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  1. Darwin strikes again

    It's never a good idea to play the Soviet era grenades boys and girls. Some of them had zero time fuses designed for booby traps the problem was they weren't clearly marked. Don't know if that's what happened here didn't read the article, but if you play with Soviet grenades you are a Darwin candidate.
  2. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    I can actually excuse the young lady, we don't know the context. We do know the context here, it was an actual tactical situation. This is an American cop. We all make mistakes but...
  3. The Failure of Demoracy

    I recall reading about Marines that were killed after being tricked by American educated Japanese soldiers speaking perfect English.
  4. Community Reputation Points

    It's the self (liking) ice cream cone thing in some places, me thinks.
  5. The Failure of Demoracy

    I was "cherry boy".
  6. "This too will pass."

    lies! Lies I say! All of them!
  7. "This too will pass."

    That's my wife, I'm Ken, on the right.
  8. "This too will pass."

    It's like the land of milk and honey for some of them. I know a couple of them personally that have gone to great extra legal measures to live the good life with Woodrow.
  9. Billy Graham dead at 99

    No fever here Ed. No real interest in showing you either, because your elk just move along when confronted with facts, but I'm pretty damn sure. You must be doing something right Ed, cause you're not exactly Errol Flynn, as we know.
  10. Billy Graham dead at 99

    I don't want to go back, but I'm pretty damn sure you said "including BB guns" just the other day. As far as the intended slight, I'm not sure where that came from, or of its place here. Just to let you know ed, not all heterosexual men chase women, I'm not sure if you're aware of that? The refrence to BL was a generic one. Where's the indignation and personal invective aimed at your elk?
  11. Billy Graham dead at 99

    And "real world solutions" too!
  12. Billy Graham dead at 99

    Not sure what you mean Ed, thats a quote from the horses mouth. (That's you Mr Ed) The joke about women was not intended to call your sexuality into question at all Ed, it was a joke. Lighten up Francis.
  13. Community Reputation Points

    LOL I just noticed my label is "kiss ass" . Yeah right! That right there demonstrates the value of this system. Here we have to issue another chum challenge I guess. Give me just one example of chum kissing anyone's ass Anything but kiss ass please! But then I think that's the whole point maybe. Edit: ok just looked around its generic.
  14. Billy Graham dead at 99

    Really Ed? Is getting rid of all guns, including B.B.guns, one of the practical real world solutions you're advocating? Do you agree with people like BL who want to sell their battlefield rifles (actually technically worse than an assault rifle) on the open market? Same guy that wants to use the Army to kick doors down and get it back? As far as our treatment of our fellow man, I agree 100%, let's keep spreading the word. I fixed the last paragraph for you.