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  1. Miami to Havana Sleigh Ride Thread

    Not gonna lie. It' pretty sweet out here. Started on a shy solent reach, transitioned to Code, now into the big A2 kite. Crushing it, VMG running and getting swept a bit east of the rhum line.
  2. Miami to Havana Sleigh Ride Thread

    This guy
  3. Doyle Cable less Code Zero

    Well, they are all important. A cable less luff may or may not have any impact on whatever it is that is creating your issues. In fact, so long as the concept and execution allows proper tension on the luff, it should have no impact. And in speaking to those who have tried these, luff tension is not an issue. Nor should there be any difference in how the panels line up. What this system offers is the potential for a cleaner entry, less weight aloft (i.e. better righting moment) and a softer / easier fold in the bag. Meanwhile, if you have not got your furling line set up correctly, or figured out the best luff tension and are able to achieve it, you will still have issues. Bottom line, this particular innovation seems aimed at the market that is looking for tenths of a percent in the way of performance improvements.
  4. Doyle Cable less Code Zero

    I am having one of my new sails built this way. I can share the experience later this year
  5. The A2 on a Class 40 is about 2000 square feet, and the main is maybe 800 square feet. No powered winches, deck layout designed to optimize for solo and DH racing. Everyone uses snuffers for the kites, and as mentioned in the thread, the class rules mean that the booms end well before you run out of deck so reefing is not a drama
  6. INO Blocks

    I did, but it was not fatal. Lashing and ferrel were fine. Halyard slid back into groove. I ultimately decided the tighter radius of running the halyard through the ferrul rather than around it was fine for that particular use, and did away with the block. Just some dyneema spliced around the ferrule and lashed to the step
  7. Which Electronics package??

    Now, with Wi-Fi. Dump to a tablet running (pick a nav package) I know you said budget, but after you get done with the constant replacement cycle on integrated solutions that are always a cycle behind on technology and a compromise in functionality , this is going to be a cheaper and better solution. Tablet and chart package to suit your budget.
  8. INO Blocks

    I have used them for a mast base halyard turning block. Dyneema has the same life span of any dyneema. 2 years or 10 k miles. The block cheeks exploded, which I think will happen in any capsized.
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Stacking allowed by class rules for the VOR, the IMOCAs, Figaros, Minis and Class40s. Probably others that I am not aware of. Of course, with a Class 40 if I am sailing in a mixed fleet governed by PHRF or IRC or ORR, those rules take precedence when it comes to stacking. But if we are racing amongst ourselves, we stack the shit out of the boat. In fact, boats are designed to make stacking as ergonomic as possible. Studies show that stacking can add as much as 3% to boat speed, in certain conditions. I personally don't see why stacking is not allowed in RRS. Everyone can do it, there is no incremental cost to enable stacking, and there are plenty of other stuff on the boat that requires physical expenditure of effort to make the boat go fast. But a rule is a rule.
  10. Marina Hemingway, CUBA

    Been in twice with a 3 meter keel. Chart seems accurate. Markers look old, but they are well placed for a cut trough the coral that was likely blasted out when the marina was built. Do not stray out of the channel or you are well fucked. Also, in a Nor Easter the breaking waves will close down the cut and your only choice is to wait it out.
  11. Slippery When Assholes

    This is some OG Sailing Anarchy going on here
  12. Transat Jacques Vabre

    After almost 18 days and 4539 miles of racing, the podium is set for the Class 40s. 17 minutes between 1st and 2nd. 5 hours between 1st and 3rd. That is a 1.17% spread in boat speed. Outstanding job by all, and an awesome demonstration of the excellent racing offered by the Class 40 platform
  13. Another fatality for Clipper Around the World.

    I don' know what the sail plan is on a Flipper, but am surprised there is not more use of furled head sails. I know fueled versus hanked is a good performance debate, but i am not aware of any debate when it comes to safety.
  14. Another fatality for Clipper Around the World.

    I don' know - I have not seen their disclosures or been on their training. I would hope those, and some common sense, inform those that would want to participate. I have to say - I did not pick you for being so pro-nanny. Is it the intersection of a dangerous sport and s commercial operation? I personally have known or had 1 degree of separation from a half dozen people who have died sailing in shore and another 3 or 4 who have died off shore. Prople who do this sport should understand that
  15. Another fatality for Clipper Around the World.

    The Volvo has frankly gotten lucky in this regard.