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  1. Mckarma


    Fuck off. I was pointing out that what he wrote didn't jive with the graph.
  2. Mckarma


    That graph doesn't show the rate. It shows the daily new cases. Get the right graph and then explain to the class.
  3. If the OP is pointing out whom one might vote for based on how well they are doing, then the OP is meaningless to me. I vote on what I think is best for the country, not myself. A rising tide raises all boats and that's a good thing.
  4. Mckarma


    The graph Kirwin posted even shows this. YCMTSU. Y'all need to go back to 9th grad math. I learned this shit four and half decades ago. Not too many in this post that are smarter than a 9th grader. (Excepting Saorsa and Warbird).
  5. Mckarma


    Y'all are clueless about a log graph vs linear. The graphs most of you are puzzled by that doesn't show a flattening is because they are linear. Flattening the curve relates to the rate of change in either hospitalization (preferred more accurate but two delayed) or the rate of change in infections. Once the "curve" becomes a straight line (on a linear graph) - the rate of change has rolled over and it has "flattened". If you put it on a log scale you would see that. Idiots. The only people on this board who caught it were Saorsa and Warbird (maybe a few more). The rest of you are completely ignorant and should stay out of the conversation cuz, damn, you are spreading disinformation. I wonder how much other disinformation gets spread around in this shithole.
  6. Mckarma

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    Exonerated. Forever.
  7. Mckarma

    Where will Iran hit first?

    Looks like the desert. A lot of sand to hit out there.
  8. Maybe the OP question should be "What could go right?"
  9. Seems you don't know the difference between enlisted and commissioned officer. Sounds about right for you.
  10. He's been on the US terrorist list since 2005
  11. Mckarma

    Don Lemon interview Pastor

    So the Pastor is a douchebag for spending his life trying to help the inner city black and poor community children attain a better life? And you're not a fan of Lemon but you don't condone him being the real douchebag? Wow.
  12. Anyone find this repulsive? Check out the change in CNN's feed when Don doesn't get what he wants and goes on offense.
  13. When is he going drifting next
  14. Mckarma

    Ancestry DNA

    IDK. I have nothing to hide and last I checked my tin foil hat is in good condition because I don’t wear it.