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    Solo night watch

    Ok... that was fucking funny.
  2. Rail Meat

    Ft Lauderdale to Key West Race

    The DH class is a very recent addition, done in conjunction with US Sailing and meant to provide a platform for those interested in the new Olympic mixed DH discipline. The fact that SORC raised their hand to help those of us in the US interested in that sort of thing is a good thing, and deserves our thanks. Dragon, for one, is looking forward to an excellent sprint to Key West.
  3. Rail Meat


    NKE uses third party r as ms, Lacomb & Schmidt. I have found them to be effective.
  4. Rail Meat


    25 of the 27 Class40s in the current Transat Jacques Vabre have NKE instruments and autopilots. The other 2 have B&G. Exactly zero have Raymarine or any other pilot. Draw your own conclusions. And before someone blathers about "French boats, french equipment", 24 boats in that fleet have Harken winches when they could have chosen Pontos now Karver. That fleet chooses equipment based on its functionality utility, not nationality.
  5. Rail Meat

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    I got a tour of the boat yesterday (thank you Jesse!). The innovation is incredible... it jumps two or three steps in the evolutionary cycle.
  6. Rail Meat

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Regarding the foil retraction / beam / wetted surface - In this race, the boat(s) that get to the southern latitudes and can get on the low pressure train end up with a near insurmountable lead unless they suffer a catastrophic failure. There simply are no passing lanes at that point. The boats that achieve that are those that can get to the doldrums first and who can get out of the doldrums first. Which makes the wetted surface issue incredibly valuable. Just my low value opinion.
  7. Rail Meat


    It was playing at Mystic Luxury Cinemas this weekend, saw it on Sunday. Loved the movie - inspirational in every way.
  8. Rail Meat

    torsion rope as structural head stay

    Yep. I use a Future Fibers cable. Structural furler pinned to the stem, cable tacked to the furler then pinned to a Karver swivel that is lashed to the mast. The sail is lashed at tack and head. I replace them based on miles. Roughly every 25 K or so.
  9. Rail Meat

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    The calculus on energy source vhf is a fascinating one. Diesel is really energy dense, but in addition to the weight consideration mentioned above you also news to add a spare alternator and regulator. And factor in that the weight penalty diminishes over time. Solar has a weight cost that is persistent, but its biggest issue is reliability of the sun. For reference, we had 4 hours of sun in the first 10 days of last year's RdR. I would have been fucked if relying on solar. Hydro has persistent weight, and drag. But its hugely reliable. Just need a couple light weight spare props. Fuel cell is energy dense and mechanically simple. Its weight penalty diminishes over time. But uts essentially impossible to repair under weigh, so no redundancy. My current choice is fuel cell, with secondary backup of hydro. Then I carry minimal diesel and do not bring a spare alternator. Your mileage may vary.
  10. Rail Meat

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    I used one gallon in the RdR, and only because I wanted a little heat in the cabin the first two nights. I carried the absolute minimum allowed under the rules. Between solar, hydro and fuel cells, the diesel generated options are far less critical at this point. Although one issue I see with the boat is that I have no idea where on the stern they can even mount a hydro generator. Given the level of thought that has gone into this I have no doubt it's a calculated decision. Alex looks damn fit it those pictures. Looks like more than just the boat has been receiving attention.
  11. Rail Meat

    Awlgrip vs Alexseal

    I tried Alexseal in a 2013 / 14 refit, grey toned deck paint with nonskid. It suffered from color shift, had some adhesion issues and was somewhat soft which led to a short life. It all got sanded back and replaced with Awlgrip in a 2017 refit, after maybe 15,000 miles. That has about 17,00 or 18,000 miles on it and is doing pretty well. 1 guy's experience.
  12. Rail Meat

    Marblehead to Halifax 2019

    On one level, the race was deeply frustrating. On another, deeply satisfying. The DH class started late in the sequence but a near reach on Sunday allowed us to power our way through the fleet in front of us and get striking distance of top 5 or so before Monday dashed out dreams. 2 to 6 knots over 15 hours proved once again that fat bottom girls make the world go round, but only when the wind exceeds knots. The fleet sailed eight through us and made for some odd juxtapositions as we went into Tuesday. Butbrebeq3d reaching over the course of Tueaday and then running, let us claw our way back. The east side of Nova Scotia saw an crazy amount of randomly introduced shear and more weed than I could believe. 20 miles out from the fish the breeze shut down again and then 5 boats swapped racks up the Halifax harbor to round out the top ten. That was line honors of course. When a Class40 owes a Kerr50 time you know you are going to get humiliated under ORR handicapping. There was not a puff of fig, the days were warm and sunny and the nights crystal clear and cool. Beautiful summer sailing although tactically very tricky. And the hospitality in Halifax was the usual Canadian warmth. Fun (and a bit frustrating) times.
  13. Rail Meat

