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  1. SuddenlyBrown

    Melges 24 solo mods

    Oogi, check your PMs.
  2. Refer to 5.1, Most of the boats recommended seem to have an opening into the boat interior even if they can be locked down. Maybe someone else can interpret better.
  3. The boat is on YachtWorld as well. I’m located in Escanaba. Maybe you can keep your future boat down here. Would fit right in with my Antrim ha.
  5. SuddenlyBrown

    Personal Pics Thread?

    Here is some from this summer. 28 years old.
  6. SuddenlyBrown

    Subaru Advice

    I’ve launched my u20 with my grandpa’s Lincoln Town Car multiple times. That thing was a beast. No camera and big blind spots. The car did have clip on mirror extensions. Had orange fiberglass whips on the back of the trailer instead of PVC uprights. Sorry there wasn’t any Subaru info...
  7. SuddenlyBrown

    What gun should I have on my boat?

    Mini gun on the bow that also functions as a windlass.
  8. SuddenlyBrown


    Bump. Any news? Issues with back orders and such?
  9. SuddenlyBrown

    Sailcloth Choices All sails made by Ullman. Guess you have your answer.
  10. SuddenlyBrown

    Shipping a Dinghy Fleet?

    I had a fleet of JY15s brought from MA to MI this spring. Used a local moving company that was an agent for United Van Lines. Worked well, had a full 53’ trailer full of boats/rigging/sails/spares. The owner of the local company is a sailor so he was happy to take on the transport.
  11. SuddenlyBrown

    Has anyone bought Boat Instruments lately?

    New to me boat came with a Velocitek Prostart and an iPad with Navionics. After boat show season and springs sales, I have acquired a Garmin 742 chart plotter/GNX wireless sailpack/Raymarine ST1000+/VHF with AIS. Around $2500.00 Seems to be a good kit for club racing and short point to point.
  12. SuddenlyBrown

    Antrim 27's, how many

    If you really are set on an A27, you should just get that one in WA. They do not come up all too often. Maybe the happiness of a new boat will counter the stress of getting it transported across the country.
  13. SuddenlyBrown

    Antrim 27's, how many

    I believe there are at least 25 hulls made. One popped up for sale over the winter and I was able to snatch it up. A very spontaneous decision as I will a two boat owner now, second boat is a U20