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  1. chum

    I love you guys here at Political Anarchy

    Meh...He needs to get the daggerboard up on those broad reaches, I was waiting for some speed.
  2. chum

    Thread About DC Riots??

    Not anymore
  3. chum

    Save Amerkkka March

  4. chum

    Thread About DC Riots??

  5. chum

    President Biden

    I don’t know. I don’t follow either. I read recently that only a small minority of Americans Twitter.
  6. chum

    President Biden

    You almost missed out on the laugh. Did you know he gave a speech?
  7. chum

    I am angry today
  8. chum

    More infrastructure fuckery.

    Approaching Rio Vista, a small airport, with my lawyer friend driving his Cessna 421, a larger fast twin. He always seemed to be a little behind this plane, usually landing long when I was with him. It’s night, he lines up on runway 33, half the length of the proper runway, 25. I thought I was just disoriented in the pattern because things weren’t adding up with his announcements on the Unicom (public channel). Then he turns final on the short runway and it looked like a carrier deck to me as we barreled down towards a small patch of lights. I finally spoke up as we turned and asked if he was sure. He mumbled something then fire walled the engines and raised the gear and flaps and announced he was going around. Most smaller municipal type airports do not have active towers, pilots announce their intentions as they go. It’s a lot like entering a traffic circle in your car, but with a radio to communicate.
  9. chum

    Bobby Kennedy Is Nuts

    What outboard would he recommend?
  10. chum

    President Biden

    Everybody was a conscript at one time. I saw a show recently that said when traveling there, be prepared to drink vodka, wether or not you like it. Lots of vodka. If you don’t, they’re not insulted as much as perplexed. They won’t be able to get past that issue. Best to nurse a glass. I like the Russian people. It was great to believe the Cold War was over for awhile.
  11. chum

    President Biden

    Yes, they dd Lefty! Now have a couple more little pills and put your helmet on, it’s a dangerous world out there.
  12. chum

    President Biden

    You guys are slipping. Shouldn’t there be a bunch of attacks on this guy by now with the Marty Feldman look and his lack of understanding of real patriotism blah blah blah... You know - kill the messenger.... PS Ish, I see you quoting my posts all the time after someone else does. Please take me back (off ignore)...
  13. chum

    President Biden

    That was great, thanks. Russians...
  14. chum

    President Biden

    Reports were that this guy was blind. He is not. He answers allegations that he is a Russian plant.