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  1. Awesome, thanks for making that!
  2. Yeah, OD racing is a blast. They have a small cockpit, and a big jib so not the most comfortable boat, but its really not that bad. Who cares what boatspeed is upwind, you only need to be .1kt faster than the other guy. Speed is relative.
  3. Well said Sr. I have no more to say until more info comes out
  4. Interesting, while I don't disagree with most of his points I have never heard of an OOW. Also that he referenced SPY-1 for the radar of choice. Furthermore his point that one watch-stander is somehow better than 6 at avoiding other ships. I agree with his comments on specialization though
  5. Yeah I wasn't trying to say anything about them, if I do this it will certainly not be for line honors. One of my favorite things about this race is its really not about the boat, its about the crew and the adventure.
  6. Nope, unless there is an I flag, which there usually is.
  7. This is kind of like asking what kind of shirt you should wear tomorrow. Depends a lot on the situation. I am a weight Nazi so I always go with fewer winches
  8. Both port and starboard lookouts have a gyro repeater, so they can give true bearings. It's shown in one of the pictures above. I don't remember what the stern lookout has.
  9. Some good info is finally coming out in this forum. I stood about two years of bridge watch on an Arleigh Burke class destroyer in this century so I have a little to add. 3 total lookouts: port and starboard, stern, they about the most junior sailor you have on board. They mean well but are not always forceful when they see something. Rotated every 30min so they stay freshish. Officers on watch would be CONN, this is the first watch officers stand onboard. JOOD about 6 months to a year of time onboard. Then OOD with a year to two onboard. in CIC you have ASuWC who will be a chief or 1st class with about 10years experience that is basically your radar operator and the TAO who is the senior watchstander onboard. I would say I spent about .05% of my time at sea with the running lights not IAW colregs and this would not have been the situation where we would do that. Burkes are not stealthy, they can be picked up from well over the visible horizon. We never broadcasted AIS while I was onboard. Neither does the Japanese self defense force, or any other navy I have operated with. I have seen carriers broadcast when entering port. COs night orders are very standard now. Call before a ship is within 10 miles that has a CPA of less than 3. The OOD will have either a box to stay in, or a track to follow for their watch. We will use the full range of deviation we are allowed to maximize CPA. I have altered course when 30 miles from a ship to open CPA. It was very rare that I would have a CPA anywhere near 3nm 1:30 is the very end of the mid watch, reliefs are staggered to minimize loss of situational awareness but there is always some. Also the mid watch is the hardest. You came off the 2-7 the night before, worked all day, and maybe caught an hour of sleep before going back on watch at 2130. The vessel tracking technology for collision avoidance is much less sophisticated than it would be on the container ship. Fitzgerald is an old ship, and it takes a really long time for technology to push into ships, especially older ones. Most of the Navy's investments have been against airborne threats. Certainly it is more than adequate to keep someone from hitting you though.
  10. Aussies are in an f31r, triceratops is an f-27. There should be a huge advantage for aussies
  11. Yeah it's a problem, we have to disengage the cloaking device before we can fire the phasers. Or you might want to explore for issues with your radar.
  12. Nice post Wess, having stood a lot of bridge watch I agree completely, especially about the culture surrounding fatigue, and lack of sophistication for surface tracking. Still by my count about 6 people had to not be doing their job for this to happen, there are lots of reasons why each of those 6 could have missed it, but not together. Watch relief had been 30 minutes prior which might be a factor as well.
  13. So you meant the USS Fitzgerald command? It's hard to come up with a reason for this failure other than complacency, except maybe fatigue... of course that's a subject surface and sub leadership never talks about. Your last comments just make you look like an ass.... because Marines and Air Force clearly never do anything dumb.
  14. You won't know the Fitz's track for a while, Navy doesn't broadcast AIS. There will be an in depth investigation, and it will almost certainly be made public. As all of the other accidents were.