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  1. EastCoastHustle

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    I have also found quite a few errors in the certs, but thats why I like the system better than phrf. I can see in detail if someone is making crap claims when the file for a rating or sailing out of configuration with 5 minutes on my computer. Theres a lot less he said/she said and the corrected changes are clear cut, no arguing over performance gained or lost.
  2. EastCoastHustle

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    This is a problem that ORC eliminated IMO. Because all certs are publicly available, its pretty cut and dry whether someone is sailing outside of their declared or measured configuration.
  3. EastCoastHustle

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    Not the same. Still don't love ORR, but from my observation so far, ORC has been great and is extremely transparent taking out a lot of the drama and mysteries that go with people questioning whether or not something was declared, changed, etc.
  4. Only seems to become an issue when someone is simply unwilling to accept that it is okay to disagree on some things
  5. No issue sailing with owners that have differing political views. In fact I have no issue with people having different political views in general. It's called being an adult and not a bigot.....
  6. EastCoastHustle

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    I'd be pretty pissed if I donated a bunch of money towards this campaign. Not to mention the numerous athletes that spent time trying out.
  7. EastCoastHustle

    Question about ORC DH ratings...

    can you post the certs? I'll take a look. It is also possible that one boat is using the standard 1 design rating and they other has been fully measured. There are literally hundreds of things I can think of that would cause this but there is no way to confirm without seeing the certs.
  8. EastCoastHustle

    Question about ORC DH ratings...

    the ORC vs ORCi isn't the difference. What/where are the boats? Their certs are publicly available. There are more than a 100 factors that could cause the difference.
  9. EastCoastHustle

    junior thug life

    Thats a pretty fucked attitude. Praying for anyone that you might have raised
  10. EastCoastHustle

    ORC vs PHRF, how do they compare?

    Huge fan of the transparency of ORC though it is definitely more expensive than PHRF. It is way way more fair of a system in my opinion when run correctly (cough cough, certain events using w/l ratings on distance courses) and is much better at rating different types of boats together (ie sleds vs semi displacement)
  11. EastCoastHustle

    junior thug life

    maybe my panties did get a bit bunched but it was for a better reason
  12. EastCoastHustle

    junior thug life

    Huston says it’s hurting the sport. You know what else hurts the sport? Bashing on up and coming talent in the next generation for doing something totally normal.
  13. EastCoastHustle

    junior thug life

    Why do you bash them? Are you a fucking prick?
  14. EastCoastHustle

    junior thug life

    They're kids... if you are at an event at 18 and a photographer tells you to do something for a photo while you are having a good time with your pals are you thinking "wow I might be putting a bad image on the sport in some cocknozzle's eyes" probably not. Huston has his panties in a bunch and is clearly writing articles just to get his name to pop up. The guy is a nobody.
  15. EastCoastHustle

    junior thug life

    Totally agree. and at least wait till the event is over. Now you're probably in the head of this 18 year old who is trying to win in Australia.