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  1. EastCoastHustle

    Prada Cup

    This is very very bad. Hopefully they can keep enough buoyancy around it to keep it up to the dock
  2. EastCoastHustle

    Prada Cup

    I’ve lost the feed. Where are you watching
  3. EastCoastHustle

    AC TV Coverage

    "almost every country around the world". Does that sound definitive enough to you Mr. Asshat? Perhaps you'd have an easier time pulling that stick out of your ass if you step down from your high horse.
  4. EastCoastHustle

    AC TV Coverage

    that's not live. Live will be around 9pm eastern
  5. EastCoastHustle

    AC TV Coverage

    I seem to remember one cup where nbc literally cut away from racing to go to commercial
  6. EastCoastHustle

    AC TV Coverage

    so essentially, the consensus seems to be that we have no idea whether or not we can watch a live stream for free in the US. Pretty unfortunate that at a time where many of us cannot or will not gather to watch together, the pricing is through the roof. So much for accessibility..... and I see no guarantee that there won't be ads with the paid service.
  7. EastCoastHustle

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Where are you seeing that? Not having much luck finding that data
  8. EastCoastHustle

    Anyone successfully shorthanding C&C 30 OD

    Not exactly the ideal DH platform...
  9. He clearly was just looking for people to agree with him from the start. If he was the sportsman he claims to be, this would not have been any issue at all.
  10. You can say that all day long, but your statements and "questions" show otherwise. It seems as though you are the one who has been "triggered".
  11. This seems like a non-issue. They posted the wrong rating associated with your boat. They corrected it once they realized there was a mistake. Do you really want a trophy for a race that you know you didn't really win? And rob the M24 guys from a trophy that they know they deserve? You say you aren't whining but yet instead of actually looking into the proper process, you've taken the time to start an open discussion about it on the internet. It was very clear that ILYC had to work incredibly hard just for the event to happen this year. Cut them a break, enjoy your still very good result in competitive fleet and challenging conditions, and look forward to next year.
  12. EastCoastHustle

    Around the Vinyard Race. Ok to use your engine?

    The issue I see here is that engine usage should be penalized substantially more than one minute per minute used. In this particular case, motoring perpendicular to rum and away from danger was also motoring towards better breeze in a drifter. A circle itself would have taken over 15 minutes. completely agree that the wording is poor. There needs to be a more well defined and fair system.
  13. EastCoastHustle

    Around the Vinyard Race. Ok to use your engine?

    I understand the rule and it’s applicability. The extensive shoaling southeast of the island presents a substantial challenge for those unfamiliar with the area. My point is that the Committee’s decision to penalize only 15 minutes during a “drift” leg of the race which took almost 4 hours is poor judgement. The penalty should be substantially higher. Also seeing @ryley comment on TOD vs TOT. I thought this was odd as well. Would expect a race like this to be scored TOT, though something like ORR-ez is probably the best low cost solution for a race like this with substantially varying conditions.
  14. EastCoastHustle

    Around the Vinyard Race. Ok to use your engine?

    The fact that boats were penalized only 15 minutes is complete BS and no surprise out of the EYC race committee especially when one of their most high profile members was involved. We watched moneypenney drop headsails, motor in the direct of the mark, and reset sails. Saving themselves at least 30 minutes of time. Why not just turn on your motor and catch up to whoever the competition is if the penalty is only 15 minutes.... By imposing such a minimalistic penalty, boats which anticipated the current and breeze change (which was very well forecast, ie prepared for the race) and took precautions to avoid the shoal were penalized for NOT using their motors.
  15. EastCoastHustle

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    I have also found quite a few errors in the certs, but thats why I like the system better than phrf. I can see in detail if someone is making crap claims when the file for a rating or sailing out of configuration with 5 minutes on my computer. Theres a lot less he said/she said and the corrected changes are clear cut, no arguing over performance gained or lost.