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  1. I'd rather live in Russia it's very close to s western culture
  2. not a traitor. I wish him the best. I can't begin to imagine what the real extent of NSA spying is. I find it troubling. My reasonable proposal would declassify 90% of all documents after 5 years.
  3. I kind of respect akagp. He walked away onlike happy jack off
  4. TMS needs to be added to the poll...
  5. Bull Gator

    Domestic spying

    CIA spies embedded in NYPD..... http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/27/nyregion/cia-sees-concerns-on-ties-to-new-york-police.html?ref=nyregion&_r=0
  6. Bull Gator

    Crossing the "red line" in Syria - or not

    What should we be doing instead? Continue to make brave statements while cowering under the bed? Let the death count spiral upwards past a 100,000? Create more and more refugees? Have less and less infrastructure and livable housing? why is that our problem? what is our (not israels) interest in having the rebels displace Assad? I have schooled you again!
  7. Bull Gator

    Crossing the "red line" in Syria - or not

    Smart we need to stay out. Ideally we get Russia to take Syria's chemical weapons in exchange we allow Assad to win
  8. Bull Gator

    Crossing the "red line" in Syria - or not

    You can not be serious. Did Ben take over your keyboard? you should have bolded the second sentence instead
  9. Bull Gator

    Domestic spying

    Facebook would laugh at your stupid statement.
  10. Bull Gator

    Domestic spying

    Are you retarded? Libraries serve the local community they need to know who's checking out what to cater to,the local community. Demographics are hugely important. That said it doesn't need to be shared with the federal govt
  11. Bull Gator

    Domestic spying

    Why were the librarians keeping those records? Most of them are government too, eh? Are you retarded? If they didn't keep records how would they know if you late returning books?
  12. Bull Gator

    Domestic spying

    I'm not saying you weren't. I want to hear from everyone in govt. I think they all have a hand in this
  13. Bull Gator

    Domestic spying

    Sadly I don't think they are breaking the law. Under the patriot act there are a bunch of secret laws that we don't know about. For instance the govt supeoned library records. In doing so it told the librarians that it was a matter of national security and that if they told anyone they were subject to arrest.
  14. Bull Gator

    Domestic spying

    I agree with RD this isn't a left/right issue. Bad things happen. I want to stop them but not at the expense of my liberty. 9/11 killed 3000 people. Gun Nutters kill an order of magnitude greater than that EVERY year. Dismantle DPH and announce to the american people what exactly is being surveilled, let us decide if we want that to happen.