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  1. chum

    Australians trust in the USA

    Sounds like we left a bad taste in your mouth after asking you to trust US? Thanks for the Aussie sand soccer!
  2. chum

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    There seems to be a saboteur in the ranks.
  3. chum

    Do you live in a shithole city?

    Our Shiba Inu woke me up recently with his stranger bark, but a little different sounding. I looked outside and he was squared off with a coyote to his front and one at his rear. He was calling out for a little help I think. These guys were as big as he was, maybe a little bigger. It took a bit of shouting and arm waiving to get them to trot off. They’re killers.
  4. chum

    @a pretty face

    Um, his real photo can be found in the link he posts about himself. Just sayin.
  5. Preemptive strike. Subjugate them.
  6. Old news. Really well said. Really. Read “Generation Kill”.
  7. chum

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    Aaaaaand here it is:
  8. chum

    HOMERUN - Beyond anyone's expectations.

    We have been practicing invading NK for 50 years, I think we have a pretty good war plan developed. We also know how to liaise with the SK military pretty well. Twice yearly practice is just not necessary. The military is good at mock ups, let’s mock up the hills of Pendleton to look like NK and save a boatload.
  9. Kim is now offering to host peace talks between Canada and the US.
  10. chum

    Anthony Bourdain

    For years my friend said he was going to kill himself. He did. Suicide only hurts those left behind.
  11. chum

    'Poo jogger' exposed......YCMTSU....

    TMI Jeff.
  12. chum

    Since almost anything, how about Anime?

    The OG anime. Older brother with dark past seems to be missing.
  13. chum

    Talk About Getting Shite On!!!

    AFAIK blue ice incidents don’t happen much anymore. One of the offenders was the 727 where the neg pressure at altitude would suck blue yum past the dump valve until it filled the small compartment that ground crew open to empty the tanks. When the ice weighed too much, it busted the door open with a 20 or 30 pound chunk of blue chocolate goodness falling at terminal velocity.