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  1. There is no constitutional requirement for 9 judges. Ted Cruz said so. I say we go with 8 until all the dust settles. Then if real Americans take back America, we bump it to 15, if they don't just don't add any more.
  2. Spatial Ed

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    Republicans are so gullible. Easy targets. Once the revolution is engaged, we should have no trouble identifying and dealing with these traitors.
  3. Spatial Ed


    Patriots will destroy and burn the traitorous immigrants who infest America. Are you safe?
  4. I'm the storm on the horizon. We are taking out all traitors.
  5. Really, McConnell said a POTUS did not have the right to nominate a SCOTUS judge on his final year, should we really allow the Traitor in Chief nominate one? He could sell us out. Best bet is to let the seat remain vacant until a true patriot is holding the POTUS slot. Ted Cruz agrees, at least back in 2016.
  6. Spatial Ed

    Trump/Putin Meeting advice

    Your gropenfurher asked Putin and Putin said Nyet. Good enough for the vulgarian. That really pissed off your GOP. Does it suck being a treasonous immigrant?
  7. Spatial Ed


    I got better.
  8. Spatial Ed


    Amazing the treasonous immigrant has the stones to post here. Like the FBI can’t track him down.
  9. Spatial Ed

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    If Strzok was a disgrace for a private text, what do you think of a traitors public twitter feed?
  10. Spatial Ed


    We are all in trouble. When democracy breaks down, we will seek out the traitors who sold us out and deal with them in the public square.
  11. Spatial Ed


    Those are not Americans by definition, they are traitors like you. You know what happens to traitors?
  12. Spatial Ed

    Can America recover?

    I’m very disappointed in my fellow Americans. Too many are traitors and need to be dealt with. This will be a real burden to us patriots.
  13. Spatial Ed

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    It was a rub and a tug.
  14. Spatial Ed


    We despise immigrant traitors like you. I suggest you self deport before the tiki torch bearers come for you.
  15. Spatial Ed

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    Remember when Obama bowed to a foreign leader? Think if he nut nuzzled one like trump did.