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  1. dacapo

    OLympics.....Just vaccinate all the athletes

    of just have sailing events...nobody watches those anyways ;-)
  2. dacapo

    the state of racing 2021

    so, the thread on the 3BF regarding single handed only, got me to wonder: will the 2021 racing season be any different than 2020? Have you seen in your own areas, a return to 2019 racing? (even a little) or will it be the same as 2020, with many regattas cancelled and only DH and small crew racing? (Will we continue to see pick up races? Will we see fully crewed races this year? Will regattas in the summer be cancelled early? Will OAs learn from last year and create safe environments for us to race? Will OAs develop new protocols for their clubs so that we can enjoy safely racing this year? Will we see (even a little) a reopening up of some of the races and regattas that wert cancelled last year? (safely of course....and as the reduction of covid allows) Will mass vaccinations allow us to get back on the water? Inquiring minds.........
  3. dacapo

    phrf boats

  4. dacapo

    phrf boats

    1970. Hull #176.
  5. dacapo


  6. dacapo

    phrf boats

    I'll have one for sale at a good price in May...............
  7. dacapo

    The Patriot Party

    he's a perfect Patriot Party member..........
  8. dacapo

    phrf boats

    wavelength 24....
  9. dacapo

    phrf boats

    ANDDDDDD does great in phrf...maybe too great for some ;-)
  10. dacapo

    I think I love her!

    red heads are wicked smart
  11. dacapo

    I think I love her!

    a real ginger