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    Older well known IOR Boats

    I have another theory on why the "Golden Age" of racing that was roughly from 1965 to 1990 occurred. The rise of the golden age of big boat one design coincided with the emergence of comparatively low-cost production keel boats with fin keels. This produced general purpose boats that were comparatively low-cost and could be both raced and cruised for over 20+ years. The longevity of fiberglass boats meant that boats were around much longer, creating an abundant supply of lower cost used boats. This was also a period of relatively stable yacht design. For all the odd bumps IOR created the performance of these lead mines boats didn't really change very much over this period (i.e., Cal 40 built in 1964 rates 120 and the 1979 SORC One Ton winner rated rated 2 seconds slower in PHRF, not much speed improvement for 15 years). Improvements in construction methods allowed for much lighter production boats such as the J-35 and Soverel 33 made the heavy IOR boats obsolete, beginning the decline of the "Golden Age". The Golden Age truly ended with the advent of the very lightweight sport boats that could plane down-wind in moderate breeze and had no cruising accommodations. There was never (and has never been) sufficient demand for large production runs for large planing sport boats (200+ hulls) so the used market never saturated and the fleets dies when the old heavy boats just stayed home rather than race against the small lightweight boats. I'd be interested in Perry's assessment of these thoughts.
  2. maggie40738

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    did she race as Old Blue here on the bay? I used to race against her back in the 80's when I crewed on Reprisal. There was another boat in that era called Goldfish.. Heritage or Carter one ton I think. I wish I'd kept better track of my pictures from back then. Can't find any of em. If I remember correctly, regulars against Reprisal and Old Blue in IOR B in the early 1980s were: Goldfish (orange boat) which was the Heritage one-tonner owned by the Zinns, March Hare (ex-Pipe Dream, yellow boat) was the M36T one tonner owned by Milt Ricketts, McAteer's Immigrant, Bluefish (blue F3), Yellow-jacket (Yellow F3), Intuition (grey Carter 3/4 Ton), Mr. Bill (white Peterson 3/4 Ton), and Auf Ghets (sp) (an white/orange/yellow Peterson 34), Dr. Feelgood (a red Peterson 34) and Contraire (white w/blue-grey slashes, Farr 33). Those were very colorful days.