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  1. SuddenlyBrown

    Caption Contest

    Save the tiller! Some dude on here is looking for a replacement.
  2. SuddenlyBrown

    Publick servince message

  3. SuddenlyBrown

    Publick servince message

    I took some acid and saw Paul play at Lambeau Field a couple summers ago... it was awesome.
  4. SuddenlyBrown

    Meal Kit Delivery Anarchy

    I just finished up a 1 month trial of HomeChef meals. It was two meals a week for a month and each meal was two serving, even for my diet of a million calories a day. Good variety of recipes and good ingredients. I think it was under 10 dollars a meal. Tons of packaging and plastic though... and I really hate doing dishes.
  5. SuddenlyBrown

    Ski Season 20-21

    Took my first runs of the season yesterday, about 30 of them all on the same trail. Mild winter in Upper Michigan so far. On top of covid, the local hill is having a tough time with weather, new owners, new management, faulty equipment and a broken lift. For those of you with real snow and real mountains. Have a great season and be safe!
  6. SuddenlyBrown

    Maritime Art Anarchy

  7. SuddenlyBrown

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Looks like pictures of pictures. Wonder if the thing even looks the same.
  8. SuddenlyBrown

    Double handed options in US for under $100k

    Try to find a Quest 30 or 33 and have a leftover budget for sails and gear.
  9. SuddenlyBrown

    IOR landfills?

    The pictures on the trailer are current 2020 pics. Sailing pics are from 30+ years ago before I was even born. The thing is absolutely full of water. Never new a boat could sink when on the hard.
  10. SuddenlyBrown

    IOR landfills?

    G&S 30. Found the photos of it sailing from a thread on here. Credit to Larry. Then some pics of how it sits today.
  11. SuddenlyBrown

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    There is an Olson 911se in my area that is nearly a zombie, but those pictures of one in good condition make me want to try and save the one by me.
  12. SuddenlyBrown


    I have that very same mountain bike.
  13. SuddenlyBrown

    Mindless movies

  14. Roger that. For some reason I thought it was 4427 plus 954lbs of humans. There I go thinking again.