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  1. But wait! The North invaded once before, and their stated goal is invasion and unification by force again! Invasion! By a much larger military! No indignation at all?
  2. Unfortunately, there's no real venue for that here thats effective, other than the electoral process, and that doesn't seem to work either.
  3. We were talking awhile back about how you had a macho man in you...
  4. As I've said many times, invasion is not an option imo. Most who are familiar with the situation there know that.
  5. Hey Sloop, welcome to the discussion. The joke about the macho man inside you was just a joke, it looks like you took it seriously. No offense. NTTAWWT if that is your thing either...oh never mind. My comment about touching a nerve was to point out that we are not alone in the world when it comes to fucked up leadership.
  6. I'm not advocating any kind of war at all with them. Actually I think we should leave if there was a way to assure our friends and close allies in the South that NK wouldn't roll in the next day. I'm just laughing at those who have no clue about they're talking about. But, given the choice of only one or the other, you would live here right mate?
  7. How the fuck do you know wher I am on anything else?
  8. Hypocracy much yourself? Where's your ritious indignation over NK?
  9. So, you spineless fuck, which would it be? Not a prerequisite, just a simple question...
  10. There aren't concentration camps holding tens of thousands of their own people in NK? Really? http://freekorea.us/camps/#sthash.UJM6g8k4.dpbs
  11. I served in South Korea, I'm fairly familiar with the situation there, though it's been a few years. I can assure you that what you see in the film matches first hand reports from defectors very closely. Those camps are a very real fact of life in North Korea. The DMZ is a very real place indeed, with the North side designed to kill people going either way. I wonder how many people who lash out at The Great Satan would go live in the North given the choice between here and there. My bet is not too many, it's just feels good to bash America, and most of those type don't have the balls to stand for what they profess to believe.
  12. Touched a nerve did I?
  13. For you NORK lovers;why don't you go there, litter on the street or something, and become a lifelong citizen? I know we have a couple of idiots here who think it makes them look edgy or something to be a Kim lover. Here's the reality:
  14. Vlad laughs and says the NORKS would rather eat grass than give up their nukes. This thread needs music...
  15. More her: https://www.dvidshub.net/video/528615/ftg-15-flight-test-video