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  1. Proper technique for single handed jibes?

    For sym I ease the sheet, disconnect pole, dip pole, attach lazy sheet, pop the tack, snuff the spin, move everything over the other side, disconnect the boom preventer, bring the preventer line to the other side, head back to the cockpit and jibe the main, reconnect the preventer, then finally redeploy the spin once on course. I don't do DDW unless I have both spin pole and boom preventer attached and I'm ready at the helm. If I'm in a narrow waterway I use asym and leave the pole out of the equation. I haven't had the boom swing across unintentionally for several years and I want the last time to remain the last time.
  2. AIS to wifi without VHF

    It has NMEA 0183 so I could hook it up to the Yakker NMEA to wifi gateway for about $150 installed. Sounds like a plan.
  3. AIS to wifi without VHF

    Sounds like there are no choices under $300 just for receiving AIS. I might have to go Raspberry Pi with antenna. The marine industry is too expensive for by little Whaler.
  4. AIS to wifi without VHF

    I'm outfitting my recently purchased Boston Whaler and would rather not have a fixed mount VHF, but would like to still receive AIS targets on the iPhone via iNavX. Is there a simple way to setup the gateway without having to purchase a dedicated GPS, VHF, and NMEA to wifi bridge? No this is not sailing related, but you guys know a shit ton more about this than the Boston Whaler owners. They seem to discourage the use of 'complex navigation instruments'. I'm in San Diego Bay and often run full throttle at night, so having commercial boats on the chart would be useful. No I'm not going to navigate using MarineTraffic.
  5. California Boating Card

    There should be another exemption where if you have taken a course in another state, you can immediately receive a card. I took the Washington exam, which is going to be EXACTLY the same as California so now I have to take the course again, which will cost another $40. I hate the state run agencies.
  6. Underwater Max Prop Lubrication

    I just checked and I have the zerk inside of the same bag as the Lubriplate. I just need the gun apparently! I dive the boat in SD every two weeks to stay on top of the prop and keep the tube worms from forming in various places where the Biocop is no longer protecting from hitchhikers. It's been a year and a half and 3000 nm so probably time.
  7. I've had the ferry take the turn so fast that is created a wake that hit the guest docks and caused the boats to make a 20 degree roll. I had a cast iron pan on the stove without pot supports that went flying and the handle broke off. It was a Griswold pan too, which are built a lot stronger. I was a little bummed at the time but I don't miss the pan. It seems two pans of different sizes suffice. I've also come out of the anchorage a couple of times with boats bearing down on me from the marina at full throttle. I was sailing off and they didn't even flinch. Five blasts told everyone they were going too fast out out of port.
  8. Underwater Max Prop Lubrication

    Excellent video fastbottoms. How often do you add grease? Also where do I get the removable zerk and gun? On another note, you should get some ball type allen screwdrivers. They are a lot easier than allen keys.
  9. Advice on dinghy in Mission/San Diego Bays

    kinardly hit the nail on the head. You're either going faster than the big boys, or you're hugging the shore and going 3 knots.
  10. spinnaker line

    Halyard ball stopper. Solved.
  11. After a year of living on the hook in the SJI's and then sailing south, I would say SoCal is where it's at. Sure there is year round sailing up there but it's fucking freezing cold, wet, cloudy, and a lot of gales pass through for at least eight months out of the year. Not nearly the racing scene that Newport and San Diego have. A lot more bristol boats though. People love plastic of all kinds down here.
  12. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Easy on the numbers. Let's say 140.
  13. R2AK Inspired Race to Tierra del Fuego

    Not even close in comparison. I've rarely ever felt a williwaw in the PNW. In Patagonia it's a regular occurrence. I think the OP just found the biggest sailboat racing challenge outside of round the world via the great capes. It's pretty shitty down there. On my last trip to El Chalten I spent only one day out of six outside hiking. The rest was sitting indoors waiting for the weather to calm down. I left in a blizzard.
  14. Best laptop for use on a sailboat is?

    There are a lot more than one. They are just not interested in chiming in due to the die hard Windows PC crowd trying to convince engineers that DOS is better than Linux or Unix, and attempting to convince their fellow sailors through insults instead of logic and reason. Speaking of Windows, did everyone enjoy the forced update from patching the ransomware that shut down tens of thousands of Windows based PC's (for the second time)? Unix or Linux computers were effected by the ransomware.
  15. Best laptop for use on a sailboat is?

    Sure, if you can keep Windows Defender from hogging up CPU, and software update notifications from obscuring your view. I'm not sure if any of these apps are on a PC. It's like knowing the weather in Alaska when you're in California.