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  1. I don’t disagree with anything you said here. My assertion was that the Sierra Club was not what they appeared. They are, in fact, I believe directly responsible for much of what we see now in Ca. The article above was current, relevant, and clearly there were calls from both sides of the isle to explore other options than those espoused (mainly) by the Sierra Club in Ca. That’s a nice way of saying theyve morphed into a bunch of litigious assholes who destroyed an industry and livelihood and environment for millions. For just over 1.3 billion dollars cash, it appears. Did you even read the articles? Where’s the outcry?
  2. Clearly that makes you inferior, you probably have cankles too.
  3. Of course you did. Tell me about the first sentance, quickly now, no googling, in your own concise words.
  4. I have to admit I have no idea what you’re talking about.
  5. Ok that works for me. Whenever you want to resume, just let me know. I don’t really like it much, but it seems to be the style here in PA. I’ve just never been one to stand by and take insults and bullshit from people. I don’t initiate it ever, but I don’t let it go either.
  6. 6 ft 200 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal here, no cankles lol, but you can imagine that if it helps.
  7. No. Not many people get in my face, though. Of those that do, some are obviously uneducated and stoooopid, like yourself. Others are just looking for an online squabble, and don’t really care about the issue one way or the other, while still others are educated but misguided. Then there are those who rightly straighten me out when I’m wrong, but that doesn’t happen often because I learned long ago about keeping my mouth shut and appearing a fool.
  8. My simple mind says 2 degrees avg over 140 years would not cause what we’re seeing here. My simple mind would look elsewhere for more clues, but that’s just me.
  9. No, so you won’t appear so stooooopid when you open your pie hole.
  10. I’m feeling pretty calm. I agree with you, poor management is poor management. It’s raining too hard to go for a walk right now.
  11. Such a garden variety, low spark follower. Go educate yourself, jester.
  12. I don’t advocate taking risks with climate. Random posted that a 1 to 2 degree increase in temps over the last 140 years was the root cause of the devastating wildfires we are seeing. That’s bullshit, and that’s clear.
  13. Clear cutting played a far larger role in the increased number and intensity of wildfires? Please explain.