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  1. tillerman

    "Is the LP Laser gonna make it?"

    And if you really want to hasten the death of the Laser, why not convert your real Laser into a fake ILCA with this free decal?
  2. tillerman

    "Is the LP Laser gonna make it?"

    Other people may make boats called Torch or ILCA but the original Laser will never die.
  3. Something needs to be done about it.
  4. Watch out for a Laser Inter-galactic Championship..... soon.
  5. Boring!!!!! It's so much fun watching the two dueling Laser classes. I was really hoping it would result in two competing Laser World Championships, and a massive fight about which Laser should be in the Olympics etc. etc. But no. The boring grey bureaucrats at World Sailing want to stop TheLaserClass from being accepted as a World Sailing Class. In the long run, I guess it's a Good Thing. TheLaserClass can now concentrate on its core mission of supporting grass roots sailing, and leave ILCA to focus on the Olympics, the elite sailors, new rigs, colored sails and women in China.
  6. I fear it's a rule of the universe that every set of dinghy class association rules must alway be in a constant state of flux which confuses the hell out of the half the membership who can't memorize 57 pages of tightly packed text that is always changing, and pisses off the other half of the members whose requests to have an extra doohickey and a piece of string with 3 knots in the inhaul for the outhaul elastic return take-up loop are vetoed every year by the Council That Vetoes Stuff. Seriously though, encouraging members to think up creative tweaks to the class rules is really a Good Thing. It provides members with a time-consuming but frustrating hobby. Without that to keep them busy they might be on Sailing Anarchy pushing conspiracy theories about how the class leadership only cares about China/ the elite/ colored sails/ hidden fees etc. etc. and that would be a Bad Thing.
  7. Has anybody got a version of the original Laser class rules from the early 1970s? I bet they were a lot shorter than the current ILCA class rules. Perhaps something like... 1. Race the boat as it came from the factory. If you change anything you are cheating. 2. If Bruce Kirby didn't approve the builder of your boat you are cheating. 3. Here is a diagram. If your boat doesn't look like this you are cheating. 4. Join the fucking class. Don't be a free loader. 5. Changes to rules. We're never going to change the rules. Why would we?
  8. tillerman

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    RS Aeros are shipped in Tyvek production bags that have padding in strategic places to prevent any damage when hulls are stacked.
  9. tillerman

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    Aeros come in individual bags which protect the Aeros during shipping.
  10. tillerman

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    The Laser has always been like this. You are not allowed to change the big things so everybody focuses on fiddling with the little things. Actually Sunfish and RS Aero sailors are just the same. What is wrong with us? Why can't we just sail the boat straight out of the box? Or out of the bag in the case of the RS Aero. Yes, RS Aeros come in bags!