    2019 Bermuda 1-2

    Thanks. It was excellent Class40 racing - really, really tight and working all the way to the last tiny bit of water. The stream had a massive meander aligned with the rhum line but a decent ways to the west of the line. Imagine it running parallel and bout 30 or so miles to the west of the line. It was a deep meander too... quite the ride. Then it was complicated by an eddy at the top that was on course and two massive eddies, one cold and one hot that completely filled the space between the bottom of the stream and the island. And they were right on the rhum line. Normally I think that weather and distance trump the Stream, but this was a year where it could not be ignored. Then add in the meteo which was really complicated to forecast in the week leading up to the start. There had been a few days where the conditions were being dominated by some very large high pressure systems, and then there were a couple of very small lows that added a bunch of uncertainty to the modeling. The results disagreed across the models and then even in the same model day over day. That all settled out the morning of the race, and remarkably the GFS ensemble had 18 of 19 models agreeing on the conditions going 5 days out. I never have seen that... it was remarkable. The resulting routing took you down the west side of the rhum to grab the stream and to do so in a bit of a shy reach, then hardening up and being forced out further to the west below the stream as the wind clocked to the south, then ultimately sending you over to the other board and into the Finish. Which is exactly how it played out. The only difference was that on Monday night, the gribs started showing a southwesterly that was real, but also refused to come south to north and bring us the lift. So that was when I flopped over to down to the shift. And yes, it was nerve wracking to make the decision, and nerve wracking to wait for it to play out afterwards and see if it worked. I gave a hard fought 2nd place position and several miles to both boats in front of me at the time to make the investment, which is on top of the counter intutitive decision to sail away from the island to get to the island.. It played perfectly. those coming in from the west did so on a nice broad reach, while those on the rhum paid a price in tighter angles and also counter current. All of us, however, struggled with the amount of weed. It is everywhere, and I nearly lost the race today when I picked up some weed and then forgot to floss it off because I was damn tired. Short version, a great race against some great sailors on a great platform. Class40 sailing at its best.
  14. Rail Meat

    Best Offshore PFD?

    Vito, all the way. I was using the Spinlock 5D but made the switch for a new one I needed last fall when they first came out and could not be happier. I have a 5 D on board and the Vito, and only end up wearing the Vito. For all the reasons described by others. I do not find it difficult to get on over full kit. I did try out the Mustang version which I found very similar, but the opening (e.g. shoulder width) of the kit is a bit tighter than that of the Vito and thus was more of an issue.
  15. Plymouth hardly has enough room to host the Fastnet finish at this point
  16. Rail Meat

    How much freeboard is enough freeboard?

    It also varies across the length of the boat. Check out the Class40 rule for an example of free boats requirements written into a rule
  17. Rail Meat

    Doyle Cable less Code Zero

    I have been happy with my sail. On a Class40, given material restrictions it really only works for the stay sail, but in that use it's been great. Luff does a good job of holding its shape to 35 knots. In two headed reaching I can ease the tack a bit to get some luff projection. Just a tiny bit, but it helps a bit. It seems as if several sailmaker are now doing something similar. I have seen marketing fron both One Sails and from North, but have no ability to do a comparison.
  18. Rail Meat

    Talk to me about lube

    Happy to meet you at DPI for a pint on the 5th and to pass off a TSA suitable amount of Klublerplex. Let me know a time. Feel free to leave Gouvernail's alternative-use product at your hotel.
  19. Rail Meat

    Talk to me about lube

    A kilo will last you and your 10 closest friends the rest of your sailing life. But I don't think that they sell it in smaller containers so maybe find a friend or three to go in with on it. Or if you are in the Mystic area let me know and I can gift you enough to get through a few seasons.
  20. Rail Meat

    Talk to me about lube

    Kluberplex AG 11-462 Article number 039091-037 They sell it in Aerosol form and a tub. Get the tub - the aerosol version is not as effective.
  21. Rail Meat

    Battery Monitor

    I use the the Mastervolt BTM III. It's not particularly advanced, but it works perfectly well.
  22. Rail Meat

    Talk to me about lube

    I will check this weekend and come back with the answer.
  23. Rail Meat

    Talk to me about lube

    Horse meat or Kobe. Take your pick. In this case, you do get what you pay for.
  24. Rail Meat

    Talk to me about lube

    Kluberplex. Absolutely the best stuff for winches.a little bit goes a long way. I found out what the Volvo boats used, tried it out and am a convert. I can push as many as 4000 hard miles out of one cleaning.
  25. Rail Meat

    World sAiling has spoken...who's listening?

    All fair points, assumongbthere is hard data on the lack of differentiation for viewership.