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  1. Mckarma

    So Long Roseanne, We Won't Miss You

  2. Mckarma

    So Long Roseanne, We Won't Miss You

    Roseanne is pretty much a horrible person.
  3. Mckarma

    So Long Roseanne, We Won't Miss You

    Are there any equivalents of "White trash" for other races?
  4. You never said "It's a figure of speach?"
  5. You forgot to use purple font. (Unless you are a partisan bigot).
  6. So it's ok to imply people that live in trailer parks should be looked down upon? I know a lot of people that live in trailers that are much better people (and have more humility) than some of the people that start threads with the implication categorizing and stuffing people into their "boxes". Is this what they mean by identity politics? Hmmmm, I thought identity politics were being utilized to enlist people. Implying some people are less valued than others doesn't seem to be the way to get that done. I find the OP disgusting.
  7. Mckarma

    Best Rock Song Intros

    You mentioned Kashmir?
  8. Mckarma

    Trump Blackmailing with Import tariffs

    I know, right? He's out of control. No other country is slapping tariff's on the US. He's asking for too much. What an idiot.
  9. Mckarma

    Trump & Kim to meet by May 2018

    No. I'm actually giving Obama policies (sanctions) credit for potentially bringing the fat kid to the table.
  10. Mckarma

    Trump & Kim to meet by May 2018

    I give Obama the credit. His policies led to this potential historic meeting.
  11. Mckarma

    Is Melania smarter than we thought?

    What a fucked up, biased, BS question. Anytime anyone assumes the intelligence of another without any evidence or knowledge of them is absolute arrogance. You're despicable.
  12. Mckarma

    Who Would You Like To See Running In 2020

    Pelosi. She's awesome. Smart, well spoken and doesn't come across as a dingbat at all.
  13. Mckarma

    So, What Happened To Trump's 3% Growth?

    You want him to fail, don't you?
  14. Mckarma

    Emigrate to Norway!

    He isn't a populist?
  15. Mckarma

    Emigrate to Norway!

    Trump is a populist. There is no way he wants immigrants whit no education and would need education and training. You're just generalizing because you're being partisan.