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  1. You can pee next to me.
  2. No WH chaos. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/07/31/trump-in-tweet-denies-chaos-at-white-house.html
  3. We would be so much better off if Romney had won. So much better. But its a low bar.
  4. Bannon was acting like he was POTUS. His nickname behind the Chumps back was President Bannon. That don't sit well with Joffery. And he doesn't play well with the jews like Jarod and Ivanka. His time was marked, only a matter of time before Joffery had him wacked. Word is Bannon had already submitted his resignation prior to Charlottesville but they delayed announcement because Joffery was afraid it might piss off the alt-right if he did it and it looked like he was abandoning them.
  5. Did the pregnant slave fan your racial tensions? or the statue of Bob Lee?
  6. I'm not sure he has ever apologized for anything. I really can see him banging a door into someone entering a room and just continuing on without even a glance.
  7. This could be spun as the chumps attempt to apologize for the alt right comment.
  8. Why on earth would I want to do that?
  9. Will we memorialize the current administration with a bronze statue of the Pussy Grabber? Should we?
  10. Slavery wasn't about getting free labor, slaves were very expensive. Not much different than a farmer investing in a John Deere tractor. Only the elite southerners owned slaves. I will give you that the South conflated their economic stability with the ability to maintain slavery. But for northerners, it was about morality, not economics.
  11. You conflate pundits with textbooks.
  12. So how should history textbooks portray the controversy of the Rebel flag?
  13. I think its Trump's shallow state that will bring him down.
  14. History is written by the victors. - Winston Churchill