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  1. http://marketplace.sail1design.com/classified/6-collegiate-fjs-listing-2093.aspx \ Cornell Sailing team selling
  2. alumni support? get crackin on the phones...........
  3. India: ‘Cow vigilantes’

    mmmm, T bone steaks ohh and veal cutlets.......
  4. i know of 2 people, close friends who , if their gun was on their workbench, or table at a particular moment in their lives would have reached for it and they would no longer be here...BUT 1 of their guns was apart in pieces being worked on, and the other was in a safe..... this gave both of them a moment to rethink/reflect. BOTH of them are still here with us
  5. and for evey one of you who boycotts Dicks sporting goods, 10 more decide to go there based on their principles.. i bought 2 pairs of ski boot socks there yesterday
  6. i can;t hear a fucking thing ;-) blah blah blah .22
  7. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    is she putting on a few lbs. ?
  8. along with donny's splooge
  9. Trump Congratulates Putin on Stolen Election

    And what is Xi’s favorability rating in China?
  10. What is your utopia.

    i would also add to that, buy one get one free cocktails
  11. Trump Congratulates Putin on Stolen Election

    Neither would any of these guys 1 – George Washington, 2 – John Adams, 3 – Thomas Jefferson, 4 – James Madison, 5 – James Monroe, 6 – John Quincy Adams, 7 – Andrew Jackson, 8 – Martin Van Buren, 9 – William Henry Harrison, 10 – John Tyler , 11 – James K. Polk, 12 – Zachary Taylor, 13 – Millard Fillmore, 14 – Franklen Pierce, 15 – James Buchanan, 16 – Abraham Lincoln, 17 – Andrew Johnson, 18 – Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, 19 – Rutherford B. Hayes, 20 – James A. Garfield, 21 – Chester A. Arthur, 22 – Grover Cleveland, 23 – Benjamin Harrison, 24 – Grover Cleveland, 25 – William McKinley, 26 – Theodore Roosevelt, 27 – William Howard Taft, 28 – Woodrow Wilson, 29 – Warren G. Harding 30 – Calvin Coolidge, 31 – Herbert Hoover 32 – Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945, Democrat 33 – Harry S. Truman, 34 – Dwight D. Eisenhower 35 – John F. Kennedy, 36 – Lyndon B. Johnson, 37 – Richard M. Nixon, 38 – Gerald R. Ford 39 – Jimmy Carter 40 – Ronald Reagan 41 – George Bush 42 – Bill Clinton 43 – George W. Bush 44 – Barack H. Obama