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  1. Experiences with G-flex

    Will it stick to Lexan?
  2. Kevlar Verses Fiberglass

    Most of the production Laser 28's were in Kevlar/Epoxy but later ones were e glass. They seem to be holding up OK but some had keel wobble issues after the grid separates.(usually do to hitting something) Why did they choose Kevlar instead of cheaper glass? It's an open interior with no bulkheads or ring frames for loads but has beefy box section stringers and ribs. Does that require a stiffer structure? I think they used vacuum/injection layup and originally tried to do a new process called closed molding but it didn't work.
  3. Lehr Outboards

    Tohatsu makes one now. http://tohatsu.com/outboards/5_4st_lpg.html
  4. Who could ever disagree with you? Except of course someone who corrected out to second place by half a second but would have won had the course been properly measured. But sailors aren't at all competitive, so the second place finisher wouldn't really mind. The GP/Big Daddy courses are not true W/L with the finish line set above the windward mark. It may be fine for OD but not PHRF as there is one extra windward beat. It also means a lot more committee boats and resources.
  5. bend radius with larger diameter dyneema

    What happens to strength when you luggage tag around a pin?
  6. LiFePO4 Battery Bank

    I'm interested in a small 120ah LFP system but charging from solar only. Would you use the same BMS?
  7. Three Bridge Fiasco

    You were racing with 3 onboard?
  8. On-scene in San Francisco

    To the Kiwis posting on this forum, What do you have for local sailing forums in New Zealand? What are your favorites?