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  1. ni·hil·ism

    Soft Shackle Coated Knots

    I'm seeing some of the rigging shops coat the diamond knot of their pre-made soft shackles. I've never had a knot slip so what's the purpose of this? Seems like overkill. Thoughts?
  2. ni·hil·ism

    Sailing solo from Neah Bay down to San Fran

    If you're f'un-employed maybe it's better to enjoy the little harbors along the way so you're not stuck offshore a hundred miles hand steering in giant ocean swell. I chose the Neah to SF route and it was no fun due to gales and huge breaking seas for half the time. I think most people who motor south in flat water while harbor hopping have the most fun. It may take you a month or two but you get to check out every available port before SF. If you're heading south after that, you still have the same shit until after Mendo...then it's blue, warm, and boring.
  3. ni·hil·ism

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Easy on the numbers. Let's say 140.
  4. ni·hil·ism

    single burner camp stove multi-gimballed

    Insanely expensive for a few pieces of metal. Did the stove at least come with the 150 lb price tag? Sheesh!
  5. ni·hil·ism

    single burner camp stove multi-gimballed

    I don't understand why someone hasn't snatched up the chance to develop a universal adapter for MSR, Snowpeak, and Jetboil isobutane stoves. It's not that complicated, and would probably sell to every sailor with a boat that doesn't already have a propane setup. Even then, I can see having a little cockpit coffee maker would be a nice addition to any boat.
  6. ni·hil·ism

    What is it, PNW?

    Too funny. We moved from the PNW to San Diego and found sailing in SD incredibly boring. Mostly light winds, large swell, and nowhere to go. You just sailed out until you got bored and then turned around. Much prefer the variety of passes and channels in the Salish. Lots of sail handling keeps it intersting. Yep super boring here.
  7. ni·hil·ism

    What is it, PNW?

    It's quite easy to get around the Salish in a large boat properly designed for it. That would be one without sails and with a reliable diesel motor. Sails are relatively useless where there is no wind, unless you are in love with the romance of having them furled on the boom. I have seen such proper PNW vessels 175' long even up the Malibu Straights in Princess Louisa - mind you that would take some balls. You just got a bad year. Usually we get at least thirty days a year with wind in February alone. I've had some great conditions in the Salish, but overall I found myself motoring more than sailing. Gotta catch the tides right getting across the Strait, or through the pass, or before the winds die. Let's not forget the usual encounter with aggressive ferry boat captains. I moved to San Diego and have been sailing a ton more due to the spectacular sailing conditions and infinite amount of sea room for long tacks. Instead of tacking a bazillion times to go north, I just stay on one tack until I'm a little more than half way there, then tack back. Wow. Easy.
  8. ni·hil·ism

    What is it, PNW?

    Good luck tacking her through any of the passes, or anchoring her in any of the scenic bays. She's be great offshore, in the bahamas or S.Pac. Useless in the SJI's. Useless? C'mon. Hardly. Sure you couldn't go through Mosquito Pass with that draft (not a big loss), but otherwise, where couldn't go in the SJI's that you can with a 40 footer and 7' draft. I can't think of any place. With a non-overlapping headsail you could doublehand that thing all over the SJI's. It would be a blast. Yup, A lot of boats do clang into rocks in PNW, but it's usually due to navigational errors. I think i read somewhere in SA where Bob Perry said that for PNW, he likes boats with as much draft as possible - because draft is not an issue here.. MInd you, i'm just going by recollection - Bob may have something different to say about it. It's difficult enough with a 40'er getting around the Salish. Lack of winds and lots of boat traffic makes sailing a challenge. Multiply that by linear feet and you end up with a motorsailor instead of enjoyable passage. Most tacks last no more than fifteen minutes, if there is even wind.
  9. ni·hil·ism

    Lazy Jack upgrade

    No need for any kind of blocks or rings. Just use dyneema and eye splice, then thread the top braid through the bottom splices. This will work just fine and eliminate potential chafe on the sail. Then you can use Ronstan shocks between the double braid and the dyneema. Use V cleats with a fairlead as they make it easy to lift and release the jacks, but are low profile to keep other lines from catching. 3/16" is a good diameter of Amsteel. You can get white, which looks great with a white sail.
  10. ni·hil·ism

    What is it, PNW?

    Good luck tacking her through any of the passes, or anchoring her in any of the scenic bays. She's be great offshore, in the bahamas or S.Pac. Useless in the SJI's.
  11. ni·hil·ism

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I'vr never heard that before. It's a great sailboat in all of it's forms.
  12. ni·hil·ism

    Show your boat sailing thread
  13. ni·hil·ism

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I couldn't stand to watch more than 20 seconds at a time, can you tell us the story please? In short, Rick is winning the hot girls on sailboats war by shear quantity.
  14. ni·hil·ism

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    They bought a Celestial 48. I don't see sails in the listing, and the spars are bare.
  15. ni·hil·ism

    Anchor Geekdom

    Thanks for sharing!