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  1. dacapo

    General fucking recall

  2. dacapo

    Puerto Rico

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/19/us/iyw-puerto-rico-women-rebuild-trnd/index.html they're trying
  3. dacapo

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Drummer is thinner skinned. How many drummers does it take to screw in a light bulb? None...they made an electronic machine to do it for them speaking of band jokes: we we had a gig a few weeks ago at a beer festival where a fireman’s bagpipe group played a little in between sets. When we came back on stage I spoke to the audience and asked them “what does 50 banjos and 50 bagpipes sounds like at the bottom of a cliff?” Perfect harmony. i got a few nasty Stares from the firemen
  4. dacapo

    General fucking recall

    and Mt. Gay hats...........
  5. dacapo

    yanmar rebuild?

    2 shops (including MACK Boring) have said they do not rebuild yanmars anymore and that GM parts are no longer being produced. This is not for my boat but for my YC's launch. which either needs a rebuild or a new motor.
  6. dacapo

    Whacking The Children

    second grade Parochial school....1 whack with a switch to the palms....I never fucked up again....(but I also transferred to Public school for the remainder of my education)
  7. dacapo

    Is wearing sunglasses cool?

    being a 1 eyes person, I value the use of my good eye until I croak....sunglasses are a part of that. I know when I don;t wear them my eyesight is strained and I have a hard time reading or focusing for 1 or more days....
  8. dacapo

    yanmar rebuild?

    i have been told that rebuilding yanmar gm series diesel motors is a no go...is there any truth to this?
  9. dacapo


    i do...it was a Tuesday I was in my third week of High School and I ate exactly what I ate every day ....a bowl of frosted flakes and a glass of OJ.....I still didn't drink coffee...but the FF and OJ WAS my routine that I stood by for almost 2 years
  10. dacapo

    Guitar Player Anarchy

    What kinda sax?
  11. dacapo

    President Donald Toadstool

    he came by my place for a visit thank fuck I wasn’t home
  12. dacapo


    i thought it said bleu cheese not butt cheese
  13. dacapo

    President Donald Toadstool

    Gerkins with Shrooms...