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  1. Peanutbutterjars

    Oz Music thread

  2. Nike laughing all the way to the Bank with this Kapernick marketing move .... a few MAGA DELIVERANCE Families in the Bang me Bro Bayous notwithstanding
  3. Peanutbutterjars

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    All I know is that that Warrior 39...or is it 35 , whatever the fuck it is, is a BIG fuckin boat for someone with not much experience. Maybe he will just waddle about with iron genny and make fixing engine videos That Ballad 29 footer design he has is probably a better boat all round for offshore if your shorthanded or solo...but what the fuck would I know , I wish him well the crazy Dane as he is a likeable chap, unlike myself.
  4. Peanutbutterjars

    And the Oped Author is......

    nah..the Huckabees love Trump's racist, bigoted political agenda. Fits right in with their own views. That's why she can stand there and lie for the orange one day after day after day after day.
  5. Peanutbutterjars

    And the Oped Author is......

    Trump did dis his moustache at one point.
  6. Peanutbutterjars

    And the Oped Author is......

    Maybe Pence gave his input to Nikki using a burner phone. So not in the same room.
  7. Peanutbutterjars

    And the Oped Author is......

    Nikki Hayley,,,...with input from Mike "Lodestar" Pence
  8. Who grabbed who's Pussy Johnson first?
  9. Peanutbutterjars

    Trump Administration - The Fourth Reich?

    Quantitative Easing on steroids, but the Ponzi scheme can only last so long.
  10. Peanutbutterjars

    Trump Administration - The Fourth Reich?

    Well put Amati. Like daddys money that got him outa the shit decades ago during one of his bankruptcies, he is damn lucky Obama got the economy going after Bush gave him a Lemon at the start of his Presidency, But, being such a thick cunt, Trump wants to do his best to fuck the economy via his Trade wars . So indeed, a fucked economy is what helped start the fascism rise in Europe in the previous century.
  11. Peanutbutterjars

    "CNN sucks!"

    Irony or not, not sure, but no problem.! Imagine being the daughter to the fucking idiot Mike Huckabee. No wonder she is fucked in the head and spews forth a bunch of bullshit day in day out. Just like her old man when he was Govenor, and then later on Faux News.
  12. Peanutbutterjars

    "CNN sucks!"

    Some advice Shortforbob - if you are a thick cunt Shortforbob like the other fucksticks in Cruising Anarchy, go say your dumb shit about me on Babe or Boat thread, the one you are too thick to work out the piss take on. Yeah that one. This is PA. Having said that, a little bit strong Cal 20. She (Sanders) is unattractive, thatch for sure, something the Right had no problem in throwing at Obama's Mrs I dont have a lot of sympathy for her. I just feel a bit sad for her really, the pathetic human being that she is by not standing up to the Orange Idiot she works for.
  13. Peanutbutterjars

    Trump Administration - The Fourth Reich?

    Pretty much you have it there in a nutshell. I just hope someone on either side doesnt literally get shot .
  14. Peanutbutterjars

    Trump Administration - The Fourth Reich?

    Hey man, that is interesting. You really think Trump might just give it away if the predicted Blue Wave does come in Nov?