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  1. Trump to be Compared with Stalin

    He thinks Trump is left of center. So you have that.
  2. A real president should have issued a calming but forceful reassurance to Americans that we should take these warnings seriously and that the government, led by him will also them them seriously. A thorough investigation and root cause analysis will be conducted and corrections made. Of course that would be what a real president would do. Trump, not so much. Hey it was Hawaii anyways, what has Hawaii done for Trump lately besides forge a birth certificate?
  3. When all your u have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
  4. Does his golf cart have a big button?
  5. Shithole Countries

    I so hope Grosuck is really a closet lib. Like other republican benchers. Just to watch the look on your faces.
  6. Shithole Countries

    You forgot to mention his adding 1.5 trillion to the debt. That’s great for the economy.
  7. I know this about Trump

    You are the master of the multi-quote.
  8. Trump is a racist. Any question?

    We have, but you’re blind to it.
  9. You go girl!

    Like the convict in AZ.
  10. Wonder if there will be a baby boom in 9 months.
  11. Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    Stars can be divas. It’s the up and comers who you want.
  12. TV Gold from Miller

  13. Shithole Countries

    Do you know where oil comes from?
  14. Shithole Countries

    No, no, no, I'm talking about the refugees that show up on our shores. Can we reroute them?
  15. Shithole Countries

    Will they take our refugees?