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  1. Why not just as the Joker what your opinion is .....unless of course it’s cherry flavored robitussin.
  2. dacapo

    Migrant Caravan

    Erections have consequences https://goo.gl/images/k23xgu
  3. dacapo

    Only the Best People

    I'm sure she's more qualified to be Ambassador of SA more than Devos is qualified to be Sec. of Ed.
  4. dacapo

    Roy Clark DTS

  5. dacapo

    Keep America Great 2020

    I;'m sure some here will enjoy shoving it up their asses...........right NM??
  6. dacapo

    Trump is losing it

    He’s missing the deplorable one’s love notes. They used to come daily. Now it’s sporadic at best. Deplorable ones letting his master down
  7. dacapo

    Melania flexes her muscles

    because whats his name..the deplorable one is a mysogynistic cunt who has no life and feels good when he belittles women....makes him feel superior , although in reality , he's a small human with a small mind
  8. dacapo

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    She’s closer to Tyranasaurusical
  9. dacapo

    classic movies

    All quiet on the Western Front King Kong Dracula The Blue Angel all great movies.......
  10. dacapo

    classic movies

    Gene Kelly Singing In the Rain is one of my favorite movies of all time...but that's 1950's....
  11. dacapo

    classic movies

    Franky my dear I don;t give a damn
  12. dacapo

    classic movies

    like from the 30's-40's : My Man Godfry (1936)...saw it last night.. The Thin Man Series (1934-1947) I've seen them all.....funny for a B&W movies from that era
  13. dacapo

    NFL 2018

    I'm not laughing Last year we got a QB....now we need a real NFL Head Coach....and staff, and RB, WR,TE,OL, pass rusher, Kicker, punter and do the cheerleaders really need to wear sweatsuits in 40 degree weather?