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  1. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Larry had every opportunity over various campaigns to support US sailors and US sailing, but to date has done little to support your argument. Will that change in his remaining years, we can all be hopeful but at this stage you're dreaming. I'd be pleased to be proven wrong. There are at least 3 circuits of high performance multihulls that travel the world. Those events cost nowhere near 10 million per year to enter, yet they struggle to gain traction. How is a more expensive, massively complicated, dangerous and logistically challenging boat going to gather more interest from prospective share holders. All you're doing is diluting the overall market for sponsorship, not to mention the talent pool of sailors, shore crew and designers. Someone will get stuck with the short end of the stick and I'm telling you now the traveling events with higher logistic requirements will be the ones that suffer the most. If this goes ahead, fact of the matter is LE, TT and any other donors will be burning money to keep it alive. The good news is, someone will collect a nice paycheck for a year or two...
  2. Oracle Team USA

    Good luck with that... Does Larry even have a clue how complicated and on edge those boats were? Even if made more one design, you'll still need a significant shore team to keep the things running safely. Add into that mix "various venues" around the world, have fun in sea states over a meter! No matter how easy they make this event to join, the money men still won't have the balls to sail on one. Since its not going to be cheap, where will the money come from? Its a massive step from a GC32 to an AC50...
  3. Team NZ

    You do realize the photo of BAR is of the leeward side of the boat, looks like they are preparing for a gybe...the other crew are to windward and not tucked down as you said.
  4. Oracle Team USA

    Wrong...aero can't be adjusted while racing...and the area of the fairings is limited. Since oracle is providing the overall platform design, including pod and beams, there's not much teams can do in terms of platform aero. Yes, the fairings can be optimized but at this stage its all about the sailors and the foil design.
  5. Team Japan

    Stingray, #1 The 62 rule was much more open. Only the wing was 1-design. Get an F^#&in clue. But the issue isn't the design, its the fact it was changed after a year of development after everyone had signed up unanimously to another rule! #2 In the past, the mere fact that a challenger would engage in a practice race with the defender was a big NO NO. Now we have the defender not only sailing with challengers but also providing designs and personnel. The point is for the challengers to take the cup away from the defender! Not for the weak challengers to look pretty and vote against real challengers. I realize that times change, but you are exactly one of those individuals who would have complained about all of this if it were Alinghi making the rules. But now, you roll over and can't figure out why its so hypocritical.
  6. trickle down

    I think you will find the up tip foil will suffer at higher speeds, in particular near the cavitation barrier. When you get above 40 knots come back and tell us how its going. I suspect you're going to hit a wall at around 35 knots...then again...what do I know...
  7. Artemis?

    Ah yes, stable. But fast? No way to know...
  8. Artemis?

    Thats a failure too.I mean how hard would it be to properly ban foiling? This hard: 'Daggerboards shall be straight along the main axis, shall have no additional appendages and shall be mounted with main axis no more than 10 degrees from vertical in any direction'. Lets get this straight, they never tried to ban foiling. They did successfully ban automated systems that would make foiling a lot easier. Don't get the two confused.
  9. Artemis?

    Not really...when the wing is eased the leading edge rotates. The cut out allows the headsail halyard load to be closer to the center of rotation, allowing the wing to rotate more freely. Thats not to say this wing doesn't have leading element twist, just that the cutout isn't necessarily a sure sign.
  10. News from SF Embarcadero...

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....wake me up when the boats go sailing....