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  1. Mizzmo

    Farrier type roller furling boom

    To answer the question about boom height. For lowering the sail I have the boom 5-10deg above horizontal. This keeps the sail from wanting to slide forward onto the mast like Russel discussed. For raising perfectly level seems right. I typically raise the end of the boom after furling to get more headroom in the cockpit, so these adjustments aren't a nuisance for me. Ben- I am tried the method you describe but when I tried to haul the mainsheet on it broke the bolt holding the rotating handle to the booms spindle. This allowed the main to unroll, which isn't fun in winds where you need to reef. I bought a special high strength bolt from McMaster-Carr but the same thing happened again so now everytime I reef I use a Cunningham and Outhaul to take the pressure off of the rolling system.
  2. Mizzmo

    The F33 / F10 is back

    So is this a related to the multihulls direct deal. A repeat of the HH-Gunboat fiasco
  3. Shit I have been silently biting my tongue for all these years, because I thought I was the only one. Newicks are ugly, they don't remind me of a bird or a dolphin, they remind me of an overweight cow.
  4. Mizzmo

    Farrier type roller furling boom

    Most F-27s have converted to a lazyjack style system. Not because of reefing or furling but because of hoisting. To use the farrier system you need a bolt rope main, and that means hoisting can be a pain. I know Russ uses a tides track and has to re-load each car onto the track as he hoists. That would be a pain for me because I usually have to raise the main alone. I still have the bolt rope, and it works pretty well, but I am 6’5 240lbs so I can put some muscle into it. I typically only winch the last 4 inches or so. Also gettting the feeder setup properly (Ian actually developed his own that works way better than COTS items), the correct mast to boom angle, and a clean, well lubricated track is important.
  5. Mizzmo

    22’ Maine Cat , I wanna go fast and party!

    I think 120 on each hull would do it. If your actually serious then it is kind of a cool project. However you have a number of things to contend with, there is no where on the hulls that is designed for that kind of horespower. You will need to reinforce wherever you mount them. Also it will probably squat at high speed, your going to need some big ass trim tabs
  6. Mizzmo

    Start Sequence Timer - Display

    I tried the iPad thing, couldn’t see it in any sun. Mine is about 4 years old though, I think the screens have gotten much brighter lately
  7. Mizzmo

    Hypothetical Radar

  8. Mizzmo

    Corsair Trimaran

    Lost my coffee on that one!
  9. Mizzmo

    Corsair Trimaran

    Good luck Rimas, In my experience the surveyor was good for standard boat stuff like core moisture content, engine, wiring. But pretty useless with the major cost factors specific to sailboats and F-boats like sails, nets, rigging, folding mechanism etc. There is a good buyers guide on the farrier website, I recommend printing it and doing your own inspection while the surveyor does theirs. You can use those items to negotiate price later. http://www.f-boat.com/pdf/UsedBoats.pdf Also if you haven't found it, there is a trove of information and very knowledgeable people at https://fct.groups.io/
  10. Mizzmo

    Can anyone ID this Cat?

    Thanks Soma. She looked fast, but not that fast. I thought there looked like room for pretty nice accommodations below, although at 80’ that becomes easier. Its interesting they didn’t go with a rotating rig.
  11. Saw this Cat while walking the docks in Portsmouth, VA. It looks like a combination of a bunch of cool ideas. Does anyone know what it is?
  12. This is the best I've seen especially for a boat racing in the "holy city" https://goo.gl/images/G1hwGg
  13. Mizzmo

    Finished upgraded solar system

    Thanks for all the detailed replies. Interesting stuff
  14. Mizzmo

    PredictWind vs Sail Flow vs Whoever - The sequel

    Proof that one Man with a good idea can be extremely effective. Thanks
  15. Mizzmo

    Finished upgraded solar system

    Newb question. Why use a separate controller for each panel?