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  1. Mckarma

    Don Lemon interview Pastor

    So the Pastor is a douchebag for spending his life trying to help the inner city black and poor community children attain a better life? And you're not a fan of Lemon but you don't condone him being the real douchebag? Wow.
  2. Anyone find this repulsive? Check out the change in CNN's feed when Don doesn't get what he wants and goes on offense.
  3. When is he going drifting next
  4. Mckarma

    Ancestry DNA

    IDK. I have nothing to hide and last I checked my tin foil hat is in good condition because I don’t wear it.
  5. Mckarma

    Ancestry DNA

    I had 0.3% African Pigmy. I’m Caucasian and 6’ 2”. Lol
  6. Mckarma

    Ancestry DNA

    My mom is 52% British and I’m 18%. That shows you how it works.
  7. Mckarma

    Ancestry DNA

    If your mom is 50% Irish and 50% Swedish, you may only get the Swedish genes and you’ll be 50% Swedish. Not likely, but this does give you the idea on how it works.
  8. Mckarma

    Ancestry DNA

    That's not how it works....
  9. Mckarma

    False Flag Horseshit

    Us? Who is us? Are you speaking for everyone?....
  10. Mckarma

    Most Over-rated big name rock bands

    Did anyone post "Bruce Springsteen"? Just making sure he's on the list.
  11. Meanwhile, over on FB: Jean Mondeau‎ to Rimas Meleshyus October 5 at 4:10 AM · I am planning on bringing Rimas home again. I need to know how many people will help me financially with this task. He is in DaNang Vietnam and I think he has served pentance enough by now. He is stuck in a homeless shelter. I will set up a go fund me account to accomplish this task. I am Jean also known as the enabler. I provide him with boats and money for his travels. But I am soon to be retired and can not finance his travels any longer. If his followers help out I will give this old adventurer another boat, (one more time) chain it to the dock till he can sail proper and set him free again. Respond to this thread and let see if this can happen. 18 Comments Anna Butler Isn't that what he's thinking? Anna Butler Dena Mattox Rush wish I could afford to donate... Nancy Pittard I'm in. Poor guy probably feels pretty low at this point. Post a link for the GoFundMe link. Dena Mattox Rush I wish I could donate but I really can't afford to. I can help you share it everywhere though, Jean Mondeau. You are doing the right thing, Jean. I support what you are doing. Jean the Enabler. LOL That made me laugh so hard. Elleda Rhiannon Wilson Give me the link and I'll share it, too, and put the word out about needing a translator Jim Furnish I'm in. If every friend of Rimas kicked in 5 dollars, it would go a long way in helping Rimas get out of this ongoing jam he's gotten in to. Jimmy Mathis Let me know how, I got $5 Jimmy Mathis Ahh the stories.... Jim Furnish there was a gofundme going that the Shannon started for Rimas about 5 years ago...there were plenty of links on Rimas page through the years but I cant find them now Rich Bartholomew What's going to happen when he gets back in the States? Does he have a place to live? I know his Social Security is not enough to live on. And his propensity to hop on anything that floats and drift across the ocean doesn't seem to have gone away. And what are the odds that he will take seriously sailing lessons from anybody? He's been asked and offered that by many so far. While he is a very likeable guy, others who know him better than I suggest that it's impossible for him to maintain a boat. Has he made any indication he wants to settle down? Maybe he will get a good marriage proposal here. Lindy Combs Ohh noo!! I have not been following Rimas. Just now checked in. Oh my heart is burdened with this. A homeless shelter in Vietnam. Ohhh myyy!! I met Rimas on a bus the day before he left Whidbey Island in 2013. He was so excited, then I followed him for months. Is ANYONE in contact with him? Dena Mattox Rush I was about 3 months ago Dena Mattox Rush Now just figuring out how to get him home. He's safe though. Just need to get him back. Problems with his visa. Lindy Combs Dena Mattox Rush Thank you so much! David S Wheatley I know that Trump is center stage in all the news outlets in the USA but I would have thought that the American Consulate or Embassy would have done something, ANYTHING, to get him home by supplying emergency visa, exit permits, passport and money. It is not as if he infiltrated the country illegally but he was just 'shipwrecked' and the country he ended up in was not of his choice? :/ Lindsay Onwiththemotley David definitely sounds like a job for the Embassy... David S Wheatley The US Embassy in Vietnam is open 24 hours a day (tab top right to translate into English). Dena Mattox Rush David S Wheatley I've been thinking about this. I did try calling the Embassy. Never got an answer. I'm wondering if they are really open 24/7 Jean Mondeau I got word to Rimas about bringing him home. It's complicated. We need someone there to assist with the documentation. Can anybody take a trip there to pick him up and bring him home. Dena Mattox Rush Elleda Rhiannon Wilson ...would Ron be interested...or could you talk him into it ?.... Elleda Rhiannon Wilson No, he's got a very busy business here. And, he doesn't speak Vietnamese. Dena Mattox Rush Elleda Rhiannon Wilson I meant because I thought he went to Vietnam sometimes. But I understand. Elleda Rhiannon Wilson I think being bilingual would be crucial in this case! Dena Mattox Rush Elleda Rhiannon Wilson yes. So do I actually. I'll keep thinking... Elleda Rhiannon Wilson There's all that wrangling with embassy to be done, and who knows what kind of issues there may be with the Vietnamese govt., or the city of Da Nang, for staying at the shelter. They might want compensation. Who knows? Elleda Rhiannon Wilson Not to mention, there may well be issues and complications we haven't even thought of. Don't think this will be easy to pull off, by any means. Rich Bartholomew There's only one reason he is in this situation, and that's because somebody bought him a boat he shouldn't have had. So step up to the plate and fix what you broke. Simple. When you create a problem child, you need to fix the problem and protect the c…See More Dena Mattox Rush But others WANT to help. Jean Mondeau Rich Bartholomew ha ha ha. Next time you want a dream come true don't call this fairy godfather. I'll put coal in your sock. Lol. Rich Bartholomew Jean Mondeau I didn't call before either. I was also pretty clear before that it was a train wreck waiting to happen... like people telling someone on the ledge to jump. Well, he jumped. Is everyone happy now? Jean Mondeau Not everyone likes santa clause Rich Bartholomew Jean Mondeau don't get me wrong, I like Santa Claus and I don't think anybody has had ill intent toward our friend. I just think he is not capable of the success that he dreams. Jean Mondeau Rich Bartholomew now your talking.
  12. Mckarma

    Best Movie Ever

    Blazing Saddles.
  13. Mckarma

    Instant Pot

    Those little metal squares look like tedious shit to me. I hate tedious. I never could install crown molding either (random thought).