is an F-27, but I even that is probably asking to much given my comfort and cost requirements.
  7. Scary Neel 45 Build Issues

    This thread has been open for a while now. Has anyone actually experienced the boat? I re-walked it at the boat show and it checks a lot of boxes for me. Assuming it can sail out of its own way. It has a pretty deep draft (4'), and no dagger-board although there is a "race" option with a carbon mast and a centerboard. There are enough out there that it seems like there should be some actual experience with the boat. I was surprised when I asked the rep what % of total displacement the floats were. His answer was that the main hull supported 80% and the floats 20%. This of course didn't answer the question, and when I pressed he didn't seem to know.
  8. My wife and I really liked the Balance 451 that was at the show. It seemed like a pretty reasonable mix of performance and space. I just noticed that it's underwing clearance is pretty low, and it only has 90gal of water though. Also the wife really liked the Neel 45.
  9. A big project!

    Thanks for posting this, it looks like it will be a really good series. For being so young he seems to have a good amount of experience. He also has tons of energy, but I cant see how one person could hope to finish this project in any amount of time less than a decade. It also reminds me of my great grandfathers axe. The handle has been replaced 5 times and the head three. But it is still his axe.
  10. Rapido 50

    Funny how you didn't complain about any of this in the Sea Rail thread. Being 3 months late is really not that bad for a first of its kind boat (folding I mean.) Driving through Wyoming in September really isn't all that bad either.
  11. Towing Nerdiness

    Oh yeah forgot about those, but it had poor reviews so I passed on it
  12. I like your theory about average speed. In my experience that has been true. I did a race this spring where a similar situation occurred. 80 miles at 15 knots followed by 40 at 7. I was surprised to see our average speed was only 10kts. This thread has been good for me. I am firmly in the multi-hull camp, but I have never sailed a large cruising cat. I realize now that I need to get some sea miles under me to see if big cat is really as good as I dream it will be. I cant imagine owning a boat that isn't fun to sail.
  13. Towing Nerdiness

    Listed capacity is 2700lbs. Light displacement for an F-24 is 1800lbs. Usually that is without sails, motor, fuel, anchor etc, and certainly does not include the trailer. So in reality you are probably very close to the limit so If you want to use it for short hauls it would probably be ok. I had a friend with a Forester that hauled a similar weight boat up and down the ramp, it seemed to do fine. He wouldn't move the boat more than a block though. I am surprised to see that the CVT is rated to 2700 lbs, all the others I have seen were rated for 1000lbs or simply had a don't tow rating. I always suspected that was because the manufacturer didn't want to do the testing. My F-27 weighs 4000lbs inc trailer, and it is pretty stripped out so that would be right out. OTH you can rent a truck from home depot for something like $30 a day.
  14. Yeah, my numbers weren't based on the weight of the rig. It was based on the downward push from your sail plan. I figured on a heel of 20degrees and put your CG 10ft to windward of the leeward ama. I also guessed at a center of effort of 15ft for your sail plan.
  15. A canting mast should dramatically reduce the load on the floats. On your boat I think it could be on the order of 500kgs or so. That's like removing 7 people from your leeward float. The hard part is making it effective for the type of racing you do, especially if it is short courses. Edit: Just did some back of the envelope math, its closer to 200kg because this boat is so light. and that would be the maximum effect.