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  1. EC2018 Thread

    That got a good chuckle, I may have to use that in the future.
  2. Sailing Books for Children

    Not a book, but Moana seems to be working very well for my daughter. She brings her Heart of Tafiti necklace onto the boat
  3. EC2018 Thread

    Awesome story, thanks for posting this. The EC is definately on my bucket list.
  4. Captain Ron DVD

    Lol, me too. My wife thinks Wind isnt age appropriate for the kids, so Cap'n Ron it is.
  5. Prop Cutters

    Those fish traps scare the bejesus out of me at night. Even when racing I will make a concious decision to stay in deep (for the chesapeake) water just to avoid them. Someone once told me that if you have to cut a pot to free it from your prop you were supposed to try and haul it to prevent it from being a hazard to marine life. Is that true, or was it just an old wives tail?
  6. That is awesome. Do you bring skis? There must be some good fresh powder in those hills
  7. Does it count if I drive 800 miles south? I’ll try and get some from Sarasota this weekend.
  8. Didn’t say anything about Speed through the water. But as discussed in the referenced thread it may be possible to calculate current. In general if I know the current and SOG, I don’t really have a use for STW.
  9. Some of the stuff that has come up on Lioness's calibration page could make a through hull speed transducer obsolete. Mounting a high precision GPS on the bow and stern of a boat and then using some complicated filtering/averaging/magic one can come up with boat heading, which then can be used to calculate current speed and direction. This would remove my need for STW and Depth from a current perspective. However on the Cheapeake I would much rather have a depth display than a speed display simply to keep me from trying to get just a little further out of that current and sticking the boat in the mud. I have no need for AWS or AWA apart from a windex at the top of the mast, and I mostly use that for mark roundings and very light flukey conditions. Perhaps you could mount a flush, wireless depth sounder to the bottom of a foil?
  10. "Brainwashing" my wife into cruising!

    Shit just saw the "Fast safe boat" thread. I guess he got me. Troll
  11. "Brainwashing" my wife into cruising!

    When I met my wife she was a non-sailor. She grew up on a lake and had always loved the water but had never been exposed to sailing. I think she actually fell in-love with me while daysailing around charleston on my J24. Her first race was a very windy Charleston race week, but by making her part of the team, and making sure the number one goal was to have fun she loved it. Now we do about 10 or so 1-2 night sails with the kids (11mo and 3yr) a year, and a bunch of daysails/races on our F-27, she is totally and completely hooked, and I think the reason is that I always treated her with respect (no yelling) and made sure that our #1 goal was always fun. Once your wife gets hooked on the sport a bit, I also highly reccomend sending her to a good sailing school or perhaps going with her depending on your knowledge. Spouses just cant learn very well from their husbands and the school will give her much more confidence and appreciation of the sport. For you it can only make you more competent and reduce the number of scary situations for her. As for the kids part, I highly reccomend you send her to https://www.facebook.com/groups/Kids4Sail/ We are planning on going long term cruising when I can retire in 10 years, which would put our kids at 13 and 11 when we leave. I think Kids4Sail has done more for educating us on the realities and benefits of cruising with kids than any other place. A high percentage of the posters are Mom's so it gives a very good perspective. Or you are just a troll, and I took the bait.
  12. Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    Oh yeah it was progressive. Wish USAA would just expand to boating
  13. Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    Last time I checked USAA didn’t do marine insurance, they simply referred you to Geico with a discount. Has that changed?
  14. Fast "safe" boat....

    This guy is the model of the Jersey sterotype. Each word he writes just adds to it. Vinny Guadagnino, is that you?
  15. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    So you're afraid an R33 is too much boat, but that one is good?