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  1. The worst outcome for a killer cop is they lose their job. The public picks up the tab. No cop does hard time or is held financially liable for their actions.
  2. He refused to follow their demands. It is a deadly decision to not comply with a cop. The worst thing you can do is disrespect them. They have deadly force as their first response and are not afraid to use it.
  3. Either the cops hire bullies who are just looking for a righteous kill, or they are poorly trained to deal with confrontation and resort to deadly force. The gun should be the last resort when their lives in immediate threat. A deaf man with a pipe out of range from physical attack is not life threatening. Had the perp been a pretty white girl, I'm sure they would have deescalated it. But he was a dirty brown guy who wouldn't listen.
  4. Cops are a hated target because they kill citizens then walk without justice. If they stop killing citizens or if they faced the same justice citizens face when they kill citizens, then perhaps there wouldn't be such hatred.
  5. German anti-fascists. Scary.
  6. What this situation demonstrates is the cops use of deadly force when unnecessary. Sad.
  7. Trump said mexico would pay for the wall. Do you get tired of him saying he won't cum in your mouth?
  8. Did he have a permit for that pipe? Was it registered?
  9. Natural disasters are a perfect reason to abandon all laws and ordinances. Heck, I even hear brown people will loot.
  10. Damn, this is not going to go well.
  11. What more do you need? Cops have guns, cops use guns, can't you hear the music?
  12. I hate it when someone I despise says something I agree with. We do have a dotard. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/09/21/trump-says-the-u-s-will-impose-new-sanctions-on-north-korea/?utm_term=.db533f344cd1
  13. Yeah, big talk. She was a pistol packing granny. She'd already had the drop on you.
  14. Is Puerto Rico a red or blue state?
  15. Trespassing and property crimes are capital offenses, according to our gun slingers.