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  1. I have been very happy with Merf Owen and Owen Clarke Design
  2. Brushing teeth? Wimps. Yank the teeth and leave the dentures at home. You can gum the freeze dried down.
  3. Or when you hide your house and car keys to avoid bringing the weight on board
  4. Hehehe. Wet? Me? What I routinely do is win or lose by 1% or 2%. As does the rest of my class. And so yes, while you have to arrive to avoid the fuck ups, you also have to attend to every other detail. And that is not to say that you should bit be takung the time to empty that fully furnished boat of every other thing that you allowed to under the rules. Physics ain't your friend, regardless of the boat. Would truly be interested in the details of a 12 foot ocean racer.
  5. Between work, sailing and now a refit - it has been a long year
  6. If you want comfortable, take a plane. Weight aloft means weight below to keep the righting moment. And weight is slow. Every single gram counts. In between reef points, take out every other fastener from the mast track. Who needs a foredeck light? LED Tri LIght can get by with a lighter gauge wire assembly. And so on and so on. Then you get to take weight out of the bulb and still keep the same righting moment.
  7. Every time I have written something up (in half passable english) about an event or item of interest, it has made its way to the front page. I am sure if I wrote about sitting my living room beating off to pictures of Macgregors, they might take a pass. But if it is interesting enough to write a thousand words about, it probably would be interesting to some one else. Now if SSN really is a competitor.... that would be #Sad.
  8. With what? Your bottle of Viagra?
  9. Dude, you must have lost some weight and gotten a whole lot more limber.
  10. Wish I had known him in real life. He was one of the good guys. My condolences to his friends and family
  11. Humphries design, and yes it was built tough. Which they sacrificed sone righting moment with less weight in bulb and more weight in structure. The boat was built by Green Marine which lends credence that the weight distribution was by design. Oleg Zherebtsov owned hyper markets in Russia, and was the sole money behind the campaign. He also, with all due credit, actually sailed on the boat as the second bowman. It might be the last Corinthian effort the VOR ever sees. The design was maybe most notable for the use of stakes as a way to deflect water from the foredeck. That fad seemed to die out after a few notable experiments. The Russia boat also had rather low chines. The crew was relatively inexperienced for Volvo style offshore sailing, compared to others, with Michael Joubert and Guillermo Altadi as the experienced hands. Some names are better known now, like Hanakamp, Verbraak and Bubb. Hard to tell how much of the speed issues were due to the boat versus an inexperienced crew. They were back of the pack in the three legs theu finished before withdrawing from the race, and avoided last place only because there was some spectacular damage to other boats in Leg 1 and Leg 2 The financial crash set Oleg back hard and led to their withdrawal. His company ended up needing a bailout, then was bought out. He has since gone in to other start ups, and is still sailing but apparently not off shore
  12. Well, that did not last. I go to sleep and Earendil slips 10 places. Tough fleet.
  13. Erandil is crushing the south-of-Scillies option. 4 hours and 18 minutes ago she was in 14th. Now in 7th, 13 miles out of first place (about 7 miles out of 3rd) and moving faster than the six boats in front of her. Catherine, making the TSS choice pay off.
  14. I actually love the TSS zones in this race. The tide gates and the TSS zones turn this race from a boat speed parade across some beautiful water into an actual tactical and strategic challenge.
  15. Phil Sharp split from the Class 40 leader pack and it is paying off at the moment. Seems to make sense from what I see... he is tacking his way up in the shortest line to the pressure filling in from the north west.