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  1. impetuous_donkey

    Dreamin' and window shopping

    Having seen videos of the Farrier 45 Cheeky Monkey up here in the PNW, they look like pretty sweet boats.
  2. impetuous_donkey

    Suggested 30' Boats for Short Handed Long Distance Racing

    This Humboldt 30 just popped up and might fit the bill.
  3. impetuous_donkey

    Sailing career, 18 to 27 year old, just add water

    I keep telling myself I need a family friendly boat and I'm short on time to rebuild the akas.
  4. impetuous_donkey

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    The only issue I have with it is that it is a gross misdemeanor for not wearing one for those aged six and above.
  5. impetuous_donkey

    Sailing career, 18 to 27 year old, just add water

    Did you sell cakewalk?
  6. impetuous_donkey

    The Swedish Experiment

    That wasn't my number I'm just pointing out why your number and source are incorrect. The number of deaths will be much easier to figure out looking at historical numbers to provide a relative baseline.
  7. impetuous_donkey

    The Swedish Experiment

    The issue with the 91% is that there is a large number of people that were infected yet may never have tested. These numbers are only reflective of those who tested/ were tested.
  8. impetuous_donkey

    The Swedish Experiment

    Fair enough
  9. impetuous_donkey

    The Swedish Experiment

    Who's saying "no big deal"? I'd be curious to hear that whole talk though as he's a pretty matter of fact guy and I'd imagine this is a cherry picked portion of a talk. Here's a recent talk also from June. The point is this really sounds like it's hear to stay regardless, there's no magic stay at home order, vaccine or anything else that will totally real this in on a global level long term.
  10. impetuous_donkey

    The Swedish Experiment

    I'm not a conservative.... but way to be it's us against them. Now go fuck yourself
  11. impetuous_donkey

    The Swedish Experiment

    if you want to play that game then in many places they weren't and in some places not a single hospital in a particular region. You also need to get out more.
  12. impetuous_donkey

    The Swedish Experiment

    Come on this comment is laughable at best, there wasn't wide spread stacking of bodies in hallways in broom cupboards except in a few areas in the world it was hardly widespread.
  13. impetuous_donkey

    The Swedish Experiment

    To answer you questions.... In my area there was talk of no codes on people over 80 but it didn't happen. The virus absolutely has proved not as deadly as originally expected as we're seeing 1ish % according to Fauci vs 3%+ original projections. For my hospital all elective procedures were cancelled and many departments were shuttered. Our standard capacity wasn't even close to being reached let alone the reserve capacity. This is true for most areas around the country and hospitals are bleeding money like crazy. The initial projections on the infection estimates were just flat wrong as the at the time many of those cases would have already been infected and the fact is we just didn't see that. I'd also say one of the real issues is with the durability of a vaccine for corona virus as most of them for common corona viruses are barely good for a year. Maybe they'll be able to deliver a few hundred million doses in a few months but I wouldn't hold be breath on that.
  14. impetuous_donkey

    The Swedish Experiment

  15. impetuous_donkey

    The Swedish Experiment

    The reason it wasn't over whelmed wasn't due to the lock down as many/ most of those projected cases would have been already infected at the time of the shutdown. It was just shit data. Also Dr. Fauci had a recent interview saying he doesn't hold much faith the vaccine will even be good for much more than a year or two as with most corona viruses.