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  1. Clean up the OSR to remove the ambiguities around the number of flares needed. It's just sloppy writing between two different clauses in the rule. And why did you schedule your Florida meeting last fall at the same time as the RdR, the sailing event that gets the most eyeballs in the world. It just reinforces the tone deaf accusation. And why did you move to London? There is no sailing in London and between the salary differential and the rent it's not going to make the maths any easier.
  2. Rail Meat

    Brooks & Shithouse

    Instrument brands is one of the things I make notes for when doing dock walks. In prior years I have seen closer to a 50/50 mix but this year's RdR clearly favored NKE. It is a bit difficult to tell with certain IMOCAs because there are some custom implementations that mix and match components. I am not qualified to have an opinion on B&G since I have not used the equipment and only know what I hear from others. By that gauge, I hear more complaints on B&G but it could be a skew in the sample. I do know from using NKE for 18 years that I am a very satisfied customer. I have the occassional component failure but that should be expected for a high mileage and tough life. This year o sm replacing my 10 year old TL25 displays not because they need it but because the new multi function displays have more features. The old displays are still working fine after about 75,000 blue water miles. Just one guys opinion, but I fully endorse nke.
  3. Rail Meat

    Brooks & Shithouse

    I think you have your facts wrong. 75% of all boats in the rdr were nke. IMOCa included.
  4. Rail Meat

    Dripless seals

    I tried the Volvo version when I first switched from a sail drive, and even with burping the boat's forward motion (and gravity) would ultimately drain the shaft log of all water down to the water line. It resulted in really high temperatures when running in gear. Switched over to the vented version of the PYI with a bit of a weight penalty, and have been happy since. Agreed on the hose clamp insurance policy.
  5. Rail Meat

    Are Lombardini engines any good?

    This is also true, with the same service issues in the states
  6. Rail Meat

    Are Lombardini engines any good?

    This is true. I have reached both on my Lombardini
  7. Rail Meat

    SORC Series - Schock 40 setback but not out...yet

    Great job , Laser1. Thanks for the update.
  8. In looking at the picture more closely, I don't think that the sprit is damaged. Its just canted 90 degrees to port.
  9. The collision opened up the hull / deck joint for about 4.5 meters, aft of the mast. As it happened at a point when yet another serious low was coming down on that patch of water, the conservative choice was to get off the boat while rescue was an option.
  10. Well, saw the movie on Monday at the Tribeca Film Center, thanks to the French American Yacht Club. It was outstanding. An incredibly inspirational and cautionary tale, really well told.
  11. Rail Meat

    Shocks vs Friction Rings vs Blocks

    heh heh heh... well played. Chapeau. (Although I do snap my carrot alot)
  12. I just got word that the French American Yacht Club is hosting a showing of the film at the Tribeca Film Center on January 14 at 6:30 pm. I am excited to get to see it for the first time, and on a big screen, so if you happen to be going to the screening make sure you say hi to the fat, old guy with motivation to burn (thanks, Jack Sparrow!)
  13. Rail Meat

    Shocks vs Friction Rings vs Blocks

    Class40 and I use rings on abdolutely everything but the main sheet blocks. You might need the bearings if were a wimpy Laser or Moth sailor but grunt up boyo. You are a Finn sailor, damn it. Have some self respect.
  14. "A valid explanation surely we can accept " Ummm.....I dont know if I should laugh or cry. The fact that you accept that shows a serious lack of critical reasoning skills. Even someone who wants to give Woxi the benefit of doubt should at least acknowledge the weakness of their statements. If only to be able to claim some level bbn of credibility.
  15. The companies offering AID tracking aps typically require a subscription fee to reveal certain value added data. That includes all data received via Satellite reception. Pony up the fee to the site and you will get all the data.