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  1. Dart96

    Craigslist Finds

    Are those the shroud anchorages on the front of the buoyancy tank?
  2. Dart96

    Flying Ant bring big smiles and so much fun

    From Successful Sailing d'Alpuget and Earl 1970
  3. Dart96

    Need some i420 help

    It had the stayed una rig and also an unstayed version bit like a small Finn. Long gone now but would have been fun.
  4. Dart96

    Need some i420 help

    Wow, that's a golden oldie! We had one with that layout as a club boat years ago, made by Honour Marine UK. Just used it as a nice club boat without spinnaker or trapeze. Just out of interest does it have the forward mast step and second set of shroud/chain plates for the Una rig? I always thought the single sail version would make a nice single hander.
  5. Dart96

    Finn sailing

    On my first Finn it had a really stiff old Needlespar, one with an oval bottom section. Used to really struggle with it as I was only 12st. One day went out with my 4 yr old probably top end of a F2 maybe F3 and going up wind had him sitting on me, his head just below my chin. Boat really took off! The extra few stone was what that mast needed to get working. Got another Finn with a softer mast. So two up is ok and can be instructive.
  6. Dart96

    Gybing centreboards

    Thanks, Looks like I'll make up a standard board and keep this as a curio as I'm not fleet racing and other Division 2 board sailors have never seen one.
  7. Dart96

    Gybing centreboards

    This is sort of dinghy related and I value everybody's advice. I'm starting to restore my Division 2 board, its a mistral prototype from the late 80's. On removing the board (lot of cursing) I find that it is a gybing one. The forward edge is to the left. The cut out is entirely within the trunk while sailing. It's got some bad cracking but is repairable. Question. Is it worth building another gybing board for a D2 or maybe repairing this one, or should I build another non gybing one. I have got some inconclusive advice from the D2 facebookpage. Anyone had experience of gybing boards?
  8. Dart96

    Sailing the enterprise single handed

    If this is the standard British Enterprise with blue sails then they can be really roly poly down wind. Do your self a big favour and sail it without the jib like a big fat single hander in winds over F2 1) Rig the jib with the usual rig tension. 2) Take off the jib sheets 3) Roll the jib tightly around the fore stay and secure with sticky tape so it cannot unroll. 4) Go sailing but keep the centre board about half up. You will have to experiment. 4a) Make sure you have a strong boom and fit a really powerful vang 16:1 is good with split tails for each side of the boat 5) Down wind keep the board down as it damps things a bit. 6) Keep the vang tight, if it rolls over to windward sheet in hard and push tiller away. They always gave me a wild ride. PS, they have to be sailed flat, and I mean flat. Look past the mast at the shoreline or horizon and if the mast is not at 90deg to it adjust things. When they heel past 10deg they get hard to control and slow
  9. Dart96

    Getting back into sailing

    "something small, light, can foil or be modded to foil, fun boat to solo sail, and be under $12K. I am 6'4" and about 160lbs." Your brief accurately describes a windsurfer.
  10. Never sailed one, seen a few look loadsa fun, bound to be more stable than a Contender, so if you can afford the experiment I'd go for it. Take it out somewhere safe, practice capsizing, maybe fit a mast head float and try it. You have nothing to loose!
  11. Dart96

    Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    Red Star said "The average woman worldwide is 5'2 or 5'3 with a healthy weight range of about 50 - 62kg according to BMI (yes I know it's a flawed indicator)" People who want to race sailboats at the highest level will find a class that suits, or they will do something different. So if we want average women to sail in the olympics and we want it to be as Cheap and Inclusive as possible then we need a cheap and inclusive boat for that weight range, so which boat can be as cheap as possible and inclusive as possible? Laser 4.7 would work, who cares if it is not Optimal! B****r foiling, too fast to understand and they get too spread out for it to be fun, it's even less interesting than F1.
  12. Dart96

    Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    Ditch 'em all and everyone sail a 2.4m. No chance or limited chance for kinetics, weight equalisation, all as fair as it can get, no men's and women's classes I'm fed up with crash and burn sailing. It's dull to watch after the first few falls, no one can see what's going on, everyone looks like a corporate clone. Lets get back to the Game of Sailing and see who is the best tactician, has the most mental strength and resilience.
  13. Dart96

    What Are Your Sailing Goals for 2018?

    Just picked up a Mistral Div ll board so my 21018 ambition is to learn to sail it downwind.
  14. Dart96

    Single-handed cruising options

    Wayfarer is a great boat, but lots of different versions, so do your research as some have undesirable habits, like the early self drainer that was unstable from a capsize due to the amount of water still on board. I use a standard glass Mk2, it is easy to right from a capsize but takes on loads of water and a big bucket is essential. We fitted it with a mast head float as it will invert. Single handing a wayfarer is easy. They sail well with main only, just rake the board back a bit. Roller furling jib makes it all easy. Boat is stable enough to do anchor work on the foredeck. Biggest problem? The weight, so ours stays on a mooring and we get plenty of help at the end of the season, so make sure it comes with a top notch trailer and winch:) Why a dinghy? Why not one of the many small trailable cruising cats? You would get so much more space! Maybe a Wharram Hitia 17 (https://www.wharram.com/site/self-build-boats#ethnic)
  15. Dart96

    Another what's the best dingy question

    Gouvernail has nailed the issue, nuff said