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  1. dacapo

    The End of Jerry Falwell?

    Not a chance in heaven
  2. dacapo

    Sturgis 2020

  3. dacapo

    Sturgis 2020

    #fuckem #magaletemdie #ucantcurestoopid
  4. dacapo

    2020 tropical storm season

    It’s putting a slight dent in my vacation plans as I was supposed to leave with my boat tomorrow and head towards Block Island. I’m may wait till Wednesday afternoon after the storm passes
  5. Same in Hudson valley. Lines masks and all is good here
  6. dacapo

    Why we were all wrong about covid

    It hit me right in the face. my deepest condolences to you and your family.
  7. dacapo

    Twitterer In Chief

    Yes. Landline is for emergencies
  8. dacapo

    Why we were all wrong about covid

    “So: Sars-Cov-2 isn’t all that new, but merely a seasonal cold virus that mutated and disappears in summer, as all cold viruses do — which is what we’re observing globally right now. Flu viruses mutate significantly more, by the way, and nobody would ever claim that a new flu virus strain was completely novel. Many veterinary doctors were therefore annoyed by this claim of novelty, as they have been vaccinating cats, dogs, pigs, and cows for years against coronaviruses.“ hows that working out ?
  9. dacapo

    Burn the Republican Party Down?

    Seriously. What has he accomplished as of today that is better than jan. 2 2016 the day before he took office ?
  10. dacapo

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Is it possible for someone to give Jim Jordan the Rona And an std and the hiv and Ebola sars mersa and every other infectious disease
  11. dacapo

    Drying out spinnaker?

    my Yacht Club's flag pole when no one is around