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  1. not only does he do great work, he did me a solid this year and got a super fast rush order in and will be sent to me in time for an awards dinner.........
  2. Happey Thacksgiving!

    happy Thanksgiving to all.....for the first time, we're doing nothing, going nowhere.........I shall drink copious amounts of alcohol watch some football and go to bed early and prepare for one final boat race of the year on Saturday..........
  3. C&C 29-2?

    There are 2 at my YC. Neither of them seem to be able to sail to their handicap. (183) but more then do with number of crew and ability me thinks
  4. S2 7.9

    it's November ;-)
  5. Which three Asymmetrics?

    go ahead and rub it in ;-)
  6. S2 7.9

    i removed all from the top as I redid all the non skid with kiwi grip....my deck is solid as a rock now....and look sgreat
  7. S2 7.9

    yep.....they all need recoring ;-)
  8. Which three Asymmetrics?

    unless you're a member of the yralis....then you just bring a 4th and 5th anyways ;-)
  9. Moving 30 amp power cord outlet?

    IIRC, with more than a 10 ft. run from the 30a input to the AC panel, you'll need to add an extra 30 amp fuse box as well as up the wire gague
  10. charles manson-dts

    I hope he suffered
  11. Malcolm Young DTS

    http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/malcolm-young-dead-acdc-brother-angus-george-dies-death-cause-age-64-tributes-latest-a8062521.html (almost said Angus Young in the Title)
  12. Hang the rich

    no...his name is Michael. that story sounds EXACTLY like my father and I who owned the same business and paid the same daily wage to the most needy of employees ( 2 to be exact) and never did my father or I become wealthy owning a successful business for 30+ years (him for 31 years and me for 2 more after he suffered his stroke)
  13. I believe that most of these Puerto Ricans are going to vote anybody BUT Trump Regardless of the scarlet letter pinned on them
  14. More Teachers Behaving Badly