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  1. Bump Stocka

    Schodingers Cat thinks so too.
  2. Bump Stocka

    Will Schodingers Cat do ok?
  3. Bump Stocka

    Depends on if you can Schodingers Cat to buy the bump stocka for more than you paid.
  4. Bump Stocka

    Sucker. Congress isn't going to do shit. Your investment is shit. The NRA wins and you lose.
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/kelly-tried-to-keep-his-sons-death-out-of-politics-trump-had-other-ideas/2017/10/17/4b173890-b35b-11e7-a908-a3470754bbb9_story.html?utm_term=.6d18967f8a6d Kelly tried to keep his son’s death out of politics. Trump had other ideas.
  6. Thank you John McCain

    What's you got in mind cupcake?
  7. Thank you John McCain

    Not useless. Not useless, You are useless.
  8. I'd take the call. Tell him I'd like to fuck his daughter. That his wife is an illegal alien. His adult sons are idiots and he can suck my cock. Might be the highlight of my day.
  9. Bump Stocka

    If it get banned before you can determine its suckiness, will you break the law and sell it? What would Schodingers Cat do?
  10. Bump Stocka

    Its not banned yet. What will you do if they ban the possession of them? Keep it or turn it in? What would Schodingers Cat do?
  11. Why the sock? Didn't Schodingers Cat get flicked for calling me a pedo? Why did you come back with this sock? Shouldn't you be flicked just because of that?
  12. Bump Stocka

    No need. Just ban the manufacture of them. If you are stupid enough to break the law, we have prison cells for you.
  13. The issue is the Dotard lied about his contacts with these Niger dead. He got caught flat footed. Then tried to shift blame to his predecessors, then Obama. He brought the death of his chief of staff's son into it for political purposes without consulting him. The man is a child. A petulant child who would rather golf than govern. Would rather attack than lead. He should be an embarrassment to all who voted for him. He certainly is an embarrassment to me, and I didn't support him.
  14. Rather have drones killed than Americans. This thread is about the Dotard's Benghazi.
  15. Thank you John McCain

    By the time you close on the house, McCain will be DTS.