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    Laser 28 owners?

    We still race the prototype here in San Francisco. What did you think of it compared to your other Laser 28?
  2. 4th place

    Experiences with G-flex

    Will it stick to Lexan?
  3. 4th place

    Kevlar Verses Fiberglass

    Most of the production Laser 28's were in Kevlar/Epoxy but later ones were e glass. They seem to be holding up OK but some had keel wobble issues after the grid separates.(usually do to hitting something) Why did they choose Kevlar instead of cheaper glass? It's an open interior with no bulkheads or ring frames for loads but has beefy box section stringers and ribs. Does that require a stiffer structure? I think they used vacuum/injection layup and originally tried to do a new process called closed molding but it didn't work.