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  1. resist

    Australian Sailing

    You can do better than that mate. Lazy.
  2. Yes but only with the benefit of nostalgia
  3. resist

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I know this is a bit tongue in cheek but it does go to the value of the ORCV winter/DH series. Those races have been our only opportunity to race (our ocean going boat) in a gale in the bay in the last few years and we all & particularly new people learnt a lot more that way than cruising around.
  4. resist

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Hi mate. I’m not hairy chested, probably a fuckwit, and I’ve had a death on my boat. In our case I never contemplated whether the presence or absence of lifelines changed anything apart from how we could get him back on board and the coroner didn’t consider them or any other sailing equipment to have had any causal relevance in the circumstances. If she had I would have been happy for recommendations to be made and for rules or procedures to be changed based on those recommendations. As it was we had lifelines before and continue to have them now. If it’s the case the OC has decided to mandate lifelines for general safety reasons, I’m pretty indifferent. But in a situation where I’m not aware of any conclusion that a lack of lifelines played any part in the two A10 tragedies, I think it’s out of order to mandate lifelines in one event as an asserted response to those tragedies. if my understanding of anything is wrong I’m happy to be corrected.
  5. resist

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Do you know what instructions were put to the lawyers and what advice they gave? Do you know whether the advice was followed? Do you know whether the lawyers are appropriately specialised? Or is the “top flight legal expertise” from sailors who happen to be lawyers (and maybe bloody good ones)? the existence of “months” of “a lot going on” at SYC and the fact that lawyers have somehow been involved is not in any way inconsistent with the response being knee jerk. Particularly if it’s right that it’s based on the two A10 incidents, neither of which have any associated finding that a lack of lifelines contributed. If you know of such a finding do let us know
  6. resist

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Nonsense. That's not being bold, it's talking without any reference to reality. If a decision has been made that lifelines are required based on the two incidents you're referring to, it's fairly described as a knee jerk reaction until there's some identification that lack of lifelines contributed to those particular incidents. To my knowledge there hasn't been any relevant finding either way.
  7. resist

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    This thread has already overtaken the 2018 protest thread in usefulness and entertainment
  8. resist

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Can’t have been that bad, they passed us in the Sun arvo race looking ok
  9. resist

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Bang on. We would have been another IRC and AMS entry but couldn’t get crew for the whole week on top of the long weekend for FOS.
  10. What? No he’s not. You might want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that’s a personal moral question for you. edit: beat me to it Lydia. If it went to the IJ there would be no question of “innocence”, just what facts were proven on the evidence, with the first hurdle being whether there was enough evidence on which to find facts sufficient to constitute a contravention. should we start talking about whether it matters if they knew or didn’t know again? We’ll have to do each topic four or five times if we’re going to make this thread last til Christmas.
  11. resist

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    No need for exaggeration when you’re talking about the Australian Sailing 2019 Saint Moritz by GURNER™ Australian Yachting Championships it’s 21-24 jan so just before Geelong
  12. resist

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    The real racing’s short tacking up the channel six times over the weekend, not this W/Ls where you can’t see the bottom nonsense
  13. SI 22.1. The circumstances of an infringement of the SIs are relevant to (the IJ’s exercise of its discretion to impose a) penalty I don’t know that anyone is disagreeing with you in the way you have decided they are.