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  1. Melges 24 Worlds

    Um... crickets after Day 1? I don't want to have to go to the website... this is the website, right? Bora is in the hunt... Carrol lurks. Any surprises? Any carnage? Am I missing another thread? C
  2. Corsair Sprint 750 MkI

    Fun vid of the boat with a snuffed we designed...
  3. Foiling Nacra 17

    Ah... got it.
  4. Foiling Nacra 17

    What did I miss? Didn't catch Bora's comments...
  5. Perhaps one of the most informative and mature SA threads in quite a while. Please stop it.
  6. Foiling Nacra 17

    Any kit info?
  7. Foiling Nacra 17

    Any pricing info on kit upgrade?
  8. Multihull Cup

    Paul and Kathryn on Cool Cat are great sailors... actively race Kathryn's tricked out 28R Evolution. In NC redoing bottom right now.
  9. Foiling Nacra 17

    Any info on retrofit for existing N17s?
  10. GB 60 v 66

    Paul, Beautiful boat - looks like you are having fun with it. I'm a lover of tri's but the cat is where I'm headed. Need the cabin space. Best, C.
  11. GB 60 v 66

    OK... Late night rant. In my experience (and through my coaches over the years) winning races can be represented as a formula: Win = f(boat speed, boat handling, tactics, strategery) If you grant me this, with my thanks in advance, the notion of replacing center boards with daggerboards, taller masts, less weight, redistribution of weight, eelsnot coating, etc... Only impacts boat speed. The other pieces of boat speed are trim, movable ballast, and steering. Why should any Gunboat owner (only because they are my top brand at the moment) have to spend hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars to make their boat competitive because of a math problem? The more I think about this, the more I am convinced that a fair rating system that crosses boats and brands needs to be established to allow "fair" racing. VPP calcs are hypothetical. As an economist and former database marketer, I can tell you that actual trump forecast over time. We are now getting enough data on Gunboats (over a decades worth) to make some much better math when we consider rating against one another. Now, you could also argue that the other factors (which are driven by the quality of sailor) are at play here, and I would agree. I could just be trying to build an argument for a 60 in my own head. Done for the night. Have at it. C.
  12. GB 60 v 66

    What a crafty thread hijack... I'm in Rob's situation, and will use the boat in pretty much an identical fashion for the same reasons. I've owned, run and chartered boats - the systems on the boat and boat maintenance don't scare me in the least. I'm familiar with most everything that the GBs would have except hybrid drives (if I went with a 60), but I'm not going to be living aboard, so will use crew the same way he will - luckily I know several that would fit the bill. I really just want to know thoughts on Dagger v Centerboard, Turbo'd version of the 60 v normal, and the odds of a fairer handicap system to race boats straight up - Calling it a "club" rating is like calling the mansions in Mt. Desert cottages... SO - any more thoughts on the versions of 55, 60, 62, 66?
  13. GB 60 v 66

    Now that's funny
  14. GB 60 v 66

    Thanks all... Any results from turboed 60's? Are they more competitive?
  15. GB 60 v 66

    Thanks all... I appreciate the feedback. How often are the handicap's changed on these boats? Seems like if you know the 66 then 62 then 60 then 55... Should be able to do some math to make them dead even for handicap stuff... All know I prefer strict OD, but it would suck to buy a boat that didn't have a chance because of simple math. Soma/Mark - I'll follow up with you both offline... Just wanted to hear from others on this besides the company reps. I really like the Outremer 5X, and the all carbon one on the market right now looks great - but the draft is the killer for me... Best, C.