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  1. OK, here we go...just some of the photos from the haul out and repair:
  2. Wow! This is very interesting, especially the diagrams. Now I understand why there was rust along that keel-to-hull seam. And yes @ogre, there were many nights of lost sleep over this situation. Not to mention sailing like that was especially nerve-wracking, wondering if the keel was just going to fall off at any given moment. @SloopJonB...OK, you win! Those are pretty shot! Turns out, ours was not as bad as we thought they would be. They look pretty horrific when you first notice that the nuts are totally rusted. We sailed the boat from Moss Landing Harbor, CA to Monterey Bay Boatworks over in Monterey's outer harbor. They did a fantastic job of cleaning up the bolts, replacing the nuts and steel backing plates, and slobbered a fair good amount of grease on the nuts and bolt threads to coat, and after 2 years now, so far so good. We did find, that on our boat, someone had improperly routed the bilge line, so that when in following seas, saltwater was actually coming back into the boat, via that hose, and thus filling up bilge area, and of course this spilled over into the keel bolt area. Well, it became real obvious after that discovery, why there was always water in there, and why the nuts were so rusted. It has remained mostly dry after the repairs and re-routing of the bilge line. (Someone had neglected to put an air loop in, which allowed water to run freely back into the bilge.) If I can figure out how to post pictures, I will do so. Thanks so much for your reply!
  3. I have a '72-'73-ish Columbia 30, allegedly hull #135. It came with an assortment of documentation, some labeled for a C30; probably not original. In the owner's manual is a drawing for the keel assembly, which they say is cast iron. On my boat, it is lead, as verified by the boat yard when I had it hauled out in Moss Landing, CA. My keel bolts are rusty and so are the channel plates they go through. I did have some work done on the keel, but in retrospect, maybe should have done more while it was out on the hard, (like maybe drop the keel and replace bolts.) The keel has a steel plate on the outside of the hull (now epoxied and glassed in) and this makes me wonder if the keel had been replaced at one point. This construction seems inside-out. Normally the steel plate would be on the inside of the hull, no? Old owner from back to 1988 contacted, says no, keel was never off when they owned it. There are some older receipts from boat yards and an older survey, in which they make note of rusty keel bolts and even had some of the SS nuts replaced on them. I had a survey done when hauled out this past spring, he said they need some help. I had a guy who specializes in drilling and tapping and installing new bolts while old bolts remain in there take a look at the pics. He said I shouldn't sail the boat in anything higher than 5 kt winds, but it's OK to motor it around. (Gee, it's not as fun to sail if there's only 5 knots or less blowing...) The boat is down in Moss Landing, we sail it out front of the stacks there, watch whales, maybe go fishing, try not to go out if it's more than 15 knots. Some say these old Columbias have keel bolts that look hideous, but might be OK. It would be nice to have some feedback from the SA community. Y'all don't hold back, I see. I have some pictures of the work done to the keel when boat was out. Old epoxy around steel plate was removed, cleaned, new flexible epoxy put in, fiberglass over, then barrier coat, then bottom paint. I have questions though...more like why was the steel plate put there in the first place? The pictures are too large to post. I will have to dumb them down. If you are curious and want to see them, I can email them to you. Looking for the drawing is only a long shot. Talking to another Columbia owner that has had some similar issues would be even better. Anyone?