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  1. Rustie38

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Yep, I've just been watching the rip curl pro live and went back to check the BTG site but still down... Ah well back to surfing...
  2. Rustie38

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Has anyone had trouble with the BTG web site, it seems to have crashed.
  3. Rustie38


    It seems the modern day sailor with all their high tech equipment has less seamanship skills than the sailor of a bygone era.. I thought Gunboats were blue water boats, built to cross oceans. Are people heading out to sea in boats that are really only designed for coastal cruising? or are they lacking offshore equipment such as droges and sea anchors and the knowledge of how and when to use them? Too many yachtsmen these days are getting rescued from boats that are still afloat and in reasonable condition. What must the average land lubber think when they see sailors being airlifted off boats that floating on their lines and apparently only suffering superficial damage? There is also the point that you are risking your own life in many situations getting off a perfectly good boat to be rescued by a ship or helicopter.. What happened to the "preserve the boat and keep her afloat attitude", riding out a storm and getting yourself and your boat back to port under your own steam.