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  1. Rail Meat

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    As someone who is actually pretty good at light air racing, all this commentary about the finish is pish posh. Light air abilities are as much a part of this sport as heavy air blasting. And the fact that this is OD racing with great sailors means that the fleet was compact enough after thousands of miles of sailing that best light air sailors were able to pull a rabbit out of the hat today. Some people seem to forget that light air is as much a part of virtually every other oceanic race out there as heavy air. The last 100 miles of the Newport Bermuda race is often a light air beat in the western reaches of the Azores high. Look at the Sidney Hobart. I have personally spent a Fastnet ooching my way down the Solent, then doing the same off the Scilies. The Middle Sea Race is either a picturesque drifter, an hellish howler or both in the same race. Every single RTW race gets the pleasure of light air purgatory through the pot noir. And while we are speaking French... how about their alleged solution? Just take a look at the Route du Rhum where the send you (alone) across the Atlantic and then force you to go counter clockwise around Guadeloupe and languish in the blanket under the western bluffs of the island, mere miles from the finish and the rhum that you crave. Would you rather a heavy air reach for the last 50 miles with a parade of boats and no possible passing lanes. Yawn. None of us would have stayed up last night for that gripping sight. But this finish.... hell, we have not had so many posters losing sleep over finish in a long time here. Maybe ever.
  2. Rail Meat

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    Point Judith brutalized TTOP. That was ugly. Very well done for MF and for BRU. And a classic Newport early morning finished, floating in the fog.
  3. Rail Meat

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    I think it is smart... got to try something different, and if the GFS models turn out to be correct then they are going to look awfully smart. They are also going to benfit from a bit of compression later this evening.
  4. Rail Meat

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    How familiar is this... racing up to Block Island, only to park up in the effort to got the last 15 miles. My own recommendation is west. On the downside, there is less room to move around on that side of the exclusion zone, but based on the forecast its going to provide the better angle in the light shit they are faced with, some protection against adverse current if they hug up against Block Island, and they can anchor off if they need to. But they have to avoid the wind turbines to the south of Block. Hope they have those on the version of charts they are using.
  5. Rail Meat

    bad penny - Hancock on VOR

    If Hancock's miles and keen eye meant that he had valuable insights on round-the-world races, one would think that he would have been able to organize a successful version. And even have sponsors interested in giving him money for additional editions. Oops.
  6. Rail Meat

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    Teachable only with a lot of experience. At least in my own case. It's interesting how my performance gains in the past few years have come in no small part in understanding the data at a much more refined level. More accurate polars and tweaked / rotated gribs leading to more accurate routing and refined sail crossovers leading to better and faster decisions leading to faster boat speeds. That combined with a better understanding of weather forecasting and the ability to understand which models are showing the mlm or accurate forecasts, leading to an improved ability to pick out the higher probability routing outcomes.
  7. Rail Meat

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    It's really two different markets - everybody needs instrumenta and displays for showing the basic data variables but then the user communities diverge. Integrated mfds for the "larger" cruiser and casual racing community who want ease of use and integration but also are fine with the 80% solution. Tablet / laptop based solutions for those that understand that hardware and software both get dated relatively quickly, and want a constant stream of software updates, the ability to run multiple add-on programs to get the last 20% of performance, the flexibility to take the analytical power with you off the boat to plan at leisure, and who recognize that the universe of data source providers evolve faster than the mfd hardware life cycle.
  8. Rail Meat

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    Once upon a time, MaxSea was the best package available. French, if I recall, and aimed at racers. Nobeltec was the other alternative but it was stupidly expensive and catered to fishermen and cruisers. Then Furuno bought Maxsea to incorporate into their MFDs and the feature got dumbed down for the masses. This all happened just as GRIB data started to get real traction, and Expedition swept in to become the new best choice. Or at least that is how I remember it.
  9. Rail Meat

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    Expedition, or Adrena, would be overkill for a cruiser. It's a relatively specialized piece of kit. And the people who would most likely be their target market would hear about the product by word of mouth, forums or other wise. There are other speciality products in this particular niche that also don't advertise or market. Their market finds them.
  10. Rail Meat

    When did No. 6 get banned, and why?

    I suspect you heard a falsehood. Which would not be surprising.
  11. Rail Meat

    When did No. 6 get banned, and why?

    I confess I never really understood why he persists in being such an unredeamable turd. He worked in the industry, and relies on the kindness of others to get rides. His antics on here reflect so poorly on him that I would never buy a sail from not only a loft that employed him, but the entire loft system. And giving the guy a ride reflects poorly on those that would have such bad judgement. You are judged by the company you keep.
  12. Rail Meat

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    There is another thread that speaks to the PW routing ban. It's not that PW is banned. You can still get the weather gribs. You just can't get their routing once you head off the dock. Adrena is similar to Expedition. I have used both. I prefer Expedition. Nick White offers amazing support.
  13. Rail Meat

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    You are asking some very basic questions, so I am guessing you have limited experience with charting and / or performance software, or with weather down loads ( the other thread you started. Expedition and Predictwind are apples and oranges. They have some overlap of functions, but Expedition is the far richer took kit. Expedition offers charting, route optimization using a wide range of weather gribs or current weather, and scads of performance tools. It offers all if what you list and then some. Except it is relatively expensive. I would call it a bargain for what you get, but the software and charts (sold separately) add up. Predictwind is weather gribs, routing and a very basic charting package. You get euro, NOAA and their own proprietary models and can show them on predictwind's own web client, and their app. They have canned polar files available for a variety of boat types. Importantly for the Bermuda Race, you can not use predictwind's shoreside routing algo to feed you routing when offshore. Those are the race rules. You can download the gribs and use boat based routing software like expedition, but only the raw gribs. I use predictwind and squid both as sources of gribs, but the magic all happens inside of expedition (or adrena) . One is like fuel, the other the vehicle. While both predictwind and squid have augmented their weather data with charting and routing functions, the toolset in expedition is light years beyond. Oh, and current data. Predict wind makes current data available for their app routing, but not as a download. So it's not much use in the Bermuda race. Squid does provide access to the raw current data. And you can get raw current data from tide tech. Once again, Expedition enables access to current data gribs from either tide tech or squid. Then it can be used in expedition's routing software. Much more powerful and flexible. Run it on a Toughbook or Getac tablet or laptop. If you want the power of being able to download offshore make sure you have that solution installed, tested and true well before the race. And if back up solutions are always nIce (trust me) if you really, really want / need to be sure that you have up to date info. Bottom line, you are awfully close to the start to be asking what are fairly basic questions. No harm in trying to figure it out. But please set your expectations low. This stuff (software and hardware and data) is like learning a somewhat difficult foreign language so you really can't expect much more than the basics in the 2 months you have left.
  14. Rail Meat

    1000 Milles Des Sables

    Proving once again the quality of racing in the Class40 fleet.
  15. Rail Meat

    Quest 30 known as "Flying Tiger" - Info?

    The trailer is a nice feature if you want to move her around the eastern seaboard for various races. And for the other boat the extra 2 feet is nice from a performance perspective. I would say that the Wildeyes boat is a fair price for something that is awfully close to a turnkey boat. Flying tiger will be the better boat, but needs some combination of money and sweat equity to get there and depending on that combination could be a better bargain You can't go wrong with either boat, just two different paths to a similarly great outcome for someone with 50 to 75 K looking for a boat that can be used for onshore racing, true offshore racing and modestly comfortable cruising.