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  1. California Bill to Ban Ordinary Rifles

    In a straight out civil war the teabaggers would be crushed by the centrists and their liberal allies. Hopefully the survivors would be deported to Mexico
  2. NEW CHS X19 - 19' Trimaran Build (trikala)

    have you considered kickstarter to raise funds?
  3. California Bill to Ban Ordinary Rifles

    I didn't know that gun nutters prefer the title "people of the gun"
  4. California Bill to Ban Ordinary Rifles

    Guns and Ammo calls for mild regulation of guns - gun nutters get angry, editor gets fired http://gawker.com/best-responses-from-gun-nuts-to-a-call-for-mild-gun-reg-1460088554
  5. California Bill to Ban Ordinary Rifles

    There is no such thing as an ordinary rifle. They all the same deadly weapons whose primary purpose is to kill wound or maim living things.
  6. I'd rather live in Russia it's very close to s western culture
  7. not a traitor. I wish him the best. I can't begin to imagine what the real extent of NSA spying is. I find it troubling. My reasonable proposal would declassify 90% of all documents after 5 years.
  8. California Bill to Ban Ordinary Rifles

    50 rounds per year a good # in my book
  9. Current HJ Poll Average ©

    Listen you mud hut jungle dwelling mooslim - if we wanted your opinion we'd ask for it.
  10. Current HJ Poll Average ©

    Is it a sin to make up a story about your son dying?
  11. Current HJ Poll Average ©

    Buzz off grumpy. You contribute nothing to this form. Take your unhappy mooslim ass somewhere else and mutter some prayers so you don't gat a fatwa placed on yourself.
  12. I kind of respect akagp. He walked away onlike happy jack off
  13. TMS needs to be added to the poll...
  14. Domestic spying

    CIA spies embedded in NYPD..... http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/27/nyregion/cia-sees-concerns-on-ties-to-new-york-police.html?ref=nyregion&_r=0