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  1. Eating the elephant one bite at a time

    Backpedaling..... https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/931685146415255552?s=17
  2. Next up! Al Franken

    A stage kiss gone too far. Lock him up!
  3. Next up! Al Franken

    @Doggot me reconsidering my position on this. Does the photo show contact with the sleeping beauty? Is there an air gap? Did Franken admit to groping her? The photo looks like a locker room prank. His expression indicates the levity of the moment and not an intent to assault. Have there been other women coming forward documenting similar behavior?
  4. Next up! Al Franken

    Upon careful review, did he?
  5. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    I bet @Dogwishes he could delete this thread.
  6. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    Reminds me of the Star Trek episode where Spock shorts out a fembot by saying he always tells the truth, then says that’s a lie.
  7. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    Yes, while defending him. It’s rather like watching a contortionist.
  8. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    I am.
  9. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    16 women coming forward to confirm the statements isn’t convincing?
  10. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    He said he could grab them by the pussy because when your famous they just let you do it. Heck, instead of me paraphrasing, here’s the transcript. http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-trump-bush-transcript-20161007-snap-htmlstory.html
  11. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    It’s a skill we should teach in kindergarten. I’m liking your transition to reasonable gun control. I might add that any applicant be instructed and tested on existing gun regulations and penalties. Maybe a learners permit where they are given an inert gun for a while that has sensors in it to verify compliance.
  12. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    So he didn’t admit.
  13. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    So trump on tape boasting he can grab them by the pussy because he’s famous, and 16 women come forward and confirm it, what more convincing is needed?
  14. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    I want to avoid feel good limits on our freedom just to keep the minority happy.
  15. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    I check, he didn’t admit, he apologized. Is that the same?