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  1. chum

    Jim Mattis drops his gloves

    The guys in the helicopters don't think the guys on the ground with rifles are clowns, you're watching too many Rambo movies.
  2. Nope. I have a life away from here. A cursory reading of your link shows that it bears looking into.
  3. We all know how much we have in common here with Mauritius, good comparison...
  4. chum

    The 2nd Amendment

    Solid cheek weld is marksmanship 101. Steam is Navy, he can be forgiven.
  5. Spin it up bullshitters.
  6. I've been paying attention, thanks. Can you show me your source?
  7. Where do you see the real number?
  8. Our local media is reporting we had no deaths here yesterday, a bit of good news. 79 deaths per 1,000,000 population. The odds are still looking pretty good. Random will be along shortly to post a laughing meme to tell me to “wait a week” like he did six weeks ago. Miss will call me a liar, like the other times I’ve posted the good news, because that’s all he’s got. Someone else will change the subject...
  9. chum

    Hey America

  10. I sorta miss Sols daily dish of doom and dispair.
  11. chum

    We might not all die from Covid-19

    Random has a bone in his teeth, watch him go...
  12. chum

    Hey America

    Why do you write stuff like that Meli? Why not say "there seems to be more money there now from what I read, and a lot of glamping"? Instead you turn it into some kind of commentary about something you've lost.
  13. chum

    Hey America

    I thought you talking from experience. It’s not even close to “all glamming now”.