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  1. Spatial Ed


    Like Thomas, he'll be a non-thinking consistent vote for the Federalist Society. At least until impeachment hearings commence in 2019.
  2. Spatial Ed


    He'll be respected the same way Clarence Thomas is. With distain and sceptism except for the deplorables. They love these guys. Now will Kavangrabber do the right thing on political cases and abstain? he did testify under oath that democrats are bad.
  3. Spatial Ed


    Collin's long explanation of why she supports pussy grabbing was odd. She said she believed everything Ford said. But since KNo and his drunk buddy didn't cop to it, then she just had to vote for confirmation. But she really really believed everything Ford said.
  4. A white Chicago police officer was convicted of second-degree murder Friday in the 2014 shooting of a black teenager that was captured on shocking dashcam video that showed him crumpling to the ground in a hail of 16 bullets as he was walking away from officers. This ain't gonna sit well with the RedHats. Better light up those tiki torches.
  5. Spatial Ed


    The perfect choice for the family values morally bankrupt pussy grabbing narcissist liar. A morally bankrupt pussy grabbing sloppy drunk with a perjury problem.
  6. Spatial Ed

    Beto no like O or O no like Beto?

    Dum Dum don't dig Cubo-Canadian immigrants unless the other one is a Rat. Then they do just fine.
  7. Spatial Ed


    Is your daughter proud her father supports not one but two pussy grabbers?
  8. Spatial Ed

    Beto no like O or O no like Beto?

    They don't like the darks in Texas.
  9. Spatial Ed


    Tiki torches have been extinguished. They blew their wad. The midterms will be a be a blood bath. Oh and you got a pussy grabber on the court. Your daughter must be proud.
  10. Spatial Ed


    Yup, your pussy grabber got a pussy grabber.
  11. Spatial Ed

    Beto no like O or O no like Beto?

    Lyin Ted and the Pussy grabber are plenty to push Beto over the line.
  12. Spatial Ed

    Have you Boofed in a Devils Triangle?

    Don't cross swords and make no eye contact.
  13. Spatial Ed


    Looks like KavanNo is gonna be KavanYup. That was fun. To think how we have stained the drunken rapist legacy is gonna have to be enough. We fucked up Thomas' legacy effectively with Anita. Never give up, never surrender! BTW, Collins is a total piece of shit.
  14. Spatial Ed

    Kavanaugh Exonerated?

    Jack likes liars.
  15. Spatial Ed

    Environ-MENTAL-ists Screw It Up Again

    The wonderful of fracking is fracking is fucking up red states more than blue. I love it when cons get their shit shaken up.