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  1. EastCoastHustle

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Would be sad to see it die out. MBYC always runs a great event. Usually great wind for a season finale and a solid party.
  2. EastCoastHustle


    Obviously he has experience, but these are fairly unique foils and they can only build three sets. I would think a simple T with winglets is an early stage development. AM, INEOS, and LR have all been able to build and validate multiple designs before having to commit to a shape. While Verdier may have the most experience, do you think the other highly qualified and equipped design teams learned nothing?
  3. EastCoastHustle


    Interesting how all the teams that had test boats have bulbous foils. Could be that NZ is behind in that aspect.
  4. EastCoastHustle

    TP 52 Deal?

    anyone have a link to the listing
  5. EastCoastHustle

    suck my balls

    Totally inappropriate to keep the names of the kids on here.
  6. EastCoastHustle

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    alright alright technicality. It was more of a clear coat than traditional "pain" not that anything about these boats is traditional. I heard when the last one sold, it had to be painted over before the new owner could take delivery.
  7. EastCoastHustle

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    She actually didn't have a paint job haha it was just a coating
  8. EastCoastHustle

    BIRW J/Boat Results ??

    I was on the line for ORC2. Its worth considering who was sailing the other boats. The 122 Teamwork was coming off almost a clean sweep at NYYC Annual Regatta and included a very talented Pro tactician. Orion put together quite a crew for the event as well with Libby Greenhalgh, navigator on WOX and Scallywag during the last Volvo. The Ker 11.5 just finished a massive refit and is sailing half professionally and half by students from Webb Institute who put in quite a bit of time on the boat. Keep in mind also that the 121 was designed more for offshore performance and its evident in its hull shape. ORC is also a new rule for most of the fleet and many have not figured out optimizing to it yet. Overall, I found the racing to be very competitive. The RC did a reasonably good job with the courses and with the new rating system. This was my first BIRW and I will certainly be back for more.
  9. EastCoastHustle

    NYYC One Design

    Have all the amputations been from the same block? Anyone have more detail?
  10. EastCoastHustle

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    supposedly retired due to an unrelated event ashore "All are safe. Unfortunately, due to a completely unrelated event ashore we have retired. We navigated in a heavy fog to Martha's Vineyard last night and are now motoring to Newport."
  11. EastCoastHustle

    no BIRW reports?

    ya that was a great way for him to draw an enormous amount of negative attention
  12. EastCoastHustle

    no BIRW reports?

    Was on the water earlier this week. Some very very competitive racing so far. A couple of fleets are still very up in the air
  13. EastCoastHustle

    Is a locator beacon worth it for the Halifax Race?

    Then you didn't look into it too much. 5 guys were separated from the boat. 2 PLB's were activated and a rescue crew was sent out. The PLB's weren't properly registered which did cause delay, but ultimately they were rescued due to their activation. https://www.ussailing.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/safety_us_sailing_inquiry_rambler.pdf
  14. EastCoastHustle

    Is a locator beacon worth it for the Halifax Race?

    Strongly disagree with your comment about PLB's. A PLB saved the crew during the rambler 100 incident. If you turn it on. Everyone is going to know where you are and if you have it registered properly, even better. I am also a huge fan of the personal AIS beacons. I believe there is a combo unit now.
  15. EastCoastHustle

    crew in Newport RI

    May have some luck emailing the shields or j24 fleet captains